CIA director George Tenet has submitted a report to President Clinton stating with conclusiveness that PLO authority Yasser Arafat has opted to take the path of violence instead of continuing the path of negotiated peace with Israel. Tenet says, “despite Arafat’s public statements of desiring to reach a peace accord with Israel, the facts on the ground in the Middle East suggest otherwise”. George Tenet informed the White House that the daily attacks throughout the West Bank are endorsed by Arafat himself, through various PLO and Fatah organization leaders.

Note: Israel secret security services had concluded this years ago. President Clinton utilized his political clout to unseat former Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and install Ehud Barak as Prime Minister, because he really believed Arafat seeked peace. The Peace Now proponents in Israel are finding themselves in political disarray over Arafat’s rebuttal of Barak’s gesture’s of compromise at Camp David

Russia ready to back Arab Nations

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated after the Arab League Summit meetings that Moscow was “ready to co-operate” with Arab countries in searching for a solution to the dilemma which Israel was causing in the Middle East! The message sent to Arab leaders gathered at the Cairo meeting, further stated; “Moscow respects the strategic choice of Arab countries in their struggle for peace”.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has requested Russia’s lobbying support in the UN Security Council regarding the issue of the Golan Heights.

Note: Russia is preparing herself for the Ezekiel 38 and 39 prophetic destiny!

Arafat’s Statehood Declaration is Imminent

While the whole world continues to observe the everyday street battles between Palestinian youths of the Tanzim paramilitary brigade, and Israeli Defense forces, another ominous cloud hangs just over the horizon. The oft postponed date for Palestinian Statehood is tentatively scheduled for November 15. Israel has forewarned Arafat not to declare unilateral statehood without signing a peace agreement with Israel first.

Note: Arafat and his minions have intentionally orchestrated the street chaos in the West Bank, to bring international pressure upon Israel from acting to inhibit a proclamation of Palestinian Statehood. The UN condemnation of Israel for using excessive force against Palestinian teens was just the public personna that Mr. Arafat wanted at this time.

Arafat Tells Barak to go to Hell

Yasser Arafat responded to the announcement of Israel Prime Minister Barak calling a “time-out” in the Peace process; by saying; “Barak can go to Hell”.

Note: What a peace partner! Mr. Arafat’s true intentions are displayed by his own words!


Middle East is Biggest Buyer of Weapons

The Middle East region is the runaway leader for purchasing new and more sophisticated military weapons systems. Saudi Arabia is the largest single purchaser of weapons at the tune of 5.3 billion dollars worth. Israel purchased 1.5 billion dollars in new military technology and hardware last year, with Iran, and Egypt each spending a billion each on new military hardware.

The top seller of these weapons to all countries is the United States. The USA accounted for 50% of weapon market in the Middle East. Great Britain, France, Russia, China, and Korea make up the remaining 50% of weapons suppliers.

Note: Isn’t it ironic that the discussion of Peace in this region always seems to lead to the re-supplying of each Middle Eastern country with more weapons.

Iran calls for the Extermination of the Zionist State

Iranian supreme religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khammenei on October 20 called for the total eradication of the state of Israel. He called upon the Arab leaders that are gathering at the Arab League Summit in Cairo, Egypt to join in one force to clean the holy city of Al Quds ( Jerusalem ) of the Zionist infiltrators.

He stated; “the only way to ever end the current crisis in the Middle East is to uproot the imperialist Zionist cancer from their region.”

Speaking before a crowd of 100,000 Iranian Muslims; Ayatollah Khamenei proclaimed that the Arab League needs to support the Palestinian Martyrs by bringing death upon all of Israel.

Hezbullah calls for Arab Leaders to join “Holy War” on Israel

The Lebanese militant terrorist organization Hezbullah issued a Plea for Arab league leaders to open their borders with Israel to Allow Arab allied forces to carry a “Holy Jihad” to the interior of Israel in defense of Palestine.

Hezbullah further demanded that the Arab League break off all diplomatic, trade, economic, and peace initiatives with Israel.

US asks Syria to Reign in Hezbullah

US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the Saudi Arabian city of Riyadh to discuss Syrian influence with the Hezbullah terrorist organization operating in South Lebanon. The meeting was hastily arranged following the Egyptian Sharm el-Sheik Summit meetings. Israel has warned Syria about the taking of Israeli hostages, and that Israel will hold Syria responsible for these kidnappings.

Hezbullah has captured a number of IDF soldiers, and one civilian in recent weeks. Assad indicated that Syria was working to enhance a strong Arab front to confront threats from Israel, and to oppose American support for Israel against the Palestinians. Note: ( Syria, Iran, and Iraq are competing with Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia for manipulation of the Palestinian dilemma with Israel. )

Egypt May Hold The key to Mid-East Wars

Egypt currently receives 1.3 billion dollars in American foreign aid and numerous benefits from the USA through technology, information, trade, and other international associations. President Hosni Mubarak’s regime in Egypt, although sympathetic to Arab issues concerning Israel and Jerusalem is highly dependent on American aid. Egypt is generally considered to be the strongest Arab military in the region, and is a key to any successful potential Arab attempts to confront Israel on the battlefield.

Other Arab nations of the Middle East detest Egypt’s financial dependence upon the United States, and some of those nations seek to supplant Egypt at the military forefront capability of confronting Israel in combat. The Sharm el-Sheik summit meetings, held in Egypt, are viewed in the Arab world as American domination over Egypt. It is worth noting that the US canceled Egypt’s entire foreign debts to the US, prior to the Persian Gulf War to gain Egypt’s inclusion into the US-led coalition against Iraq.

Note: Egypt was most reluctant to host the recent summit Sharm el-Sheik Summit.

Israel Captures Eight of the Palestinian Lynchmob

Israeli Intelligence agents secretly entered the West Bank city of Ramallah and abducted eight of the video-taped partakers in the lynch-style killing of the two Israeli army reservists on October 11th. The suspects were brought back to Jerusalem to stand trial. The eight suspects were identified on an Italian television video-tape recorded on the scene. Israeli officials have promised to track down all the perpetrators of the lynching.

Note: The trial of these individuals will not play well with the Palestinians. The killers are viewed as heroes on the streets of PA controlled areas.

Sharm el-Sheik Nets a Ceasefire

The Sharm el-Sheil summit meeting has resulted in an Agreement between Israel and Palestine to bring about an end to the violent confrontations that have been ongoing for the past couple of weeks. President Clinton, and UN Secretary General Kofi Anan announced the details of the cease-fire agreement, in which each side will enforce measures aimed at reducing tension between their positions.

Note: The Middle East peace Process was tabled for later discussion.


Arafat Declares War On Israel

After an Israeli helicopter response raid on Gaza this morning, Yasser Arafat has openly declared war on Israel! Israeli helicopter gun-ships strafed the Gaza compound of Yasser Arafat in a retaliatory response to the killing of two Israeli soldiers in Ramallah.

Yasser Arafat has called upon the Muslim nations of the Middle East to Join forces in support of Palestine to exterminate Israel!

The Pope Offers to host a Middle East Peace Summit

Former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres has reported that Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Angelo Sodano at the behest of Pope John Paul II has authorized the availability of the Papacy to host the urgent Mid-east peace Summit planned to resolve the ongoing dilemma in the Israeli-Palestinian uprising. The POPE asked all the leaders of the world to come to Rome and try to fashion a pathway back to dialogue in order to rediscover the pathway to Peace in the Middle East. The POPE indicated that all religions must come together to rediscover a way to share the SAME GOD!

Note: The Antichrist will ultimately emerge in Rome, and appear on the world scene with a dramatic formula for crafting PEACE!

Arafat Scoffs at Barak’s deadline reversal

Yasser Arafat mockingly scoffed at Ehud Barak’s latest attempt to sidestep a confrontation between Israel and the Palestinians. When informed of Barak’s extension of the deadline for an end to violence and a return to consultations, Arafat responded with derision; by saying, “another warning, after another warning, after another warning. He said Barak’s gestures were empty and did not intimidate him.

Barak backtracks on Ultimatum

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak has reversed his position on preconditions to a Mid-east Summit meeting to discuss bringing about a cease-fire to the Palestinian uprising. Previously, Mr. Barak had issued a 48 hour ultimatum to Yasser Arafat to quell the violence or Israel would consider the Peace Process dead and begin to take steps to enforce its own security.

Barak stated that he now will consider attending a Mid-east summit simply to exhibit the Israeli resolve to exhaust all potential avenues for a peaceful end to the conflict.

Note: The Israeli government is feeling immense pressure from all around the world to abstain from aggravating the situation. Meanwhile, Arafat seems to be contented with utilizing the present situation to isolate Israel from world support. The only thing that seems to hold the Middle East away from the abyss of war is Israel’s willingness to walk many extra miles to get along with her Arab neighbors.

Note: This whole dilemma is solely intertwined with the sovereignty of the Temple Mount!

Israel Rejects U.S Summit Proposal

Israel has rejected President Clinton’s proposal for a Middle East Emergency Summit Meeting. Israel is demanding that Arafat first issue a call to the Tanzim organization of Palestinian youth to cease its attacks. Further, Israel demands that Arafat start to live up to the peace partnership that was accorded to him by Barak.

Note: The U.S role in the Middle East Peace Process is dead!

Israel Prepares For War

Israel has moved special commando units, helicopter gunships, and tanks into positions on two fronts in Israel. The Lebanon border is viewed as the most serious area of attention. Tanks have been moved into prominent positions around Jerusalem, and throughout various vantage points in the Palestinian controlled areas of the West Bank.

Israeli Prime Minister Barak has warned Syria that it needs to reign in the Hezbullah terrorists attacks or face a full retaliatory response from Israel Defense Forces.

UN Secretary General Anan visits Israel UN’s Secretary General Kofi Anan has visited Israeli Prime Minister Barak in an attempt to defuse the Middle East crisis. He will meet later in Cairo, Egypt with Hosni Mubarak to try to bring about an easing of tension between Israel and Palestine. President Clinton is hoping for a Mid-East summit later in the week to quell the uprising and get back to talking about peace.

United Nations Condemns Israel

The United Nations Security Council on Saturday, October 7th voted to condemn Israel for the latest escalation of violence between Palestinian stone throwers and the Israeli police. The 15 member council voted 14-0 with one abstention to blame Israel for inciting the violence by reacting too strongly against the rioting Palestinian youth.

President Clinton decided to abstain from vetoing the declaration out of a fear of losing trust among Arab nations in the Peace Process.

Note: Our President still doesn’t get it! Arafat has never wanted peace! He only wants what he can get for nothing. Israel has given all that it could possibly give for peace, but Arafat has given nothing. He wants all of Jerusalem.

Barak’s Ultimatum will go unheeded

The 48 hour ultimatum issued by Israeli Prime Minister Barak to Yasser Arafat to end the violence by Palestinian mobs has gone by without any effort by Arafat to whisper any wish for it to cease. Israeli leaders are finally finding out that the Middle East Peace Process is nothing but a sham!


A Palestinian Day of Rage

Palestinian worshippers engaged in a “day of rage” in Jerusalem today after the Friday Al Aqsa mosque sermon by chief Temple Mount cleric Feisal Husseini.

The sermon by the Waqf again fueled the actions of the throng of youth. The sermon given at the traditional friday afternoon prayer service went as follows:

“Oh Moslems of the world, unite under the name of Allah, the most high God, and Mohammad the most worthy prophet of Allah. We must rise up to repel the Zionist invaders from our Noble Sanctuary! Haram al-Shariff must be defended from the Jewish butchers and pigs that defile our holy city! We should be throwing stones at the infidel worshippers below our sacred place. We should have Arab leaders to eradicate the Zionist state. We need to pray to Allah to proclaim the Holy Jihad against Israel. We call upon our youth to attack them in the streets, and upon our Muslim brothers to remove them from our land!”

Arafat refuses to sign cease-fire agreement

The hastily called meeting in Paris, France between US Secretary of State, Barak, Arafat, and UN leader Kofi Anan Failed to get Arafat’s signature to a cease-fire. Arafat angrily stormed out of the meeting heading for his car with Ms. Albright hastily in pursuit begging him to return to the meeting.

The planned meeting in Cairo did not result in a formal pact to bring the Israel-Palestinian uprising to a halt. UN Secretary General Anan described the conditions as being close to all-out war.

Saddam Hussein Threatens Israel Again

Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein says that his nation could wipe Israel off the face of the map if he were allowed access to land adjacent to the Jewish state. Iraq fired 39 scud missiles into Israel during the Gulf war of 1991. Hussein appeared on Iraqi television banging his fists on a table criticising the Arabs for not doing enough to exterminate the Zionist pigs in the Palestinian territories. He called for Holy Jihad to liberate Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

More Palestinians die in Temple Mount aftermath

Fifty-two Palestinians have thus far been killed in the aftermath of the contentious visit to the Temple Mount by Likud Party leader Ariel Sharon. The incident is being portrayed by the world media as being the cause for the bloody battles that have been occurring in Gaza, Jerusalem, and other West Bank towns. In reality, the ongoing gun battles between Israeli police-IDF forces, and the Palestinians have been carefully orchestrated by political interests. Muslim clerics have incited the youth of Palestine into an aggressive state of frenzy by spewing forth their fiery sermons calling for the defense of Al-Quds. The sad consequence of a young 12 year old Palestinian boy caught in the crossfire gun battle between IDF forces and Palestinian snipers has elevated the spirit of martyrdom among Palestinians in an all out struggle to acquire Jerusalem for Allah. Chants of “Allahu Akbar” go forth from the lips of the stone-wielding teenagers. A political statement for cease-fire has not as yet officially come forth from any Palestinian Authority leader. Yasser Arafat and Israeli leader Ehud Barak are slated to meet in Paris, France with US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and UN Secretary General Kofi Anan to arrange a cease-fire, and re-institute an atmosphere for the peace talks.

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