Arafat's Never-Ending Warmongering

Oct. 28….Yasser Arafat delivered his most hate-filled speech in recent months, called upon Palestinians to continue the struggle against Israel. He sought to restore their true perspective in the whole range of the War on Terror, making it clear that there will only be peace in Palestine when Jerusalem is his own!Amid the noise and fury, Arafat made it clear that however much the world may have changed since September 11, every one of his spots remains firmly in place.

In one of his most bellicose speeches in months, Arafat gathered in his office in Gaza the political activists of all the Palestinian groups - Fatah-Tanzim, the Popular Front, the Democratic Front, Hamas and Jihad Islami. Under the caption, ”Facing the Challenges”, he placed the Palestinian struggle at the center of the Muslim scene and in the context of the war in Afghanistan. “The Palestinian struggle is Al Qaeda, or “Palestine is the true Al Qaeda. Those who don't agree can drink the sea water of Gaza.” And: “The day will come for us to liberate all the mosques and churches of Jerusalem and unfurl the Palestinian flag over our capital city, Jerusalem.” Arafat has no interest in ending his war against Israel, and its is high time the US realized that fact!

US Considers Nuclear Weapons against Terror

Oct. 28….Strategists in Washington plotting the next stages of the war on Terror are contemplating, and considering the possibility of turning to tactical nuclear weapons to take the war to the terrorists. Former President Bush had warned Saddam Hussein that if he utilized biological or chemical weapons on US troops in the Persian Gulf War, then the US would use nuclear weapons on Baghdad. Many experts believe that Hussein waved WMD use because of that threat. The events leading up to the contemplation of nuclear warfare in Washington and London include also the spreading of anthrax contamination and the rising menace of further terrorist strikes inside the United States.

Syria Under Arab Pressure to cease Terror Sponsorship

Oct. 28….Syria has come under Arab pressure to end its support for terrorism. The pressure comes from some Arab countries that object to the harboring of insurgency groups in Damascus. Some of these groups operate against Arab regimes. Many Arab countries fear that the terrorists cells that operate out of Damascus will bring about World War III, and result in the destruction of many Arab countries. Damascus is home-base for eleven Islamic terror organizations.

Four dead, dozens wounded in Hadera terrorist attack

Oct. 28….A Palestinian terrorist opened fire shortly before 15:00 on a crowded street in downtown Hadera. Four Israelis were killed and close to 40 were wounded in the hail of bullets Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack. The two terrorists came from Jenin.


Ancient Babylon: Archaeologists Find Temple to Ishtar

Oct. 22….Iraqi archeologists believe they have uncovered a temple dedicated to the goddess Ishtar in the ancient city of Babylon, 56 miles south of Baghdad. Cuneiform inscriptions on the 25 artifacts found at the temple indicate that the building dates back to the old Babylonian era, and to the reign of King Hammurabi. (1792-1750 BC) Ishtar was the goddess of love in Babylonia and Assyria. Under various names, the cult of the mother goddess was universal in the ancient Near East.

Note: Ishtar is synonymous with the Queen of Heaven, of ancient mythology, and gradually became incorporated into Catholicism through its veneration of Mary.

Israel Chases PLO From West Bank Cities

Oct. 22 ….Israel maintained a stranglehold on six Palestinian cities on October 22, 2001 and Lebanese Hizbollah guerrillas stoked Middle East tensions further by attacking Israeli army positions on the Lebanon border. Israel has demanded the Palestinian Authority hand over those involved in Zeevi's killing, that it outlaws groups Israel defines as terrorist and that it arrests militants on a most-wanted list. A Palestinian security official said Israeli authorities had arrested four Palestinians suspected of involvement in killing Zeevi. Secretary of State Colin Powell said he hoped the Israeli army would soon pull out of Palestinian-ruled territory taken since Palestinian gunmen assassinated far-right Israeli cabinet minister Rehavam Zeevi last Wednesday. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Sunday Israel's most widespread ground offensive against the Palestinian Authority would end only when it was satisfied Yasser Arafat was cracking down on terrorism.

Secretary of State Powell to Deliver UN Speech

Oct. 22….The eyes of the world will begin to focus on a planned mid-November United Nations General Assembly meeting when American Secretary of State Colin Powell is expected to present the U.S. Administration's Middle East peace initiative. This comprehensive peace initiative is especially troublesome because it reportedly is going to take the Israeli-Palestinian issues to a level where no previous United States Administration has gone, a place that would be more favorable to the Palestinians and put God's Covenant land in Israel at risk. President Bush must know and understand that this peace initiative comes directly against the Word of God concerning Israel, God's Covenant land, and His chosen people. They need to realize that September 11, 2001, was a wake-up call and warning to America! The Vatican, The National Council of Churches, and the World Council of Churches are all in favor of Israel giving up part of her covenant land in exchange for a peace treaty. Regrettably, most of the people associated with the President's administration are religious products of the “Replacement Theology” camp.. President Bush needs to take a position stating that he is not in favor of any of God's Covenant land being given for the promises of peace and that he would commit to standing by Israel and defending her against anyone who comes against her. The nations of the world (including the United Nations), the Arab oil interests, and many in the United States (including the 'replacement theology” religious organizations) would chastise him, but it is the “right thing to do”. The United States is the lone remaining ally of Israel. Unfortunately, this country is also the sponsor of the Peace Partitioning Plans which have brought Israel's very existence into danger. The Bible is very specific that God will respond forcefully against and destroy any nation that comes against Israel and Jerusalem (Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38 and 39, Zechariah 12:3, 9). Even without Biblical documentation, the act of giving up land will not provide lasting peace for Israel. The stated goal of her neighboring Islamic states is to eliminate the nation of Israel and not to coexist with her. In addition, the Palestinians will not accept any peace initiative that does not include Jerusalem as their capital. And the terrorists cells of the Middle East will see to it that the burdensome dilemma of Jerusalem plays itself out; just like the Bible portrays in the Last Days!

"Expel Arafat - Fight Terrorism!"

Oct. 22…Many tens of thousands of people are expected to take part in a mass demonstration in downtown Jerusalem tonight demanding a firmer hand in the war against Palestinian terrorism.

They will be calling for the elimination of Yasser Arafat from any future negotiations with the Palestinians in the Middle East Peace Process.


Palestinian Statehood Backed in UK

Oct. 16….The issue of Palestinian statehood has received boosts from both the US and Great Britain, after a visit by Yasser Arafat to Britain to meet with Tony Blair. British Prime Minister Tony Blair declared that there is now an urgent need to "seize the moment" and reinvigorate the peace process, and to create a viable Palestinian state. "It is now time for all UN Security Council resolutions to be fully implemented," he said after a two-hour lunch at 10 Downing Street with Yasser Arafat, who described the encounter as "a comprehensive and very constructive meeting." In Washington, meanwhile, 28 former senior US officials, primarily ex-envoys to Arab and Muslim countries, have written to President George W. Bush saying Americans will not likely live tranquil lives again until the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is resolved and a Palestinian state is born. President Bush has moved into compliance with the Palestinian State cause in the last month also.

Moscow Reprimands President Bush Over War

Oct. 16….President Bush refers to Russia as a friend these days, but Moscow attacked Bush's conduct of the war against terrorism, as well as the corporations supplying the weaponry to fight the war. In rhetoric reminiscent of Soviet era-propaganda produced during the depths of the Cold War, Moscow lashed out against the U.S. "military-industrial complex" and "Washington politicians," who combine to ensure "a long war against terrorists … in which weapons manufacturers will get billions in profits," according to official Russian sources.

U.S. Still Hoping Syria Will Join Coalition

Oct. 16….The Bush administration has not given up on the prospect that Syria will eventually act against terrorism. The US continues to dangle the offer of economic and military aid should Damascus join the U.S.-led campaign against terrorism. This includes cooperating in the U.S. investigation of the 1996 Hizbullah attack on American military personnel in the Saudi city of Khobar. But the regime of President Bashar Assad has said such help would be offered only as part of a United Nations effort. Damascus harbors a host of organizations that appear on the U.S. State Department terrorism list, including Hamas, Hizbullah and Islamic Jihad.

Iran Concerned Over U.S. Stake in Caspian

Oct. 16….Iran's military has warned of a confrontation with the West over control of the Caspian Sea. The warning comes as part of increasing Iranian concern that the current U.S.-led military offensive against Afghanistan will end up resulting in a long-term U.S. and British presence in Central Asia. The Caspian is rich in both oil and natural gas. Iran has been struggling to maintain control over energy resources in the Caspian.

Pope Calls Faithful to Pray Rosary For Peace

Oct. 16…."Who, Better Than Mary, Can Accompany Us"! John Paul II appealed to the faithful to pray the rosary "for peace at this time." Given the present international situation, I have invited individuals and communities to pray the rosary for peace," he said. "I also renew this appeal today, underlining at the same time that the rosary is the contemplation of Christ in his mysteries, in close union with Mary Most Holy."


Israel is the Key To Peace
Oct. 12…Tony Blair last night warned Israel must give ground to demands for a separate Palestinian homeland, to save the world from terrorism. He admitted the bloody Middle East feud has handed terror mastermind Osama bin Laden a propaganda tool to inflame Muslim anger at the West. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, standing beside the PM in Cairo, warned: "Until the Middle East is settled, there will be no peace on our planet."

Note: Everything is Israel's fault in the Middle East. They horde 0.1% of the land area of the Middle East leaving only 99.9% for the Arabs and Muslims.

U.S. may Target Damascus

Oct. 12…U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Richard Lee Armitage said that the United States may also take military action against Syria, if it does not comply with U.S. demands to act against terror organizations in its territory. Asked what the consequences would be if countries like Syria did not meet U.S. expectations in the campaign against terrorism, Armitage said: "The consequences might be whatever the coalition finds worthy and it runs the gamut from isolation to financial investigation, all the way up through possibly military action." Armitage said that in the second stage of the campaign, the U.S. would take action against additional organizations and countries using terror against the U.S. and its allies. Syria is on the State Department's list of states supporting terror, as it supports the Hezbollah organization which acts against Israel from Lebanon. Syria summoned the U.S. ambassador on Friday and delivered a strong protest against the implied threat made against Damascus!

Note: The Burden of Damascus is Bible Prophecy! FOJ has been commenting for years about the prophesied destruction of Damascus; the world's center for world terrorism!

Peres Wants Russia, China, India, Japan in NATO

Oct. 12….Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres said on Friday that the global defense structure should be reshaped to fight terrorism and all major world powers should join the Western defense alliance NATO. World Security, and particularly security in the Middle East will require guarantees of Security from all the world's major powers before Israel will feel safe enough to accommodate a Palestinian state on our borders, Peres said.

Note: WOW….Do I hear the echo of I Thessalonians 5:2? For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

President Bush to tell Israel of PA 'homeland'

Important: Oct. 11….The Bush administration is prepared in the next few weeks to publicly increase pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to accept not only a Palestinian state but a viable Palestinian homeland that includes a ''shared Jerusalem. President Bush, who was described by officials as ''incensed'' over comments made last week by Sharon that Bush should not ''appease the Arabs'' as the Nazis were in 1938 - will have final say over the US position. ''That comment from Sharon really steamed the president,'' one US official said. Sharon has since apologized. The administration's position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is seen as one of two extraordinarily sensitive diplomatic issues facing the coalition against terrorism in the coming days and weeks. A Palestinian state, which Sharon vehemently opposes as endangering Israel's security, would give Palestinians roughly 95 percent of the West Bank and Gaza and parts of East Jerusalem. A senior administration official, who declined to talk about the specifics of the US position, said yesterday that Secretary of State Colin L. Powell has been in daily telephone contact with Sharon, Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat since the Sept. 11 attacks, telling them they need to get back to negotiations for their own good, and to keep intact the coalition in the terrorism battle. Several Arab leaders have told Powell and Bush that producing advancement on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would greatly deflate anti-American sentiments in their populations. The US administration is widely perceived in the Arab world to have strong Israeli bias, allowing some militants, including bin Laden, to claim that the US position on that conflict and the military campaign in Afghanistan combined show America as anti-Islam, a claim denied daily by Washington. A series of draft statements on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict says that the United States calls for a Palestinian state, but goes farther by also favoring a viable homeland that included a ''shared Jerusalem''. In the end, a shared Jerusalem is part of the only solution.'' The statement was scheduled to be delivered during the United Nations General Assembly last month, but has been delayed because of the Sept. 11 attacks. ''They are ready to tell the Israelis it's time to give up the occupied terrorities,'' said a former senior defense and National Security Council official. ''They will say obviously that Israel has a right to exist, and we will work to ensure that right, but the Palestinians have a right to their own homeland. The linchpin to all of this is the Jerusalem.

Syria Wins U.N. Security Council Seat

Oct. 9….Israel has protested the UN General Assembly's decision to include Syria on the Security Council, saying it contradicted the world efforts to eradicate terror groups. Israel accuses Syria of harboring 11 terror organizations, including the Hezbollah group, which has led fighting in Lebanon against Israel, including several attacks in the past year. Some of the organizations supported by Syria were involved in some way in planning the attacks against the United States on Sept. 11. Syria won a seat on the U.N. Security Council with overwhelming global support and no opposition from the United States, despite its prominent position on the U.S. list of nations sponsoring terrorism. Israel was the only U.N. member to oppose Syria's bid for a two-year term on the powerful U.N. decision-making body. It was joined by several Jewish organizations and 38 members of the U.S. Congress who wrote to President Bush on Friday urging that he oppose Syria's election. Syria was the unanimous choice to replace Bangladesh on the council. Russia, China, France, Britain and the United States hold permanent seats on the 15-nation Security Council, and five nonpermanent members are elected to two-year terms every year. "Syria indeed backs terrorist groups inside and outside of Syria." It is really a sheer absurdity and a sheer nonsense to have Syria as a member of the Security Council." Since the attacks, the United States has been trying to enlist Syria's help in its global anti-terrorism campaign, and Syrian President Bashar Assad has condemned the attacks.

Note: Talk about the fox guarding the hen house! Damascus is developing chemical and biological weapons for use in terror attacks, and sends terrorist squads against Israel daily.

I have no doubt that Syrian terror cells were involved in the attacks on America, yet America is seeking to invite the enemy into its coalition. Bashar Assad has publicly called for the extermination of Israel.

Syria to Washington: Punish Israel too

Oct. 8…Terrorists are those forces of evil that violate human rights and kill innocent people," said an editorial in state-run Syria Times. "They are not only terrorists that hit New York and Washington, the Israeli occupation troops that kill defenseless Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza are also terrorists. Bring them all to justice." Syria is accusing America of ignoring what they feel is another kind of terror, "Israeli terror actions against the Palestinians". Like other fundamentalists groups in the Arab world, the Muslim brotherhood accuses the United States of being biased toward Israel and bent on controlling Arab oil wealth. "America will not solve any problem in Afghanistan. To the contrary, it will blow up the whole area and lead to more terrorism and the world will not see any "peace, security or safety".

Note: Ah, we keep hearing those words, "Peace and Security"! Who can bring peace and security to the world? Whomever might be able to accomplish it will have to make an arrangement with Israel. The world is looking for you; Mr. Peace-Security! (Antichrist)

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