Four Palestinians were shot and killed by Israeli police Friday in Jerusalem after being pelted by stones being thrown by Muslim worshippers at the Al-Aqsa mosque. The crowd was gathered there for the usual Friday afternoon prayers by the Islamic Waqf. The crowd of 22,000 were whipped into a frenzied fever by the sermon of the Chief cleric. Consequently the Palestinians began hurling stones down on top of Jews and Israeli police gathered at the Wailing Wall just beneath the Mosque compound. The police charged the mount and shot tear and rubber-coated bullets into the crowd of stone-throwers. Estimates stated that about 90-120 people were injured in the melee.

The Palestinians blamed Ariel Sharon for inciting the incident by visiting the Temple Mount compound the day before and openly demonstrating that the Temple Mount area is under the sole sovereignty of Israel.


The US State Department’s Democracy and Human Rights Division has cited the nation of Israel as an offender of the religious rights of Muslims. The document entitled, “2000 Annual Report on International Religious Freedom”, charges that Israel discriminates against non-Orthodox Jewish groups by inhibiting Muslim pilgrimages to Mecca and Christian access to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Note: It is only Muslims which now enjoy access to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.


Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben Ami says Israel is committed to having a Jewish site on the Temple Mount. He stated that Israel does not seek to dislodge the Islamic presence on the Mount, but that Islam must also come to the realization of a Jewish connection to the Temple Mount.

Note: The future Antichrist will enable Israel to have this presence on the Mount.

Clash erupts on Temple Mount

Former IDF chief and present Likud Party leader Ariel Sharon attempted to visit the Temple Mount sites Thursday. He was met by stone-throwing Palestinian youths chanting Allahu-Akbar, ( Allah is greater ). Israeli police used rubber bullets against the youths to disperse them. The incident was dramatized by both sides to demonstrate the significance of the Temple Mount to each cause. Sharon shouted, “The Temple Mount is in our hands”, to echo the proclamation by IDF forces upon capturing the Old City in 1967; whereupon he was showered with stones.

Note: This incident really reflects that Israel does not enjoy sovereignty on the Mount!

US House of Representatives warns Arafat

The United States House of Representatives voted 385-27 to end all humanitarian aid to Palestine if Yasser Arafat should declare unilateral statehood without a brokered peace agreement with Israel. A Clinton Administration spokesman decried the vote as a complication to the peace process.

Israel approves of UN control on Temple Mount

The Israeli Knesset is entertaining the idea of approving formally the concept of a United Nations supervision of the Temple Mount. Present discussions between lower level diplomats of Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United States are devoting all their efforts at exploring this avenue with Islamic countries. Israel is said to require admission to the UN’s Western European regional block membership before accepting the transfer of sovereignty of the Temple Mount to the UN.

President Clinton awaiting right moment

With last ditch talks presently taking place in Washington, President Clinton is anticipating timing the release of a US peace-bridging proposal to end the Israeli-Arab conflict. The proposal is slated to be Clinton’s last hurrah at forging a peace deal before leaving office. The proposal may seek to make the city of Jerusalem a sub-package deal to be further studied and resolved after current efforts to internationalize the Temple Mount.


International control over Temple Mount

      Israel is considering the potential of a Yasser Arafat proposal to place the Sovereignty of the Temple Mount in the hands of the proposed 10 member UN Security Council; and the Jerusalem Committee of the Islamic Organization. Under this concept, international control of the Temple Mount would fall under the jurisdiction of a 10-nation confederation of overseers, while the Jerusalem Committee would protect Muslim rights on the Temple Mount.

Note: umm! Ten nations controlling Jerusalem, and the whole world? Recently the UN proposed expanding the Security Council to a group of ten. Could this be the arrival of the ten-toes on Daniel’s great image of the Beast? It is worth noting.

United States asks Israel to Share Jerusalem

      In a desperate drive to jumpstart the Middle East Peace negotiations, the Clinton Administration through Ambassador Martin Indyk is calling upon Israel to share the city of Jerusalem. Indyk explained, “there simply is no other solution”. Note: Asking Israel to share something that God gave to them exposes the fact that not only is Israel lacking faith in God; but it also exhibits the fact that the United States is no longer the type of nation that acknowledges the significance of the Bible with regard to conducting buisness with God’s chosen nation.

Temple Mount is central to Peace

      Yehuda Etzion, leader of the Chai V’Kayam movement in Israel stated the obvious recently: The Temple Mount is central to Judaism. It is central to the entire Peace Process. He called upon all observant Jews to show their bonds with the holiest place in the world for Jewish people. He further remarked; “Jews must exhibit the same fervor for their holy sites as do the Muslims for thiers”.

Irag again threatening Kuwait

      The United States, along with other Western nations is once again keeping a careful watch on the Iraqi-Kuwaiti border. Iraq has recently violated Kuwaiti and Saudi Arabian airspace, and has made threats against Kuwait.

Syria’s Bashar Assad urges Russia to get involved

      Syrian President Bashar Assad urged Russia to become more involved in making peace between Israel and Syria. President Assad berailed the Israeli’s because of the lack of concessions made in the Golan dispute. He urged Russia to force the UN Security Council to pressure Israel to comply with UN Resolutions. Note: Syria will meet the end described for her, in Isaiah 17; when she drags Russia into the conflict on the mountains of Israel.

Yasser Arafat warns of new Crisis

      Yasser Arafat warned of a danger crisis in the peacemaking process if Israel does not give in to his demands concerning East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. He accused the Israeli’s of ignoring the Palestinian’s rights to their homeland, their holy shrines, and their Jerusalem. He further remarked that there simply is no history of Jewish presence within the Old City of Jerusalem!

European Union working on Mideast Peace Plan

      The European Union is quietly working on a multi-billion dollar plan to maintain peace and stability in the Middle East region. The goal is to incorporate the Middle East into free trade zone with the EU. The agenda also aims to convey European values such as democracy into the region. The EU plan is being labeled as a European Marshall Plan, whereby Europe would become the great protector of the Middle East.

Kentucky Interfaith Community

      Ronald Sisk, pastor of Crescent Hill Baptist Church condemned the SBC missions board for its efforts to convert Jewish people. Sisk is quoted as saying in the “Baptist press” “I totally reject the historic Baptist doctrine that faith in Jesus Christ is essential for acquiring salvation”. “Salvation comes through many ways, and Judaism is just one of those many ways”. Dr. Sisk further stated, “ I don’t believe any one tradition has an exclusive corner on God:, and I believe in a kind of Cosmic Christ that transcends any name of theology”.

Note: obviously Dr. Sisk has never read John 14:6 ( “I am the way and the truth and the life. No man cometh to the Father but by me”! )

United States proposes dividing the Temple Mount

      President Clinton is proposing the division of the Temple Mount of the old city of Jerusalem into quarters. After conferring with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak last week, the US is promoting the idea of sectioning off the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa mosque in one quarter, the temple mount plaza in a second quarter, the western wall or Wailing wall into a third quarter, and the subterranean portions of the Temple mount into the last quarter.      

Note: Unfortunately the President continues to burden the US with the controversy of Zion! The stone of stumbling, which the Temple Mount represents could become America’s downfall. ( Zechariah 12:2-3 ) ( Isaiah 34:8 )

Palestinians may be ready to accept an International Jerusalem

      Palestinian legislature member Ahmed Qorei says Palestine will consider the internationalization of the city of Jerusalem. Making Jerusalem the capitol of the World, instead of the capitol of either Israel or Palestine may be a workable solution, he said.

He further stated that the controversy of Jerusalem must be setttled to preempt a confrontation between the dark forces of religious fundamentalism and the proponents of a coalition for peace based in Europe and the West.      

Note: The UN called for the internationalization of Jerusalem back in 1947 ( UN Resolution 181 )

UN World Millennium Peace Summit

      More than 1500 world religious leaders gathered at the United Nations this week to attend a meeting of the UN’s “World Peace Summit”. The religious leaders issued a joint statement called the, “Commitment to Global Peace” .     

The Vatican’s Cardinal Arinze, World Muslim Secretary General Abdullah Obaid, and representatives form every religion in the world joined in a theme of unity. Buddhist monk declared, “Every river leads to the ocean, and every religion leads to God”! The statement received a loud standing ovation from the assembled interfaith throng.     

Anne Lotz Graham, daughter of Billy Graham was the lone speaker to suggest to the council of religionists that the only pathway to God ran through Jesus Christ. She was resoundingly booed for her intolerant viewpoint.

President Clinton fails in peace bid

      President Clinton, in New York City for the UN Peace Summit, failed to compel Yasser Arafat to return to Camp David for another round of discussions about Jerusalem. Arafat informed the President that sovereignty on the Temple Mount for Palestine was an absolute non-negotiable subject. He also stated that he was not only the leader of Palestinian rights, but also the defacto leader of the Islamic brotherhood and their rights to the Temple Mount.

UN votes to expand

      The UN Security Council has voted to expand its present 5-nation veto-powered membership to a club of ten. The new UN power brokers would be, Germany, Japan, and a coalition from Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This would give the UN a body of 10 permanent seats exercising authority over the whole world.     

Note: This development could parallel the 10 kings of the last world empire mentioned by Daniel and the Revelation. ( This bares future watching )

Vatican denounces other Christian Churches

      The Vatican issued a doctrinal statement on September 5, 2000 stipulating that the failure of non-Catholic Churches to recognize the authority of the Pope mandates that those churches be officially viewed as “Improper Churches”. The Vatican’s Congregation of the Faith; formerly known as the “ Holy Office of the Inquisition” verified that the Roman Catholic Church is the only proper church within Christianity.     

Note: Amazing is it not that the Pope can find harmony and fellowship with Buddhism, Islam, Shamanism, Witch doctors, Hindu’s, and every other religion in the world; but those fundamental Bible believing Christians outside of Catholicism must be deemed as improper and inappropriate.

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