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      Some of those tactical staging factors signifying our entry into the Rapture Zone are the following:

      1. The great falling away of the church prior to the revealing of the Antichrist is certainly prevalent in these days and gaining inroads in the church constantly.

      2. The nation of Israel has re-budded. This event was always a prerequisite in history to catapult the nation of Israel towards the inevitable conclusion of the prophecy concerning the 70th week of Daniel.

      3. The entire world has become focused upon a resolution to the Israel - Arab dilemma. The global system of governance, and a united world order of universal peace is at stake in the Middle East region.

      4. The old city of Jerusalem has finally become the overwhelming burdensome diplomatic problem confounding the globalist agenda, and continues to defy peaceful resolution!

      5. The perplexing dilemma of the sovereignty of Jerusalem, and the ever present danger of the spark of war in the Middle East inhibits the final structure formation of the globalist infrastructure that in the last days shall form the world confederated empire under the authority of the super ten. ( the 10 Kings of Daniel’s vision and of John the revelator )

      6. The European Union is fast coming into world wide prominence as a key player. It is now creating its own rapid-reaction military force, and replacing the United States at the forefront of the Middle East peace craftmanship initiative, thereby gaining power in that oil rich region.

      7. The Palestinian problem has effectively left Israel in a very vulnerable position with regards to its national defense, requiring Israel to respond with a heavy retaliatory assault should she perceive any threatening offensive moves towards her borders.

      8. Syria and Iraq have formed a military alliance and are probing for just the right situation in which to launch an assault upon Israel utilizing the terror incursion teams of Hezbollah. The Northern border of Israel presently persists as the flashpoint that could provide the spark that could ignite into a full-scale regional war, perhaps resulting in the destruction of the city of Damascus, as prophesied by Isaiah.

      9. Israel is preparing for the prospect of a military confrontation with Syria and has targeted Damascus with sea-launch warheads from its fleet of nuclear submarines. Israel has already issued several warnings to Syria that it will launch a full retaliatory response against Syria; should Northern Israel be attacked by the Syrian-backed Hezbollah. Syria maintains 35,000 troops in South Lebanon on the Israeli border.

      10. The present theatre of conflict between Israel and Syria is only 12 miles from the infamous valley of Armageddon.

      11. Russia is allying itself with precisely the allies that Ezekiel chapter 38 - 39 indicated that she would in the last days! Russia has forged an armament deal with Iran, and is fashioning a strategic defense pact with China to counter the US and European Union sphere of domination. Russia and Iran are likely to engage Israel militarily after the defeat of the Syrian and Iraqi armies by Israel. ( These wars are all post rapture events, yet they already loom as likely events in the near future )

      12. China is emerging as the tiger of the East. She is extremely upset with the United States in regards to the issue of Taiwan. China is allied with Pakistan and Korea in its attempt to dislodge the West from inhibiting its domination in the Far East. China has also entered into agreements with Russia to counter the Western powers in the high-stakes geo-political contest for world supremacy. ( This figures precisely with Bible prophecy pointing toward Amageddon )

13. Oil is the commodity that is the driving force behind world empires. The coming superpower of the 21st century ( 10 toed - kingdom of Antichrist ) must consolidate global authority over the trade, and flow or supply of oil; which coincidentally compels the attention of world powers to the Middle East.

      14. PEACE, PEACE, PEACE….everyone is hollering about peace, and a process. Jesus said the last days would find men crafting peace resolutions, and saying that peace was at hand; but then sudden destruction would come!

      15. Israel has a thirst for Peace, but cannot find a way to have it. Peace in Israel dominates the world headlines. Every time Israel thinks that she has found a pathway to peace, that pathway is confounded. Israel demands a "Peace with Security", and seeks guarantees of national safety from its enemies. ("The Antichrist will come offering Security for Israel")

      16. The city of Jerusalem represents the apples eye for worlds concept of religious unity. The resolution of sovereignty over the city of Jerusalem demands a world religious union; a unity that will one day be generated by the False Prophet.

      17. Israel is today prepared to give away the city of Jerusalem. The heretofore unthinkable scenario is now a potentiality. Israel desires peace, and it will concede Jerusalem and the Temple Mount to anyone that can bring peace; and thereby grant them the clearance to rebuild their ancient Temple on the old traditional site of the Temple Mount!

      It is for these major reasons, and for many other lesser reasons that I can staunchly contend that not only is the Rapture an imminent event, but it has become an event within the zone of high probability within the scope of the present historical prophetic horizon. It should no longer be viewed as an event which might take place at some distant point over the hill from our immediate frame-of-time reference. The Rapture is a soon happening event. It is upon us!

      Jesus surely must be peering out the portals of our Heavenly home even now and observing the quickly gathering storm clouds forming over the landscape surrounding his bride, and his chosen nation of Israel and thus has issued a call out to the angels, and all the Saints to gather together for the descent down to the rendezvous point of meeting with those redeemed Saints of God that remain on earth. "Oh what a day that will be, when my Jesus I shall see, and he brings with him all those of his that are so dear to me"!

      I Thessalonians 5:16-17 For the Lord himself shall descend from Heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the Trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first;

      Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

      I Corinthians 15:52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the Last Trump; for the Trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed!

      Generations upon generations of Christians down through the centuries have longed for that wondrous day. And yet, throughout the course of time there could only be one single solitary assemblage of Christians in all of Church history that would remain alive unto that auspicious occasion. Never before in the history of human civilization has all the propitious details of last days Bible Prophecy culminated in a single generation.

      Therefore, I would submit the proposition to all the regular readers of Focus on Jerusalem the reality of the fact is that the present historical developments certainly do indeed portend that the Blessed Hope which so many of the body of Christ have found encouraging, and comforting, and purifying; has at long last entered into the final zone of utmost meaningful relevance.

      The command of God to Christians to “watch”, and to "occupy" take on a more essentially urgent meaning for our day, because we represent the terminal generation that has indeed witnessed all these things begin to take place. In an hour when the gates of Hell seem to have engulfed the entire world, the exhortation of God to "occupy" or to hold out, until the very last moment, beckons all Christians to keep one eye on Jerusalem, and one to keep ear tuned in for the heavenly shout, in anticipation of our ascent up to join that heavenly army!

      The imminency of the Rapture is to one Christian exactly what it was to Christians in the first century. The object of hope then is still the object of hope for today, because the body is one. But beyond the hope which enlivened their hearts, today’s Christian should find more hope in the Lords promise of return, since we are seeing the things taking place which none of our Christian forefathers were privileged to witness!

      Deep down within my heart and soul there is breathing forth a constant spiritual echoing voice bellowing out aloud to my minds ear that I really am witnessing the actual events that signify the soon coming of Jesus Christ to this old world. I find myself spiritually transfixed upon each and every world event taking place today, all the while knowing without even the slightest doubt that it points inevitably, and with increased clarity towards the ever nearer and nearer day in which I shall be caught up and away, to be with my Lord!

      I am in a ZONE! I have never known such a time as this. There has never been such a time as this. I can see clearly the approaching day of delivery. All of my fellow Christians are in that zone too, whether they know it or not. There just isn't any other ecstasy like the spiritually-induced revelation to be able to acknowledge that you are within the Rapture Zone!

      While all the world leaders gather and commune together about a means to bring peace to Jerusalem, I can read through my Bible and realize that upon that auspicious occasion when they shall finally proclaim peace and safety for Israel, and for the whole world; then shall sudden destruction come upon the world; for they are seeking to manufacture a pretense of peace with the Antichrist! Of an absolute assurance, it is only the Prince of Peace which can bring peace to Jerusalem! While the present events of the world signal the rise of the Antichrist, I can look just slightly ahead in front of me and rest upon the blessed hope that is looming:

      Soon and very soon, the Lord himself shall descend with a shout from heaven; and I'll be gone:

Darrell G. Young

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