U.S. Presence in Georgia about Oil?

March 1
….Moscow says U.S. intervention in the former Soviet republic of Georgia is not so much to fight terrorists but to establish a "firm foothold" in the Caucasus region in order to protect its access to the vast oil reserves of the Caucasus and Central Asia. The political situation in Georgia is extremely volatile and prompted Moscow's warning about the "consequences" and "costs" of foreign intervention in the war-torn and deeply ethnically divided nation. Note: FOJ will continue to follow this development closely, as it holds very serious prophetic implications.

India's Government in Crisis

March 1
….Hindu-Muslim violence has entered its third day, with more than 240 people killed. In the latest incident, a Hindu mob burned to death 52 Muslims sleeping in ragged shacks. The rioting erupted after a suspected Muslim mob torched a train carrying Hindu devotees in Godhra on Wednesday, burning alive 58 people, mostly women and children. The clashes erupted because the Hindu's planned to erect a Temple to Rama on a controversial site claimed by both religions. About 12 percent of India's more than 1 billion people are Muslim. Hindus make up about 80 percent of the nation's population.

Hamas Terrorists Seeking WMD

March 1
….The Hamas terrorist organization is seeking to equip its newly acquired rockets with weapons of mass destruction. The Qassam-2, a relatively primitive rocket built by the Islamic militant group Hamas, has a range of five-ten miles. Hamas claims that it will soon be able to deliver rockets tipped with chemicl or biological warheads to Israeli cities. Israel has said it views the use of Qassam-2 rockets as a grave escalation in the conflict. In the past, Hamas has experimented with placing rat poison and other lethal agents in bombs placed in Israeli cities. This is part of the reason for the current IDF forays into PLO controlled refugee areas.

Vatican Warns of Dangers of Cyberspace Faith

March 1
….The Vatican has warned of the dangers of cyberspace spirituality, saying the Internet should not be used as a religious supermarket. The Vatican has its own Web site located at, but the Vatican warns that there are no sacraments, or masses on the Internet. The Vatican has lobbied for controls on spiritual web-sites to prevent violence, hatred and religious perversion from being perpetuated online. The United Nations, the Vatican recommended, should act as a watchdog to protect the dignity of online spiritual readers.

Note: A return to the Dark Ages? Apparently the Vatican is worried about Christian Truths being conveyed, in contrast to the pollution of Rome's Religious Dictates.

A Threat of Chaos

March 1
….Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat today urged the world to force Israel to halt army raids that have killed at least 18 Palestinians, warning that the Middle East could plunge into chaos. "I call upon the whole world to act quickly before a state of chaos engulfs the whole Middle East region.” Meanwhile, Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi, delivered a speech to supporters during a protest march in Gaza City against Israel and to show support for Palestinian fighters in the West Bank, by supporting a “Day of Rage”.

Clinton to Blame for Mid-East Mess
Commentary by Darrell G. Young

Feb. 28….White House spokesman today Ari Fleischer rejected the notion that President Bush's Middle East Peace policies have not worked, noting that the violence began while former President Clinton was still in office. He also dismissed the idea of talking with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, noting that President Clinton tried to "push the parties beyond where they were willing to go." During his last months in office, Clinton engaged himself heavily in pressing Arafat and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak to strike an accord, but his intensive efforts backfired, resulting in the current mess. FOJ Ministry constantly emphasized throughout the years of the Clinton Administration that the Clinton strategy was a failure in waiting. Yasser Arafat was always willing for President Clinton to play Santa Claus, but when push came to shove, President Clinton simply ran out of things Israel could afford to give away. Hence the ensuing violence called the Palestinian Intifada whereby Arafat is attempting to gain more leverage to attain his ultimate goal; all of Israel!

American Forces in Former Russian Lands?

Feb. 28
…..FOJ is following numerous accounts that America is considering the aspects of a new front in the war on terrorism by sending scores of U.S. special forces to the former Soviet republic of Georgia. The forces may be sent to eliminate forces connected to the al-Qa'eda terrorist network. AP and Reuters news service reports that between 45 and 200 troops are expected to be flown to Georgia in the next few weeks, and a number of Huey helicopters are already there. The deployment apparently does not sit well with Moscow. Russia regards the former Soviet territory beyond Russia's borders as very much in its sphere of influence. FOJ is also monitoring this regional development because of its proximity to the controversial Caspian Sea oil reserves.

Vatican and Islam Vow More Harmony

Feb. 28
…..The Vatican's Committee for Dialogue of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue and Islam's Permanent Committee of al-Azhar for Dialogue with the Monotheistic Religions have vowed to work together to turn public opinion against religious extremism. The Vatican said the two groups abhor religious extremism. Religious fanatics should be condemned, and exposed as not being in conformity with the teachings of the two religions. Religious extremists tend to show intolerance to those who do not agree with them, and tend to violate the rights of others, sometimes using or approving violence. The two committee's pledged to continue in the path of dialogue and to influence public opinion in order to bring about a rejection of extremism," reports the Vatican news service. ( story excerpted from Jerusalem Post )

Killing Jews is the Goal

Feb. 27
….The murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Danny Pearl was a picture of Hate. Mr. Pearl was ordered to speak into the camera and admit he was a Jew. Danny commented that his mother was a Jew. Danny Pearl was chosen to be slaughtered simply because he was an American Jew. The gory details of Pearl's videotaped murder are evidence of the maniacal hatred of his murderers. Pearl was forced to mumble an obvious propaganda statement about Americans being unable to "walk around free" as long as American policies of "unconditional support of Israel" continue. After admitting his supposed crime: "I am a Jew. My mother was a Jew," a hand appeared on the video and cut his throat. After Pearl's throat was cut, his head was severed and held aloft by a hand in front of the camera. The tape shifts to his murderers repeatedly stabbing his lifeless corpse. The scene switches to Pearl's severed head lying on a pile of newspapers as a message scrolls across the screen: "If our demands aren't met, there will be more Jews treated like this."

Israel is hated with a visceral, demonic hatred that even most modern Christians fail to comprehend. Because of Israel's special God-given calling and purpose, Satan seeks their destruction!

Saudi Peace Plan is A Mirage

Feb. 27
….In Jan. 1995, the Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdel Aziz Bin-Baz, ruled that Islamic law does not completely rule out peace with Israel,"on the condition that it is merely a temporary peace, until the Moslems can build up their military strength, or strategic position needed to exterminate the Jews. The latest hoopla over the Crown Prince's blueprint for an Israeli-Palestinian Peace formula is simply another land-for-words charade. The Crown Prince is mostly interested in repairing his image with Washington, since most of the September 11th terrorists were from Saudi Arabia. The Islamic goal of destroying Israel remains the ultimate goal! The only problem between Muslim fundamentalists is determining the best way to go about that endeavor. ( Interestingly enough, the soon coming Antichrist will require the efforts of ten Kings to solidify his kingdom. Might a Saudi King figure into that scenario? We will have to stay tuned for that answer. )

Iran Obtains New Missles From China

Feb. 27
….The United States has determined that China recently sent missiles to Iran. U.S. officials said China shipped surface-to-air missiles to Iran in January in a move that has alarmed the Bush administration. They said the anti-aircraft missile delivery was the subject of talks last week during the visit by President George Bush to Beijing. China has sold Iran C-801 and C-802 anti-ship cruise missiles to Iran. In 1998, China promised the U.S. that it would end such sales to Iran.

U.S. Considering Computer Chip Implant

Feb. 27
….A Florida technology company is set to ask the federal government for permission to market a first-ever computer ID chip that could be embedded beneath a person's skin. Satellite tracking of an individual's every movement to the storage of sensitive data like medical records, are potentialities. Applied Digital Solutions' new VeriChip is another sign that the September 11 terrorist event has catapulted the science of security into a realm with uncharted possibilities.

The Last Days Global Governance empire of the Antichrist will issue a number, name, or mark for every individual. The system will require his symbol to be retained either in a person's right hand, or in their forehead! ( Revelation 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. ) (This isn't it, but it shows the technology is ready)

PA Funds Diverted to Terror Campaign

Feb. 26
….Palestinian Authority funds supposedly earmarked for paying the salaries of civilian and security personnel have been diverted to the latest round of terror attacks. Yasser Arafat called Javier Solana, the European foreign affairs executive, for a quick bailout and quickly received another $30 million in aid. When Mr. Solana arrived in the region yesterday, Israeli informants filled him in on the destination of the missing payroll funds. They indicated that the European Union could hardly avoid being accused of using European tax revenues to fund Palestinian terror. Solana called on Arafat in his Ramallah office, demanding that the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, a wing of Arafat's Fatah be disbanded forthwith. ( This is a replay which has been played out before )

Bush Welcomes Saudi Proposal

Feb. 26
….U.S. President George Bush telephoned Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah today in wake of the Middle East peace proposal by the Saudis that the White House termed as "helpful." President Bush expressed U.S. hopes of working along with the Saudi kingdom "in the pursuit of Middle East peace. The president stated that he wants the parties in the Middle East to know ... there are other nations in the region that are committed to peace. The President considers the proposal as a key to nudging Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon back to peace negotiations. Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov reported that Moscow also backed the Saudi initiative and left open the possibility of an independent Russian initiative. The Arab League will hold a summit in Beirut, Lebanon, scheduled for March 27-29. The Arab League will be the final authority to decide the fate of this initiative, especially since all the Arab countries must give its approval before it can move forward.

Saudi Crown Prince at Center of Peace Talks

Feb. 26
…..Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Abdullah's suggestion for peace between Israel and the Palestinians calls on Arab states to recognize Israel in return for a full Israeli withdrawal from lands occupied in the 1967 Middle East war. Abdullah is confronting U.S. President Bush's “axis of evil” statement with a tripartite pact made up of Saudi Arabia and two elements of that axis, Iraq and Iran, with whom he, and Saudi Arabia is synchronizing certain political, military and economic strategies. It must be noted however that, Abdullah has never stopped funneling oil funds to the Palestinian Islamic terror group Hamas. Saudi money supports Hamas's impressive arsenal and reservoir of suicide killers. Arafat's Fatah has also accused the Saudis of trying to deflect American threats from certain Arab states, ( Iran, Iraq ) including Saudi Arabia, at the expense of the Palestinian people. Crown Prince Abdullah proposed his latest peace offerings as a means to enhance his image in America and Washington, especially in light of the fact that Saudi Arabia supplied funds for the Iranian weapons ship caught by Israel. Also, the Crown Prince had blocked U.S. investigations into the network of Al Queda terror systems within Saudi Arabia. The EU has put its weight behind the Crown Prince's plan, and its foreign policy chief Javier Solana is planning to fly to Jeddah on tomorrow for a meeting with the Crown Prince. ( The Crown Prince's plan is closely linked with the two-basket approach that was floated to him by Jordan's KingAbdullah.)

PLO Rejects Saudi Proposal

Feb. 25
……Yasser Arafat's Fatah rejects the tentative Saudi Arabian peace proposal, revealing much about its own true intentions in the process. Saudi Arabia's Prince Abdullah has indicated that he is in favor of normalized Arab-Israeli relations in exchange for a complete Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria, including the Old City of Jerusalem. Fatah, however, says Saudi Arabia has no right to "propose initiatives that give up the territories occupied since 1948. The PLO also complained that the plan "ignores the right of return for more than five million Palestinian refugees." Fatah thus is exhibiting the fact that it has no intention of giving up "the territories occupied since 1948," and that the current terrorism is aimed at causing "Israel" a "deep strategic crisis" regarding this. The Oslo process concentrating on the West Bank is thus shown to be merely a "first stage" of the PLO Phased Plan to replace Israel entirely with a Palestinian state.


US Has Planted A Military Foot in Iraq

….America's promised full-scale offensive against Iraq has already taken its first small, discreet military steps. On, February 15, the first American Special Forces moved into northern Iraq from Turkey. Six days later, on Thursday, February 21, a second US Special Forces contingent landed in Tbilsi, capital of Georgia. American military buildup proceeds at the Omani base on Masirah Island, at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, and at the big Ali Salem air base in Kuwait, 60 km from the Iraqi frontier. According to some military sources, US forces are also streaming quietly into Turkey, Jordan and Israel. America may launch a full-scale military thrust against Saddam Hussein by the second half of March or early April. Israeli strategists view the latest Palestinian terror escalation and its focus on Israeli armed forces as an integral element of those preparations. Information reaching American, Israeli and Jordanian intelligence authorities points to a strategic decision by Yasser Arafat months ago to throw the Palestinians behind Saddam Hussein's war effort, just as he did in the 1991 Gulf War.

Edge of the Abyss?

Feb. 23
…The Middle East risks "sliding toward full-fledged war" unless Western powers intervene in the conflict, the United Nations secretary-general, Kofi Annan, has warned the Security Council in unusually blunt language. "Truly, we are nearing the edge of the abyss”. The "breakdown of trust is so total" and "the clamor on both sides for revenge" so intense that third-party mediation is absolutely essential, said Secretary Annan.

Sudanese Islam, a Religion of Peace?

Feb. 22
….Sudan's militant Islamic regime killed at least 17 civilians, including women and children in a helicopter gun-ship attack during a UN World Food distribution to Sudan's starving people. The helicopter hovered over hundreds of starving poor Sudanese gathered at a food distribution site hoping to avoid starvation. The National Islamic Front's "scorched-earth policy" is aimed at ridding the oil-rich area of Sudan of civilians. The Islamic regime of Sudan uses the oil revenues to acquire additional military assets in order to complete its self-described “Jihad" against the Christian and Animist people of Southern Sudan. Backed by Muslim clerics, the National Islamic Front regime in the Arab and Muslim north is waging a campaign to force Islam on the south. Since 1983, an estimated 2 million people have died from the war and attendant famine.

Muslim Radicals Kill Journalist

Feb. 22
…..Wall Street journalist Daniel Pearl was brutally murdered in Pakistan by Islamic fundamentalists probably intent on severing American-Pakistan relations. Many Al-Queda terrorists have infiltrated Pakistan in recent months, and apparently the kidnapping and murder of Daniel Pearl, an American Jew from New York City was enacted to drive Pakistan away from its ties to American influence in the region.

Israel Bringing Jews Home

Feb. 22
….Israel is prepared to spend $140 million to attract Argentine Jews to leave Argentina, and move to Israel. Jewish agencies worldwide, will make an extra $20,000 available to each Argentine family of four wanting to move to Israel. The move comes in light of the “extreme difficulties” being faced by Argentina's Jews, particularly in the wake of the spectacular collapse of the country's economy. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has reiterated his goal of bringing one million Jews to Israel over the next 10 to 15 years. The Jewish Agency has said that in order to maintain a Jewish majority in Israel, it would need to ensure the immigration of around 50,000 Jewish people every year. Argentina, France and South Africa are the anticipated regions of the next wave of Aliya Jews.

U.S. Reviews its Nuclear Policy

Feb. 22
….The Bush administration has decided that the U.S. can no longer standing by a 24-year-old U.S. pledge not to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states. President Clinton had also issued an executive order stating that the U.S. would sustain a nuclear hit before resorting to using nuclear weapons. This review changes that policy. America must do whatever is necessary to defend America's innocent civilian population. In case of an attack on the United States, "we would have to do what is appropriate under the circumstances”, says a Cabinet spokesman. President Carter issued the 1978 commitment that the U.S. would not use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states unless they attack the United States in alliance with other nuclear-armed countries. If some nation were to attack the United States with chemical weapons, they have to fear the consequences of a response from any weapon in the U.S. inventory. Note: This nuclear policy review reflects the change in the world since September 11.

Syria's Assad Meets With Pope

Feb. 22
…..Syrian President Bashar Assad met with Pope John Paul II in a Vatican audience Today in a meeting intended bolster international involvement in the Middle East peace process. Assad met with the pope privately presenting him with an ancient Quran, Islam's holy book. In a brief statement, the Vatican reiterated its position that peace in the Middle East, and "in particular the Holy Land,'' must be achieved on the basis of United Nations resolutions. The Vatican has long championed Palestinian rights, while stressing the need to protect Israel's security needs. The visit was a follow-up to John Paul's historic trip to Damascus last May. When the Pope visited Syria in May, Assad likened Israelis to betrayers of Jesus. The Vatican has made no regarding Assad's anti-Semitic remarks. Assad is seeking to increase Europe's role in the peace process. He believes that the European Union is more sympathetic to the Palestinian cause than the United States

Sharon Speaks to Israel

Feb. 22
….Israel will create buffer zones buttressed by physical barriers to bring about “security separation” between Israel and Palestinian territory. Israeli Prime Minister Sharon addressed the nation on Israeli television, saying “We shall not rest until the terrorist infrastructure is dismantled, but in the interim we shall make every effort to block the terrorist entities from entering Israel. Sharon also ssued a call for national unity in hard times.

Palestinian Information Minister Yasser Abed Rabbo condemned the move, saying the Israeli defensive measure as an attempt to create jails for the Palestinian people within their cities, towns and villages.

Note: How dare Israel defend itself from terrorists? According to the PA spokesman, Israel should allow terrorists to roam freely, like they do in the PA areas. If the PA would arrest these thugs, then the violence would subside, and Israel would not have to retaliate and build barriers!

Muslim America?

A controversial American Islamic advocacy group has planned a voter registration drive to coincide with the upcoming Muslim holiday at the end of the pilgrimage to Mecca. The Council on American-Islamic Relations, alleged to have ties to terrorist groups such as Hamas, says "our goal, insha'Allah (if Allah wills), is to register more than 100,000 new Muslim voters over the next eight months. Their ultimate aim is to make the U.S. a Muslim country! CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper indicated that he'd like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future. Abdulrahman Alamoudi, former executive director of the American Muslim Council, said at a conference by the Islamic Association for Palestine in December 1996 that the United States will become a Muslim country, even if it takes 100 years. CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad once worked for the Islamic Association of Palestine, considered by U.S. intelligence officials to be a front group for the Hamas terrorist operating in the United States. In the 2000 election year, 66 percent of Muslims voted for Al Gore. Arab-American pollster John Zogby estimates that U.S. Muslims are about 30 percent African-American, and 20 percent Arab-American. They claim that there are 7 million Muslims in the U.S.

President Bush Witnesses to Chinese Leader

Feb. 21
….President Bush urged Chinese President Jiang Zemin to respect religious freedoms for the Chinese people. In a news conference, Bush said, "I can tell you that in my visit with President Jiang I shared with him my faith. I talked to him on very personal terms about my Christian beliefs."

EU Working to fix Arafat's Image

Feb. 20
….European Union special Middle East envoy Miguel Moratinos and US Consul General in Jerusalem Ronald Schlicher are working together to repair Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat's public image. The drafting of a letter last week to US Secretary of State Colin Powell regarding the Karine A arms ship, and the op-editorial in the New York Times deploring terrorism was all an effort to restore dignity to Arfat's public appeal. Arafat has received additional public relations help in the EU and the US from a lobbying firm seeking to promote him as a man of peace. The big question to me is why? Why does the EU wish to cast this world renown terrorist and murdering thug as a partner for peace?

Sixteen Killed In Multiple Attacks

Feb. 19
….Palestinian gunmen killed at least six Israelis in an attack Today near an IDF checkpoint. The Israeli citizens were ambushed at Ein Ariq, northwest of the Palestinian-ruled city of Ramallah. The attack followed Israeli air strikes overnight in Gaza and the West Bank. The air raids were Israel's response to four Israeli deaths in Palestinian suicide attacks, one on the a car-bomber on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Suicide attacks are increasing daily.

Most Palestinians Can Live With Israel?

Why can't Arafat?
Feb. 19
….A fact apparently unknown to most of the world is that 70 percent of Palestinians support negotiations with Israel for a final status agreement, and could live beside an Israeli state. Some 49.7 percent of Palestinians say they support international calls for a cease-fire. Many people have assumed that all Palestinians support the many terrorist organizations operating within the West Bank and Gaza. A new poll however shows that only 33.4 percent support any of the terror organizations, such as the PLO-Fatah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad. Only 21 percent said they supported Hamas, while 4 percent supported Islamic Jihad. Privately, many of the Palestinians said they were dissatisfied with PA institutions and believed the PA leadership was corrupt. Less than a third of those questioned thought that the PA had formulated any socio-economic plan for handling the deteriorating situation in the areas under its control, while 65.7 percent supported changes in the structure of the Palestinian cabinet. Twenty-one percent of the Palestinians said that if they had the opportunity to immigrate and live elsewhere, they would do so.

Note: Polls conducted in the Palestinian sectors are always a flawed review. It is difficult to really tell how the average Palestinian feels on many of these issues, since they live in a controlled society. Speaking in objection to Yasser Arafat can get you killed, as his police chief, Jibril Rajoub can testify.

Hamas Leader Invokes Jihad

Feb. 19
…. Speaking to Muslims on the Muslim holiday, Eid al-Adha, or the Feast of Sacrifice, which commemorates God's provision of a ram to substitute for Abraham's sacrifice of his son, ( Ishmael) Sheik Ahmed Yassin, the spiritual leader of the Palestinian Islamic militant group Hamas called on Muslims around the world to launch a holy war, or jihad, to liberate their countries from U.S. influence. “Sons of Islam everywhere, the jihad is a duty, to establish the rule of Allah on earth and to liberate your countries and yourselves from America's domination and its Zionist allies. Jerusalem is calling to us, we must answer, for the sake of Allah?

Vatican Looks to Resolve Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Feb. 19
…..The Vatican's No. 2 official said today that the Catholic Church wants to help the Israelis and Palestinians live together, each in their own state. Cardinal Angelo Sodano, the Vatican's Secretary of State, spoke after meeting with Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi seeking peace in the Holy Land, saying international pressure was necessary. "We have to quickly bring an end to this situation, giving the right to the state of Israel and the state of Palestine to exist side by side," Sodano said. The issue will be on the agenda between Pope John Paul II and Syrian President Bashar Assad, who is making an official visit to Italy and the Vatican. The Vatican has long championed Palestinian rights, while stressing that Israel's security needs must be respected. It also warned that any attack on Iraq could complicate the situation in the Middle East.

Note: Assad called on the frail 80-year-old pontiff to stand by the Arabs in their struggle against Israel, when the Pope visited Damascus in May 2001. Back then the Pope sided with the Palestinians by calling indirectly on Israel to withdraw from the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Assad used anti-Semitic language in the Pope's presence, even urging the Pope to join him in eradicating the Jews. The Pope has never reprimanded Assad for his remarks of anti-Semitism.

Netanyahu Says Arafat Must Go

Feb. 19
…..Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today that Israel must remove Yasser Arafat and destroy the Palestinian Authority, either via military assault, or by extraction before peace talks can resume. Netanyahu said he wasn't suggesting Israel physically harm Arafat, but instead of restricting Arafat to his compound in the West Bank town of Ramallah as Sharon has done, the Palestinian leader should be allowed to leave, but not to return. He keeps wanting to go abroad, I think we should not hinder him from doing so, Netanyahu said. I would very much like to see him go into retirement with his friends from Tripoli, or his friends from Baghdad. The Palestinian Authority is truly a corrupt, backward, primitive regime that oppresses the Palestinians, that kneecaps anyone who dares to disagree with Arafat. He controls the media, sucks up all the money, and leaves the Palestinians in an impoverished state.

Czech Prime Minister Milos Zeman Sides with Israel

Feb. 19
…. Arriving in Israel for a two-day visit, Czech Prime Minister Zeman said that Israel cannot "negotiate with people who kill civilians for political purposes," and the only way to deal with terrorists is to fight them. Asked specifically about Arafat, Zeman responded, "Any political leader who tolerates political terrorism as a legitimate tool for his political campaign is a terrorist. Zeman compared Israel's situation to the Czech experience with Adolph Hitler, and bemoaned the fact that there was "no courage by democratic countries to oppose him in the 1940's because of their appeasement policy."

Arafat Developing Two arms of Terror

Feb. 18
…..Arafat is busy activating his two most effective terrorist masters, Muhamed Dahlan, the Palestinian Authority's chief security officer in the Gaza Strip and Tawfiq Tirawi, West Bank General Intelligence chief. Tawfiq Tirawi runs the Fatah's Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, while Muhamed Dahlan heads its Gazan equivalent, the Saladin Brigades, the military wing of the “Popular Resistance Committees”, in which the Fatah-Tanzim, Popular Front, Hamas and Jihad Islami are grouped. Tirawi is Arafat's liaison man with Saddam Hussein's military intelligence, whereas Muhamed Dahlan is his channel to the Iran-backed Hizballah and al Qaeda contingents in Lebanon. Between them, Arafat, Dahlan and Tirawi have brought together the terrorist groups sponsored by Iraq, Iran, al Qaeda and the Palestinians for a do-or-die confrontation against Israel. This confrontation coincides with the interests of both Tehran and Baghdad, as a means of distancing the threat of an American war-on-terror offensive from their borders. Also, it would enable Iran-Iraq-Syria to open up a front for advancing forces of al Aqsa Brigades, the Saladin Brigades, the Hizballah, and al Qaeda on Israel's doorstep, thereby laying many political-diplomatic landmines for the U.S. should the U.S. bring the war on terrorism to Iraq or Iran.

Yasser Arafat knows that to merit a place of honor in Arab-Muslim history, he needs to vanquish the Jews or die in the attempt. He recently alluded to the fact that he was ready to die in the battle for Jerusalem! It seems he has made the necessary arrangements.

Palestinian Suicidal Missions Continue

Feb. 18
….Yet another suicide bomber blew himself up in a pizzeria in a shopping center crowded with Israeli teen-agers Saturday, killing himself and two others and wounding 27 people, six of them seriously. The blast occurred in an open-air mall in the small Jewish settlement of Karnei Shomron, which is in the West Bank. A radical PLO faction, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, claimed responsibility for Saturday's mall eattack. The group identified the bomber as Sadek Abdel Hafeth, 18, from the West Bank town of Qalqilya. Two 15 year old Jewish boys were killed in the blast.

15-year olds Keren Shatzki and Nehemia

Amar, killed in Karnei Shomron Feb. 16.


Muslims Pray for 'Islam's Glory' in Mecca
Commentary by Darrell G. Young

….One million Muslims prayed for the "Glory of Islam" in Mecca today as Saudi Arabia geared up for the first major Muslim religious gathering since the September 11 attacks on America. A sea of Haj pilgrims thronged Mecca's Grand Mosque, Islam's holiest shrine to hear a sermon by Imam Sheikh Osama Abdullah Khayyat. Khayyat prayed traditional prayers for the triumph of Islam and defeat of Israel. The crowd chanted, “Lord...defeat those tyrant Jews," as they stood around the cube-shaped Kaaba. Saudi officials say around 1.5 million pilgrims from over 160 countries have arrived in the kingdom. Many of the fortunate pilgrims arriving in Mecca appeared overwhelmed by their experience. "This is a great occasion, a great chance to get all sins removed," Mhmet Fakir, a Turkish pilgrim said. "We are here from all races and classes united as one to seek God's forgiveness and mercy." Haj is a pillar of Islam. It is required at least once during ones lifetime, by every able-bodied Muslim who has the financial means. Muslims believe those who perform it with a sincere heart will have their sins forgiven. The Bible says only God can forgive sins, and his only requirement is to accept his precious son's payment for all sin, past sins, present and future sins. You don't need to go to Mecca, or anyplace else, and you certainly don't need any money. Futhermore, you do not need to pray for death to anyone!

Note: Praying for the killing of Jews and getting your sins removed all in one big party! I suppose the poor fellow who doesn't have the financial means to travel to Mecca and get his sins removed can kill some Jews and go straight to Heaven! ( The Devil is a master DECEIVER, is he not?)

Israel, Islam, and the U.S. War on Terrorism

by: Darrell G. Young ( see posted news Sept. 17th, 2001 )

Feb 15
….Last September 17th, I copied down the following points ( 1-4 ) regarding an influx of questions concerning the war on terrorism, and exactly where it might lead us prophetically speaking. Today, I just finished reading news accounts of the possibility that the USA may have to “go-it-alone”, in the war on terror. Russia has warned the US not to attack Iraq, and the EU is undercutting US peace initiatives in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, by pushing “Statehood First” for the Palestinians. China has strongly supported Palestinian positions against Israel. I truly believe that the United States is being framed, or set-up to receive the wrath of the world. The U.S., with the Bush Administration is a friend to Israel, and that friendship could well put the USA in the eye of a coming storm! The Rapture could come with it…..

1. Bible Prophecy students have long searched for the existence-role of the US in Last Days events. That search-speculation always comes up fairly empty. It is apparently because the US will become a sub-ordinate player during the Tribulational era. I strongly suspect that our beloved USA may experience some devastating blows prior to the Tribulation, and become amalgamated into the burgeoning power of the EU. The Rapture event will further complicate the status of the US. I can envision the chaotic circumstances in the US surrounding a cataclysmic assault during the coming "War on Terrorism" coupled with the Rapture. The US would be crippled like no other nation!

2. Russia will likely remain aloof from involving itself in the struggle by the coalition of forces being recruited in the War on Terror by the United States. Russia has already had a taste of Afghan-Asia Central Muslim Republics confrontations. She will most willingly let America take the brunt of their animosity. Russia is depicted in Ezekiel as being allied with Persia-others in a full-scale assault upon Israel in the Tribulational era, so she is probably going to sit-out the US-led war, seek to complicate it for the US, and wait to come down for the "Spoils" after the demise of America.

3. China is portrayed as being co-joined with the vast "Kings of the East" in a Late Tribulational era assault into the Middle East. So, don't look for China to involve itself overwhelmingly in the War on Terrorism. She also will bide her time probing for a future opportunity. She will eventually confront the EU-10 Kingdom Confederation of the Antichrist at the end of the Seven year Tribulation.

4. The fast developing central power of the EU will not actively participate with America against the Islamic Empire. Although she will lend vocal-philosophic support, she too will look to escape the targeted-wrath of radical Islam. She will “someday” seek to inculcate America into admission into the rapidly emerging empire of Restored Rome, and establishing herself as the new 21st century super-power, and the base of authority for the World Order of the Antichrist. ( contending with Russia-China )

Christian Faces Death For Blasphemy

Feb. 15
…..Pakistan has sentenced a Christian to be hung for blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad. Ayub Masih has been granted one final hearing before the Pakistan Supreme Court prior to his execution. Ayub Masih, 34, was convicted on the testimony of a Muslim who claimed that during a private conversation his Christian neighbor slandered Muhammad.

Israeli Tanks Targeted by Al-Queda?

…..For the first time in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israeli tanks have come under attack. The attacks reveal that the Al Queda Terrorist network is now in the West Bank. The blast under the turret of an IDF tank killed 3 Israeli soldiers, but it also showed that Al Queda terror-tech practices have been implemented into the PLO-Hamas arsenal.

This form of sabotage has never been seen before in the Middle East. The charge may have fixed under the turret along the seams of its joins to the tank body and activated by remote control or radio signal. This was the precisely the method employed by Osama bin Laden's mujaheddin in the 1980s to sabotage Soviet T-72 tanks in Afghanistan. Arafat, from his hole in Ramallah has invested in the Al-Queda terrorist enterprises to revitalize his terror machine!

White House Links PA to Terrorism?

….In perhaps the starkest US indictment of the Palestinian Authority to date, White House spokesman Ari Fleischer linked the PA with Iran, Iraq, and North Korea - the three countries that President George W. Bush referred to as an "axis of evil." He responded that the Palestinian people are victims of a regime that "practices terrorism'. The United States is concerned that the Palestinian people are victims of a regime that invites terrorism and that practices terrorism. President Bush announced that he was making available 300 million dollars to Palestinian charity organizations because he feels that the Palestinian people are suffering under a repressive regime.

Rumors Around Iraq

Feb. 14
….The Pentagon and the CIA have begun preparations for an assault on Iraq involving up to 200,000 US troops that is likely to be launched later this year with the aim of removing Saddam Hussein from power. Central Command has already set up forward headquarters in the Gulf from which each of the component services will be able to coordinate the war. The air force headquarters is at the Prince Sultan air base in Saudi Arabia. The army headquarters is in Kuwait, while the navy is in Bahrain. Central Command's marine component is also expected to move to Bahrain in the next few days, weeks after the main marine force left Afghanistan.

U.N. Officials Criticize Israel

Feb. 13
….U.N. Secretary General Kofi Anan and U.N. Human Rights Commission Secretary Mary Robinson condemned Israel today, and demanded that Israel respect Yasser Arafat's "civil rights" and release him from his siege in Ramallah. Note: Hello United Nations; What about the civil rights of those innocent citizens that Arafat has targeted for terrorism and murder?

Demographics of World Jewry

Feb. 13
….By the year 2030, Israel will be home to the majority of world Jewry. Today nearly 40% of all Jews in the world now live in IsraelThere are currently 13.2 million Jews in the world, and that number is expected to reach 15.6 million by 2080. Had the millions of Russian Jewish immigrants who came from the former Soviet Union during the 90's remained in their native country, it is reasonable to assume that 90 percent of their children would not be defined today as Jewish. Therefore, the land of Israel symbolises the hope of World Judaism, in that birth rates in Israel are twice that of Jews in other parts of the world, and it offers Jews the hope of not being assimilated into other world groups.

U.S. Support for Israel Irritates Arab world

Feb. 13
….Anti-American feeling intensified by Washington's support for Israel is growing across the Arab world, and also much of the rest of the world at large. The EU, Russia and the UN are upset with America's support for Israel. Some Arabs claim that while most governments officially support the U.S.-led fight against terrorism, many among the masses consider Osama bin Laden a "Muslim Robin Hood" rather than the world's leading terrorist. Many people are whispering their anti-Americanism, and should there be another major terrorist attack on the United States, many Arabs will be delighted. The Arab perception is that only the United States, Russia and or the European Union can influence the Israeli-Palestinian situation. They perceive that the United States ignores the feelings of the Arab world and is using the fight against terrorism to support Israel. Arab leaders say the intensity of Arab reaction is largely due to the feeling that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has "received a green light” from Washington to repulse the Palestinians. Recent statements from Washington are interpreted by many Arabs as an effort to divide the world into two parts, with Islamic countries on one side. The Arabs believe that Islam to America is an evil empire just as the Soviet Empire was evil, and needs to be eradicated. ( Note: In reality, the EU is giving a “green light” to Arafat and Terrorism against Israel! )

Arafat Threatens his Police Chief

…… Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat lashed out against the head of PA preventive security in the West Bank, Jibril Rajoub. Accounts say that Arafat slapped Rajoub, cursed him and pointed his pistol in his face, while repeatedly screaming: "He is a traitor!" The incident occurred at Arafat's compound in Ramallah. The background for their confrontation was a struggle among Palestinian leaders over what steps to take regarding the Intifada. Fatah's revolutionary council was considering Rajoub's, proposal for taking steps to calm the intifada, and Terrorism in general, including the dismantling of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. At that point Arafat flew into a rage! ( Notice!….Arafat is orchestrating the Intifada-Terrorism, and was furious that Rajoub wished to tone-it-down. )

Hundreds March Around Temple Mount

Feb. 13
….Hundreds of people took part in a march around the Temple Mount walls last night, including Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert. They demanded that Judaism's holy site be opened to Jewish visitors. Jewish Law allows Jews to walk in certain areas of the Mount after immersing in a ritual bath and taking other precautions. The Chief Rabbinate however is not cooperative, and remains against Jews being permitted to visit the Temple Mount. Last January, about 500,000 Israeli's met around the old walls outside the Temple Mount, and pledged themselves to work to secure a Jewish presence on the Temple Mount. Ariel Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount 19 months ago dramatized the Jewish dilemma concerning the Holy Temple site.

President Bush Has Decided, Hussein Must Go!

Feb. 13
….President Bush has decided to oust Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, and has ordered the CIA, the Pentagon and other U.S. agencies to devise plans to remove him. President Bush has also concluded that Iraq's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs pose too great a threat to U.S. national security for Saddam to remain in power in Iraq. There is not longer any debate about whether to get rid of Saddam Hussein. The only remaining issue is how to accomplish Saddam's downfall. Escalating U.S. rhetoric about Iraq has alarmed Russia and the European Union in recent weeks. Vice President Dick Cheney is traveling to the Middle East next month to inform Arab leaders about U.S. intentions to get rid of Saddam!

Russia Challenges U.S. Presence in Asia

Feb. 12
….Russia's Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov said that the United States should abandon its military presence in former Soviet republics in Central Asia once the war in Afghanistan is over.

Ivanov said the U.S. troop deployment in Central Asia was necessary only to combat terrorist operations. But Russia, he said, assumes that "these bases are there on a temporary basis and only until the end of the anti-terrorist operation." President Vladimir Putin's decision to welcome the U.S. troops into Central Asia was a temporary invitation! Some representatives of Russia's political elite have voiced fear that the United States might use its military presence to end Russia's sway over the region! With Russia's blessing, U.S. troops have been deployed at an air base in Uzbekistan and at an airport in Kyrgyzstan, and other allied forces are expected to move into bases in Tajikistan and Kazakstan. Russia has publicly stated that when the mission to Afghanistan is over, that America should leave, and not extend its War on Terror to other nations in the region, most notably Iraq and Iran.

EU Assails Bush Cabinet

Feb. 12
….Chris Patten, the EU commissioner in charge of Europe's international relations, has launched a scathing attack on American foreign policy - accusing the Bush administration of a dangerously "absolutist and simplistic" stance towards the rest of the world. As EU officials warned of a rift opening up between Europe and the US, Mr. Patten said it is time European governments spoke up and stopped Washington before it goes into "unilateralist overdrive". Mr. Patten singled out President Bush's branding of Iraq, Iran and North Korea as "an axis of evil". EU officials concede that the US and Europe could now be on a collision course over Iran, with the EU determined to forge a trade and cooperation agreement with Tehran just as Washington has deemed it an "evil" sponsor of terror. One EU official said: "It is humiliating and demeaning that Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, and Donald Rumsfeld can fashion U.S foreign policy. The E.U. officials reiterated that Secretary of State Colin Powell is "a lone voice of reason" in the Bush Administration

Note: It is the analogy of FOJ that Colin Powell has worked to retain Yasser Arafat as a Peace Partner in the Middle East, and labored vigorously to enforce U.N. and Global Governance ideals in American foreign policy. The Cheney-Rice-Rumsfeld trio has recognized international terrorists as being a very real threat to traditional American values, liberty, peace with freedom, and worked meticulously to confront their evil. It seems to me that Europe is more interested in Global Unity, Global Economy, and a Global Religion, than it cares about liberty and peace with freedom!

Giving in to a Palestinian State “First”
Commentary by: Darrell G. Young

Feb. 11
….. Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres is planning on introducing a new document to the Israeli Knessett, at the behest of the European Union that would grant immediate recognition of a new Palestinian State in the areas now controlled by the PA. French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine proposed the outline of a plan that calls for the immediate declaration of a Palestinian state and Palestinian elections, even before a cease-fire is reached in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, and Shimon Peres will now promote it the Knessett. Arafat spokesman Nabil Abu Rdainah called the EU statement "a positive step in support of the peace process

. The EU-Peres political strategy in essence will reward Yasser Arafat for launching the Intifada, and for persisting in his terrorist activities. The EU plan essentially undermines the welfare of the nation of Israel, and the U.S. position with regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and its overall relationship to the War on Terrorism!

With the recent acquisition of Kasem-1 and Kasem-2 rockets from Iran, the PA now has within its arsenal the wherewithal to attack every Israeli city. As the recent Iranian weapons shipment exhibits, the establishment of a Palestinian State in the West Bank would create yet another hostile entity on Israel's immediate border. The granting of statehood to the PLO would legally prohibit Israel from confiscating weapons bound for the new state of Palestine! The Trojan Horse scenario pursued by Yasser Arafat would be complete! Statehood for Palestine was supposed to be a negotiated result of a successful Israeli-Palestinian accord, which would have satisfied Israel's security concerns. Those legitimate security concerns are now deemed null and void by the EU measure. In essence, Yasser Arafat is being given the privilege to wage open warfare against Israel, by the Europeans.

Rumors Flying About Secret Deal for Palestine

Feb. 11
…..There are rumors throughout the Middle East and much of the world today about the possibility of the soon recognition of a Palestinian State by Israel. The rumored agreement can be spelled out as follows:

1. Israel must accept recognition of a Palestinian state within the bordesr of June 4, 1967 according to UN resolution 242.

2. Arafat must accept a temporary capital for the Palestinian state in Ramallah in the first phase, to be followed by negotiations concerning Jerusalem and the transfer of Israel's religious sovereignty to the Palestinian authority on the al-Aqsa mosque.

3. Freezes the return of the refugees for five years and a partial dismantling for the Israeli settlements.

( Yasser Arafat is to dismember the Hamas and the Islamic Jihad terror cells and to arrest the Palestinian activists,before bargaining begins on the Eastern part of Jerusalem becoming a capital for the Palestinian state. )

Note: There is absolutely nothing about Security for Israel in this proposal!

EU Promoting Plan for Palestinian State

Feb. 11
….European Union foreign ministers are criticizing the United States' Mid-east policies and offered their own blueprint for reviving the peace talks. The EU envisions the creation of a Palestinian state that would be recognized by Israel and admitted to the United Nations, prior to the resumption of negotiations. The United States has balked at the EU proposition so far, saying the emphasis should placed on Arafat cracking down on terror first. The EU comments reflect the growing divisions between Washington and the EU over the controversy surrounding whether Yasser Arafat is still relevant to the negotiating process. The differences over the Mid-east regard what European leaders have increasingly expressed concern over U.S. foreign policy, particularly what they call a simplistic, go-it-alone approach in the war on terrorism. The creation of a Palestinian state must be the "starting point of a negotiating process," French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine said. Under the blueprint, the Palestinians would hold elections, then a state would be declared, recognized by Israel and given membership in the United Nations. Negotiations for a final Mid-east settlement would follow.

Iran Calls for Death to America!

Feb. 11
….Tens of thousands of Iranians took to the streets in Tehran in a massive show of defiance against the United States, and marking the 23rd anniversary of the Iranian revolution of 1979.

Leaders across the political spectrum compelled upon the Iranian people to demonstrate their opposition to the US following President George Bush's denunciation of Iran as part of an "axis of evil". President Mohammad Khatami said, "This year, despite insults to the great Iranian nation and the trumped up charges against it, the Iranian nation has commemorated the anniversary of its revolt. We call for the destruction of the Great Satan, the USA. ( The U.S. has in reality been under attack from the Muslim Empire since 1979. )


Palestinian Youths Kill Israeli Woman

Feb. 9
….Knife wielding Palestinian youths killed a woman in an attack on Israelis in a popular Jerusalem tourist spot on Friday. The attackers stabbed to death a 24-year-old Israeli woman in the Forest of Peace in south Jerusalem. The assailants were 14-year-old Arab youths from Jerusalem. The attack took place near the Haas Promenade, a tourist site famous for its view of Jerusalem's Old City. Meanwhile in Gaza's Jabalya refugee camp, Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi, the Hamas Muslim spiritual leader, reaffirmed to a 10,000-strong crowd the "martyrs-in-waiting" would continue attacks against Israel. He further stated that "killing for the sake of God wipes out sins." "Go and wipe out your sins as martyrs," he told the cheering crowd. Also he told the Palestinian people that there was no alternative to Yasser Arafat as their leader.

Note: Wipe out your sins by killing people? It seems to me that this ideal is the exact opposite from, “Thou Shalt not Kill”! Why is it that Hamas and all the terrorist cells in the West Bank insist that Arafat is the only option for Palestinian leadership? Perhaps Arafat is the terrorists terrorist.

Cheney's Mideast Trip is Ominous,

Feb. 8
….Vice President Cheney will visit Israel and eight Arab countries next month in a tour of the Middle East. It is in reality a humiliating setback for Secretary of State Colin Powell and likely to signal a step forward in U.S. preparations to use military force against Iraq and possibly even Iran. Cheney's new initiative to the region, appears already designed to intensify pressure on Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat. Cheney will not be meeting with Arafat.

It is also a humiliation for Colin Powell. Powell has advocated a mild approach to the whole Middle East situation, and defended Yasser Arafat. Cheney, is far tougher on confronting the Palestinians, Iraq and Iran than Powell. Although Cheney has kept a low public profile on Middle East issues, sources say he is strongly sympathetic to the positions of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Cheney's planned trip is also significant because it will be his first foreign trip since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. The V.P. became a virtual "recluse emergency president in hiding", while Secretary Powell visited the Arab world. Unlike Sec. Powell, Cheney is not known for any diplomatic subtleties, a soft-spoken approach or political dealings. He is a tough, no nonsense, deliberate figure. Arab diplomats should expect that his trip is intended to knock heads together and seek to pressure reluctant moderate Arab leaders to support U.S. military strikes against Iraq or Iran, or both, as well as to step up pressure on Arafat.

Note: Many military analysts anticipate that the U.S. will strike its next targets in the War on Terror by May. Israel will be notified of such a scenario, relative to the outcome of this trip.

Arafat 'forgives' Sharon

Feb. 8
….Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat told Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon he "forgave" him, and urged him to return to the negotiating table. "A leader must know how to forgive, and I forgive Sharon. From the bottom of my heart, I send him this message: Please, Sharon, let us go back to the negotiating table." Arafat said he did not fear the Israeli tanks that have effectively imprisoned him in his West Bank headquarters of Ramallah since December 3. "I am not afraid of the tanks ... I, Yasser Arafat, am one of the few Arab generals to have never suffered military defeat, and nobody will vanquish me. "The ball is in the Israeli court ... We are ready to resume negotiations where we left off. Sharon has stuck to his hard line of refusing to negotiate before a period of absolute calm and recently told the press he regretted not killing Arafat during Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon.

Sharon and Bush Discuss Conflict

Feb. 8
….President George W. Bush welcomed Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to the Oval Office of the White House yesterday. Political analysts said Mr. Sharon had won valuable confirmation from Bush of U.S. support for Israel, but the White House meeting accomplished very little to add momentum to what many regard as a campaign to eventually force Arafat from power. Aides to Yasser Arafat dismiss suggestions that Arafat will be ousted from power by Palestinians. They say Arafat's support among Palestinians has grown since he has been confined to the West Bank city of Ramallah. "President Arafat is the elected Palestinian President. The democratic choice of the Palestinian people must be respected, Palestinian cabinet minister Saeb Erekat said. Sharon has said Israel could keep Arafat bottled up in Ramallah for years. The European Union, however, has stepped up pressure on Israel to let Arafat go and has slammed what it sees as Washington's one-sided policy. President Bush, however promised to keep up the pressure on Arafat to deal with terrorism. ( Note: It is high time that the Palestinian people realize that Arafat is only using the Palestinian people. He offers them nothing but continued economic ruin, and destruction. )

Arafat's Last Gasp
Commentary by: Joseph Farah ( provided by World-net)

Yasser Arafat is like a deadly version of the Energizer bunny , he keeps going and going and going, and lying and lying and lying. Whenever you think he's finished, he just resorts to his tried-and-tested technique of claiming to be a peacemaker, despite all the years of evidence to the contrary. As Israel and the West finally seem to catch on to his duplicitous games, his latest effort at rehabilitating his severely tarnished image is an opinion piece in the New York Times last Sunday, in which he lays out "the Palestinian vision." "I condemn the attacks carried out by terrorist groups against Israeli civilians," he says.

How many times have we heard Arafat and his henchmen make similar statements when their political backs are against the wall? The truth is the overwhelming number of recent terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens were not perpetrated by Hezbollah or Hamas – they were carried out by Arafat's own Fatah Tanzim militia members. In Arabic he praises the terrorists as "martyrs." He has taken no meaningful steps to curb the violence. His handpicked mufti in Jerusalem continues to call for the complete destruction of Israel in his Friday sermons!

Iran Will Have Nuclear Bomb by 2005

Feb. 8
…..Israel is expecting that Iran will have a nuclear bomb by the year 2005. Israel warned President Bush of the dangerous combination of terror and nuclear weapons, including indications that the al-Qaeda network blamed for the September 11 terror attacks and the Iranian-backed Hezbollah of Lebanon were joining forces. Iranian leader Khamenei has openly advocated that Iran use its nuclear weapons on Israel, eliminating Israel from the Middle East once and for all, even if it has to take a hit from Israel itself.

War on Terror Shifting to Lebanon, Iran?

Feb. 8
….U.S. military forces are preparing for a major operation in Lebanon to capture or kill one of Osama bin Laden's top operatives, according to military and intelligence sources. Abu Zubeidah, one of bin Laden's top lieutenants and a candidate to be his successor, has been spotted hiding in Lebanon by Israeli military intelligence. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon rushed the news to President Bush. Since then, American troops, including special forces, have been pouring into Turkey, Israel and Jordan, preparing a major operation to throw a net over Zayan al-Abdeen Mohammed Hussein, better known as Abu Zubeidah. Not far away lurk Iranian Revolutionary Guard units posted in South Lebanon, and in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley. However, the United States has quietly warned Tehran and Damascus that they will feel the full power of American military might if their men raise a finger to help Zubeidah evade capture. Military sources report the American admonition to Tehran was blunt, spelling out threats of reprisals against Iranian military targets in Lebanon and beyond. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak dispatched Egyptian intelligence chief General Omar Suleiman to Ramallah Tuesday to caution Arafat severely on Washington's behalf of the peril he will incur if his security and intelligence forces interfere to save Zubeidah. The al-Qaida operative's whereabouts and Iran's complicity in his escape were passed on to Bush before he delivered his State of the Union Address Jan. 29. It was one of the factors leading him to include Iran in his "axis of evil." . The top al-Qaida man was given safe passage through Iran and was made welcome for several days on the Iranian island of Kish near the Straits of Hormuz, the same island from which the Karin-A took on its contraband of arms cargo for the Palestinians. Zubeideh has since reached Lebanon aboard yet another of the arms ships plying the clandestine Iranian sea route ferrying weapons to terrorist end-users around Israel.

Since mid-December, those vessels have smuggled arms to the Hezbollah in Lebanon, to Palestinians in Jordan plotting against the life of King Abdullah II, and to the Palestinian Authority in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. The route was partially suspended by the capture of the Karine-A.

Washington sources also say U.S. strategic planners are weighing the following bits of information:

  • Iran and Iraq have secretly agreed to jointly extend military aid to the Palestinian Authority and the Hezbollah.

  • Saddam Hussein has agreed to Iranian arms transports transiting Iraqi airspace to reach Syrian airfields.

  • Those same planes will also transport fighting men, including hundreds of al-Qaida partisans stranded in Iran to confront Israel.

  • Syrian President Bashar Assad has agreed to allow Iranian cargo planes stopping off in Damascus en route to Lebanon. He has also consented to the smuggling of parts of those weapons and human shipments into the West Bank, through the Golan frontier of northern Israel. Syria's assistance has made it possible for Iran, Iraq and the Palestinians to substitute a functioning arms-smuggling air corridor for their immobilized sea route.

  • Saudi Arabia has offered to put up cash for the enterprise through private foundations.

  • While Arafat keeps on insisting in U.S. and European television interviews that he has no military ties with Iran, American and Israeli intelligence have discovered he has set up an operational command center to coordinate Palestinian military operations with Tehran and Baghdad.

Israel Will not sit-out War if Iraq Attacks

Feb. 8
….With the specter of a possible US offensive against Iraq looming, Israeli Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer told US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld yesterday that Israel would strike back this time if Iraqi President Saddam Hussein again launched missiles at Israel. In 1991, under American pressure, Israel agreed not to retaliate against Iraq when it bombarded Tel Aviv with Scud missiles. And Ben-Eliezer said that unlike during the Gulf War, when Saddam Hussein unleashed conventional Scud missiles on Tel Aviv, this time he believes the missiles could be equipped with chemical or biological weapons.

The Revolving Door Policy Continues

Feb. 7
….Yasser Arafat, while denouncing terrorism in the New York Times, and sending U.S. President Bush a letter promising to fulfill his commitment to harness terrorists in the West Bank, today released every single jailed Hamas and Islamic Jihad detainee within PA confinement. One day after admitting to President Bush that he would take full responsibility for the Karine A weapons shipment, Arafat also gave the green light to a sequence of terror attacks in Israel to coincide with Ariel Sharon's trip to Washington to meet the President. In an interview with MSNBC yesterday, Arafat stated that he did not condone terrorism, but in a speech in Ramallah today after releasing the senior operatives of Hamas, he inflamed the crowd with rhetoric demanding that the Intifada continue on to Jerusalem, and called for an additional million suicide martyr's.

Note: What a Peace maker? What a peace-partner? Arafat's philosophy is for everyone else to relent, or appease him, or he will find someone to kill you.

Bush Urges Americans to Pray

Feb. 7
….President Bush, speaking today at the National Prayer Breakfast urged Americans of all faiths to turn to prayer as they struggle through "our national time of testing" after the terrorist attacks. Bush said religious faith teaches tolerance, humility and the value of community service, all of which are needed to recover from Sept. 11 and vanquish terrorism. We have all been witnesses, these past 21 weeks, to the power of faith to see us through the hurt and loss that has come on to the country. "There will be hardships ahead. And faith will not make our path easy, but it will gives us strength for the journey," Bush said. Bush's national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, offered the closing prayer at the breakfast. "In this time of testing for our nation, my family and I have been blessed by prayer from countless Americans," Bush said. "We have felt their sustaining power."

Iraq and Iran will make U.S. Suffer

Feb. 7
…..Iranian Islamic Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned the United States on Iran would make it regret any attack on the Islamic Republic. The Iranian nation will not initiate an attack because we believe that seeking hegemony is as bad as accepting it," said Khamenei, whose powers include that of commander-in-chief of Iran's armed forces.. "But whoever threatens the interests of the Iranian nation or attacks this nation, the answer of the Iranian nation will be harsh and make them regret! U.S. officials have accused Iran of giving refuge to fleeing al Qaeda fighters. America is hated of all nations, "It is not just the Iranian nation, but all nations all around the world hate you, you are hated in Latin America, all over Asia and even in Europe." "Death to America, death to Israel," chanted the Iranian officers, squatting and kneeling before the black-turbaned Khamenei at his headquarters in Tehran. Enmity towards the United States and Israel is a cornerstone of belief for the Islamic Republic, which emerged after the 1979 revolution toppled the U.S.-backed shah. Iraqi Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan warned the United States that its “dirty” policies could prompt a retaliation even worse than the September 11 terror attacks on New York and Washington. Since Sept. 11, the Americans have further aggravated and antagonized the rest of the world with thier dirty policies of always supporting Israel,” Ramadan said. “If things continue like this, I believe that America will draw an even stronger backfire. Something more terrible than Sept. 11 will happen. “It would be a very, very tough response!

Note: These nations say they have nothing to do with terror, but yet they seem to be fully in tune with the powers, that launched the evil attacks of September 11, and seem to be totally aware of the terrorist plans of retaliation. Could it be that these nations are the conspirators, or masterminds of the veiled terrorist enemy? ( Russia-China and the EU keep criticizing the Bush Administration for defending America against the hidden Axis of Terror )

Ariel Sharon Meeting President Bush

Feb. 6
….Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is travelling to Washington today for a meeting with U.S. President George W. Bush, their fourth since Bush took office slightly more than a year ago.

The talks with Bush are likely to focus on Israel's next moves with the Palestinians, the threat from Iran, Syria's support for terror, and the next step in Bush's war on terrorism. Prime Minister Sharon is also expected to suggest ways to increase international pressure on Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat. But the subject of mounting Iranian influence in Lebanon, and the presence of Revolutionary Guards and thousands of missiles supplied to the Hezbollah by Tehran, now appears to be most urgent item of business. The tentacles Iran is sending in Israel's direction through support for the Hezbollah and Palestinian terror groups, as well as the effort to send arms to the Palestinian Authority via various weapons ships, has inflamed a great deal of anxiety in Israel. Iran's continuing efforts to develop its nuclear program is also a concern for Israel. Iran recently warned Israel that an attack on its nuclear facility at the Persian Gulf city of Bushre would result in Armageddon type consequences.

Meanwhile, the European Union is at loggerheads over the support the Bush Administraation is giving Prime Minister Sharon. French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine said that the EU does not support the Middle East policy of the White House, saying "We think it is a mistake to blindly accept the policy of pure repression of the Palestinians being conducted by Ariel Sharon.”

Hizbollah Calls Bush “Great Satan”

Feb. 5
….Hizbollah leader Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Naeem Kassem told a rally. Sunday, that U.S. President Bush is the "Great Satan" and dismissed U.S. accusations that the Lebanese guerrilla group is a "terrorist" organization. "Bush is faithful to Satan, is his devotee, and is thirsty for killing, blood and aggression, Kassem said. "The evil of Bush, the Great Satan, is not limited to our region but includes the world," said Kassem. Lebanese Culture Minister Ghassan Salameh said, "We must work seriously in the coming weeks to set out and formulate a unified Arab position regarding the Great Satan." The United States has long deemed Syrian and Iranian-backed Hizbollah, which helped drive Israel out of south Lebanon after a 22-year occupation, a "terrorist" organization and has asked the Lebanese government to freeze the group's assets. ( The Lebanon leadership are proxy leaders under Syria-Iran )

A United Nations of Major Religions?

Feb. 5
….The World Economic Forum organizer's readily admit that the biggest challenge the global system faces today is "The Arab-Islamic problem". Privately, they believe that Islam can and must be absorbed into the amorphous "Universal Community”. The forum revived an idea s first launched by the late King Hassan of Morocco in conjunction with UNESCO in 1998. The idea was to create a kind of "United Nations of Religions" with an organ like the Security Council whose task would be to prevent religion from being used for militant political purposes. The idea will soon be discussed by a number of religious figures from the main monotheistic faiths. Several Vatican grandees including the Nigerian-born Cardinal Arinze, tapped as a future Pope, will represent Christianity along with the retiring Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Carey and Batholomew I the Orthodox patriarch of Constantinople. Israel's Chief Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, Britain's Chief Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Sachs and Peter Stoerdijk, who heads the movement of liberal Jews in Europe, will represent Judaism. To represent Islam, the forum invited Dr. Zaki Badawi, a British Muslim, Dr. Abdullah Omar Naseef, who presides over the World Muslim Congress in Saudi Arabia and Kamal Al-Sharif, who is secretary-general of the Jordanian Council of Dawa. Organizers also invited Iran to send a scholar to represent the Shiite version of Islam, but the Iranian Majlis objected to the presence of Jewish leaders on the panel.

The key thesis of the panel is that since Judaism, Christianity and Islam share the same origins they should coordinate their efforts in promoting the values of monotheism throughout the world and work out common strategies to combat such evils as war, injustice, too much sexual freedom and aggressive capitalism.

Note: A One-World-Religion? Where have I heard about that before? ( Rev. 13 and 17 )

Arafat's 'Duplicity' Documented On Video

Feb. 5
….While Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat reiterated his commitment to Middle East peace in a New York Times opinion piece over the weekend, two compelling new video documentaries using footage from Palestinian television and other sources suggest he is employing a strategy of saying one thing while doing another. "Israel and the War of Images" and "The Trojan Horse," both produced in France show Arafat and his spokesmen, clerics and negotiators revealing that peace negotiations with Israel are part of a strategy leading ultimately and inevitably to the destruction of the Jewish state. The video documentaries include clips from 1994 through 1999 of the top Palestinian spokesmen all candidly explaining this strategy to Arabic audiences. All of the comments were made after the signing of the Oslo Accords in which Arafat pledged to renounce violence against Israel and to promote mutual respect between the negotiating parties.

Lebanon Blames US Support for Israel

Feb. 5
….Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri stated that the US' continuous support for Israel prevents an achievement of peace in the region. Hariri stated the US is giving Israel a green light to continue her policy of destruction, and blocking any chance of peace in the area. The Lebanese Prime Minister was responding to media reports claiming that Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network was trying to transfer its operations from Afghanistan to Lebanon.

Hariri also scorned another media report suggesting there were Hezbullah terrorist camps in Lebanon's eastern Bekaa valley. Hariri accused Israel of being behind the smear campaign. Hariri also said the United States was antagonizing its Arab allies by its blind support for Israel against the Palestinians.

U.S. Focusing on Terror in West Bank

….The next stage of the U.S.-Israeli strategy for containing Palestinian terrorism will cut off Yasser Arafat from the wherewithal for building up, replenishing and arming his militias and terror groups. The United States is focusing on stemming the tide of weapons to the Middle East supplied by the "axis of evil".( Iran, Iraq and North Korea ) These nations are the chief suppliers of weapons to Syria, Hezbollah, and now the al-Qaida fighters sheltered in Lebanon and Syria. Hamas, Jihad Islami and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Arafat's own Fatah, Tanzim, al Aqsa Brigades and presidential guard, Force 17, have not been formally listed, but they are being put on notice by President Bush. The United States is already finishing building new bases and is deploying units required for throwing a naval and air blockade around the eastern Mediterranean shoreline, the east coast of Africa, the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. It is designed to seal off routes for transferring Palestinian, Hezbollah and al-Qaida fighting strength from Lebanon and the Persian Gulf to the Gaza Strip and West Bank. It is also intended to stymie the Palestinians' supplies of war materials from Lebanon, the Balkans, Iran and the Persian Gulf.

Israel and the United States held a large joint exercise last month deploying the Arrow and Patriot missile defense systems. The exercise played the "Iraqi scenario" in which Iraq fires surface-to-surface Scud missiles at Israeli population centers in retaliation to the American attacks. Hundreds of soldiers from the U.S. Army's anti-aircraft units based in Europe came to Israel for the drill. President George Bush's recent comments may signal that Iraq will be the next target in the American war on terrorism. Israel believes America will warn the Israeli military of its plans for Iraq. The U.S. would also deploy Patriot missile batteries around Israel. Last month's exercise included a simulation of Scud missiles being fired at Israel, and an Israeli-American effort to intercept them using a combination of Arrow and Patriot systems

Iran Working Hard to Attack Israel

Feb. 5
….Jordan's King Abdullah presented U.S. President Bush evidence of Iran's involvement in 17 separate attempts to perpetrate an attack against Israel from Jordan involving missiles. The attacks were stopped by Jordanian officials. The planned attacks involved Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists in Jordan, and Hizbullah forces in southern Lebanon. Recent discoveries of Iran's supply lines to terrorists in the West Bank and Gaza compelled President Bush to include Iran in his Axis of Evil remarks in the State of the Union address.

U.S., British Planes Bomb Iraq
11:00am Feb. 4 bulletin:

Feb. 4….U.S. and British planes patrolling a no-fly zone over northern Iraq bombed Iraqi air defense systems early Monday in response to anti-aircraft fire. It marked the first time U.S. and British planes had bombed Iraq's north since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the U.S. The bombing came amid a rising debate on whether Iraq will be the next target of the U.S. anti-terror campaign.The bombs were dropped after Iraqi forces northeast of Mosul in northern Iraq fired on a routine air patrol. President Bush has demanded that Saddam Hussien admit UN weapons inspectors. Iraq has refused since 1998 to allow U.N. inspectors into the country.

Iran Supply's Hezbollah with 8,000 Missiles

Feb. 4
….Iran has supplied Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon with 8,000 missiles capable of striking Israeli cities. Iran has supplied the Hezbollah terrorist organization with a collection of 8,000 Katyusha missiles with a range of between 20 and 70 kilometers in recent months. Last month, Israel intercepted a ship carrying missiles and other weapons that came from Iran and was bound for the Palestinian Authority. Intelligence information indicates that North Korea supplied Iran with medium-range missiles and that both countries are cooperating in developing an inter-continental missile with a range of 10,000 km (6,000 miles) that could threaten North America. The Hezbullah has been firing anti-aircraft missiles into Northern Israel this week.

World Forum Countries Condemn Bush

Feb. 4
….A strongly-worded resolution condemning the United States for designating Iran, Iraq and North Korea as an “Axis of Evil” and potential targets in the U.S. war on terror, was issued at the World Social Forum in Brazil. The Forum, saying "war is not the way to solve the world's problems, condemned the Bush administration's decision to warn Iran, Iraq, and North Korea, and term them as an "axis of evil," and that the U.S. would hold them under close scrutiny for ties to terror.

U.S. Rejects EU Proposal On Mideast Conflict

Feb. 4
….The United States has rejected a European initiative to convene an International Conference, of the magnitude of the Madrid Middle East Peace Conference ten years ago. The International Conference would be aimed at immediately renewing the political process. The plan would work toward a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, alongside the implementation of security measures to ensure a cease-fire and wage a war on terrorism. European Union representatives Javier Solana and Miguel Moratinos raised the idea of the international conference at a meeting of the "quartet" of international mediators, headed by U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs William Burns. The meeting was attended by representatives of the U.S., the European Union, the United Nations and Russia.

World Economic Forum: US too Beholden to Israel

Feb. 4
….The World Economic Forum meeting in New York City, lambasted America as a smug superpower, too beholden to Israel at the expense of the Muslim world, and inattentive to the needs of poor countries or the advice of allies. About 2,700 corporate and political leaders, clergy and celebrities came to discuss the world's problems, and spent most of its time dissecting US foreign policy, and the US role in breeding terrorism and its potential harms to globalization.

Note:( The world seems to be saying that the U.S. and Israel are responsible for causing terrorists to attack them. ) How absurd can this world get? Too beholden to Israel? Praise God that the U.S. stands in support of God's chosen nation!

King Abdullah tells Bush: Make Israel Recognize Palestinian State

Feb. 4
….King Abdullah in his visit to Washington last week warned President Bush against undermining the legitimacy of Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, who, the King said, is the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinians. We ( Jordan ) declared that the Palestinian Authority, chaired by its elected leader Yasser Arafat, is the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people. “It is the sole party to deal with in regard to the Palestinian issue.” Insisting that there is no substitute for Arafat, the King also said he hopes his efforts will avert a “catastrophe” in the Middle East. In talks with Bush at the Oval Office, he reasserted the importance of a continued US role in the peace process, and urged Washington to intensify efforts to get Palestinians and Israelis back to the negotiating table. The King told Bush that Washington needed to “exert pressure on Israel to make it acknowledge the right of the Palestinian people to establish their independent state on their national soil, with Jerusalem as its capital.”

Note: Why is there no alternative to Yasser Arafat? Why can't the Palestinian people select a new leader if they desired?

China is Furious With President Bush

Feb. 4
….A decision by President Bush to suspend £24 million of United States funding to a United Nations body accused of assisting forced abortions in China is threatening to cloud his visit to Beijing this month. By withholding the money from the UN Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), Mr. Bush has made clear his opposition to China's extreme population control methods. Beijing is furious with Mr. Bush, who is upset by reports implicating the UNFPA in abuses of the one-child policy. The UNFPA is noted for collusion with Chinese officials responsible for forcing women to terminate unauthorized pregnancies. Also, China said Sunday that President Bush's comments calling North Korea, Iran and Iraq an "axis of evil" suggested the United States was preparing the ground for widening its "war on terrorism."

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