Arafat Rejects Clinton’s Bridging Proposals

Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat has officially rejected the latest bridging proposals by Israeli negotiators and President Clinton. The proposals for resolving the stalemated Middle East Peace Process were the most far reaching overtures for peace that Israel has ever considered. The Clinton sponsored proposal would have granted East Jerusalem and the sacred Temple Mount to the sovereignty of the Palestinian state in lieu of the acceptance by Palestine of limited quotas for resettling Palestinian refugees.

Note: Israel has given away 95% of the West Bank to Arafat, and offered him basically everything he could possibly want, yet there will be no peace agreement. What is it that Arafat now wants? He has always wanted war to eliminate Israel altogether! He has only utilized the Peace Process to implement that war from a stronger position.

Terrorist Bombings Kills Israelis in Gaza and Tel Aviv

Two Israeli soldiers were killed in a Gaza road attack while dozens more were injured in a downtown Tel Aviv bus attack. The bombings were obviously timed to inhibit the planned meeting between Barak and Arafat to consider President Clinton’s peace proposals. The meeting never materialized, and Mr. Arafat has already forwarded a letter to Clinton refusing the latest bridging proposals. There have been numerous drive-by shootings of Israeli citizens in recent weeks, yet Israel under the leadership of Ehud Barak has bent over backwards to coerce and appease Yasser Arafat with more and more concessions. Note: Where is the outrage from the UN condemning all these terrorist attacks upon Israeli citizens? Why is it that only Israel must be coerced into compromise? What has Mr. Arafat ever given to any peace partner?

Note: Golda Meir once said that peace would come to the Middle East only when the Palestinian peoples loved their children more than they hated Israel. Hatred for Israel has multiplied all during the “peace process”, a process in which Arafat was supposed to establish an environment of cooperation within his state with Israel. He has not done so. Instead he refuses all chances for peace, and screams for war!


President Clinton Moving Ahead on Israel-Palestinian Peace

US President Bill Clinton keeps focusing his attention on finding a solution to the Middle East dilemma. Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami and Palestinian negotiating chief Saeb Erekat are undertaking one last attempt to find a resloution to the Jerusalem dilemma. These attempts are politically based, in an all-out effort to crown the political careers of Ehud Barak and Bill Clinton. It seems that there is no limit to the point that the American President will go to exhaust Israel’s rights to its Promised Land. Rumors have circulated in Israel that Mr. Barak is willing to concede Israeli sovereignty over the Old City, and grant recognition to the new state of Palestine in return for Arafat’s dropping the subject of the “right of return” and compensation to Palestinian refugees. (Picture from Reuters)

Note: Barak and Arafat both foresee that their best chances for favorable resolutions are with President Clinton, and not with President Bush

Netanyahu Quits Race for Prime Minister

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has officially withdrawn his candidacy from the February 6 special elections. Mr. Netanyahu had previously indicated that if allowed to run for office, that he would only run if there were general elections for the entire Israeli parliament. Netanyahu’s withdrawal leaves Ariel Sharon as the probable candidate of the Likud political party.

Nobel Peace prize recipient Shimon Peres announced that he may Run for Prime Minister as an Independent. Mr. Peres has run for Prime Minister on six previous occasions, losing all six. The race now would seem to be narrowed down to Ehud Barak, Shimon Peres, Ahmed Tibi, and Ariel Sharon. (Peter Andrews/Reuters)

Note: It may seem absurd, but the possibility actually exists that the three Jewish candidates could split enough votes to perhaps elect the Palestinian candidate; Ahmed Tibi as Israel’s Prime Minister. Palestinians make up about 20-23% of Israel’s electorate, and always vote as a united block.

Israel Prepares For War With Syria-Iraq

Israel has positioned an armored tank division in the area of the Golan In case of the outbreak of warfare with Hezbollah guerrilla’s in Lebanon. Also, Israel has sent three nuclear-armed submarines into the Persian Gulf vicinity to effect a launch-strike from behind those potential enemies. It has long been a fear of Israel that Syria-Lebanon-Iraq would utilize the Palestinian uprising as an opportunity to engage Israel on multiple fronts. Israel is keenly aware of the potential of a coordinated effort by all these adversaries to get Israel bogged down in a mini-scale conflict in its heartland, with the Palestinians; and then open up a second front in the North.

Note: It is prophetic that Israel targets Damascus with these nuclear subs!


Violence Flares Amid Reports of Secret Meetings

The Friday noon prayers during the Ramadan season erupted once again this week in Jerusalem amid reports that secret negotiations are underway between Yasser Arafat and Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami. The talks are intended to be a last ditch effort on behalf of Ehud Barak to salvage his political career. EU Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos is conducting these private meetings. Amid the secrecy of these meetings, rumors are circulating that Mr. Barak has offerred to grant statehood recognition to Palestine in return for an Israeli presence on the Temple Mount. Meanwhile the Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini called on the Ramadan observing faithful to eradicate the cancer of Israel from the Arab presence. He praised the 12 week old Intifada, and called upon the Palestinians to take hope in the demise of Barak as Prime Minister, and the Israeli withdrawal from South Lebanon.

Israel enters the Turmoil of Political Battle

The Likud Party of Israel has cleared the pathway for former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to run for re-election in the upcoming Israeli elections. Ehud Barak’s sudden resignation this past Sunday had seemingly eliminated the candidacy of Netanyahu. Mr. Barak’s resignation was intended to eliminate the potential of Mr. Netanyahu of qualifying for candidacy in the upcoming elections. An Israeli law prohibits non-Knesset members from running for the office of Prime Minister in special elections. The election for PrimeMinister will be held in 60 days. Benjamin Netanyahu won his first term as Prime Minister campaigning to bring peace to Israel through security, and with a peace initiative based on reciprocity from the Palestinians. US President Clinton manipulated the Israeli political process to unseat then Prime Minister Netanyahu in favor of a more liberal leader that would seek to act in complicity to Mr. Clinton’s vision of a successful Middle East peace accord with Mr. Arafat. Then, later when the Camp David Summit meetings failed to produce the expected peace windfall from Mr. Arafat, President Clinton blamed that failure on the intransigence of Chairman Arafat.

Now, with both President Clinton and Prime Minister Barak leaving their respective offices, Israel faces the prospect of dealing with the Palestinians from a greatly weakened position, both politically, and strategically. The entire Middle East Peace Process has left Israel with no tangible benefits, while on the other hand; her many enemies have greatly enhanced their tangible holdings and political status in the world.

Note: The simultaneous political turmoil in the US, and also within Israel is sending signals of weakness and vulnerability to Israel’s many enemies in the Middle East region.

The Pope Flip-Flops on Salvation

On December 9th Pope John Paul II announced that his October proclamation concerning the means for acquiring true salvation being solely through the membership, or auspices of the Roman Catholic Church, was a misinterpretation. Now the Pope emphatically endorses the idea that all truly good and just of mankind may be included among those who make it to heaven.

Note: It seems that the Pope just can’t make up his mind about how a person may become a Christian. ( And he is infallible? )


Bulletin: Ehud Barak Resigns

Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Barak has announced his official resignation as Prime Minister of Israel, effective tomorrow. Israel is in a very critical and delicate situation at the present time. Elections in Israel are not scheduled until May, thereby placing the government of Israel in a status of limbo. Oddly enough, the Presidency of the United States is also in a strange state of uncertainty. The parallel uncertainty of future leadership in Israel and also in the United States places both countries in an unenviable position with regard to the ongoing dilemma of Middle East turmoil.

Note: Please stay in touch with FOJ for further updates. The political situation within each of these nations is a vital componet effecting end-time prophecy!

Friday Clashes on Temple Mount Becoming Routine

Confrontations between Israeli Police and Muslim worshippers at the Al Aqsa Mosque have become something of a regular Friday routine since the Temple Mount Intifada began ten weeks ago. Israel has disallowed Muslim men under the age of 40 to attend the Friday prayers. However, since the beginning of Ramadan, Israel has consented to permit normal prayers on the Temple Mount. Today’s noon prayers led to yet another deadly confrontation. Palestinian stone-thrower burned an Israeli Police station, with police responding with rubber-coated bullet barrages. About 125,000 Muslims assembled on the Mount today. Afterwards, ten people were killed or injured during the clashes that erupted. Palestinians daubed blood on the walls of the Mount in defiance of the Israeli police. Friday prayers have routinely called for Palestinians to engage in a "Day of Rage”!

Israeli riot police and border police officers charge a group of Palestinian stone throwers during clashes in Jerusalem's Old City Friday, Dec. 8, 2000. Marking the anniversary of their first uprising against Israel, Palestinians pouring out of mosques after Ramadan prayers threw rocks and fought intense gun battles with Israeli troops in the West Bank Friday, leaving a 16-year-old Palestinian dead and several wounded. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)

Thousands of Palestinians attend prayers in al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem's Old City on the first Friday of the holy month of Ramadan December 1, 2000. Israel deployed thousands of police in Jerusalem to ensure the prayers would pass quietly at the mosque, a flashpoint for the Palestinian uprising. (Mahfouz Abu Turk/Reuters)

Israel schedules Elections for May 22nd, 2001

Israel has tentatively set May 22nd as the date for new elections in Israel for a new government, and a new Prime Minister. Palestinian MK member Ahmed Tibi has already filed as a candidate for Prime Minister. Mr. Tibi is a former senior aid to Yasser Arafat, and remains in close contact with Arafat. Former PM Benjamin Netanyahu is the supposed front-runner in current polls. However, Ehud Barak is hoping to seal a peace deal with the Palestinians before the election, thereby raising the likelihood of his re-election.

Fears Growing over Syrian-Iraq-Iran Alliance

Many Mid-east regional experts besides just Israel are expressing concerns over the growing alliance between Syria, Iraq, and Iran, and the Iranian backed Hezbullah terrorist organization in South Lebanon. Syria’s new leader Bashar Al-Assad is now perceived as being more accommodating than his late father to Hezbullah activity in Lebanon, and even has moved to establish stronger ties with Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Russia has recently announced new arms deal packages with Iran and Iraq, knowing full well that these armaments are intended for the Syrian-Hezbullah armies in the Baekaa Valley. US Middle East peace envoy Martin Indyk issued a warning to Syrian President Assad advising him against further inciting, or goading Israel into open warfare. Israel has threatened Syria-Damascus with air-bombardment if Syria does not reign in the attacks of Hezbullah along the Lebanon-Israel border. A mini-scale war already has developed on that front with Israel utilizing helicopter raids in retaliation for bombing incursions by Hezbullah into Northern Israel.

Note: Damascus is prophesied for destruction in Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49. A future confrontation between Israel and Syria could lead ultimately to the great Russian Invasion prophesied in Ezekiel 38 and 39. Futhermore, the Rapture event could take place in conjunction with Syria’s defeat. ( Syria and Iraq are not mentioned as allies of Russia when Russia comes against Israel….perhaps because those 2 nations have already met their demise )

The Great Caspian Sea Oil Race is on

The Muslim republic of Kazakhstan is entertaining deals with international oil firms to develop a multi-billion dollar oil reserve and pipeline from the Caspian Sea basin through Iran. This is in direct contention with the US-EU plan to constructa pipeline system across Turkey from the same region of oil reserves. In essence, Russia and Iran are competing with the EU-US to gain control of the largest off-shore reserves of oil in the entire world.

Note: Iran ( Persia ) is aligned with Russia during the great Russian assault on Israel. Also, the concept of a “spoil” ( oil ) is the incentive for their offensive.


United Nations Reprimands Israel over Jerusalem

BULLETIN: The United Nations General Assembly voted on Saturday, December 2nd by a vote of 148-1 to adopt a resolution condemning Israel’s position of law, exercise of jurisdiction, and administration of the city of Jerusalem. The only dissenting vote was cast by Israel itself. The United Sates abstained from the vote altogether.

Note: The USA continues to abandon Israel and align itself in opposition to God’s warning in Zechariah 12:2-3

Israel to have Early Elections

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak has conceded to call for early elections for a new government. Mr. Barak, who has held office for only one and a half years; has seen support for the Peace Process significantly wane during the recent uprising of Palestinians. Mr. Barak was swept into office with the political networking assistance of President Clinton. Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Likud Party leader Ariel Sharon are perceived as the most viable opposition candidates.

Note: With President Clinton set to leave office, Mr. Barak has lost his most ardent political supporter. The recent death of Leah Rabin, coupled with the ongoing Palestinian Intifada has resulted in the disfavor of the Peace Now activist movement in Israel.

Russia Proposes Mid-east Peace Conference

Russia has proposed holding an international Mid-east Peace Conference to broker a deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The Russian plan orchestrated after Yasser Arafat’s visit to Moscow last week calls for the European Union, China, and all the Middle Eastern Arab countries to join along side the United States in the negotiating process. Russia has also called upon the UN to send a peace-overseer force into Israel to inhibit Israel from utilizing extreme force against the Palestinians.

Note: The players of the end-time Tribulation events are jockeying for position. The Rapture event can’t be too far away!

Hamas Official Calls on Arafat to End Negotiations

Khaled Meshal of the Palestinian Hamas terrorist structure in Gaza has demanded that Yasser Arafat suspend all attempts for continued negotiations with Israel in the Middle East peace process. He further renewed a call to all Palestinians to continue the Temple Mount Intifada against Israel. He has been joined in these demands by Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin; who proclaimed during prayer services in Gaza for the observance of Ramadan; “let us kill all Israeli occupiers of our land, and our Haram al-Shariff”.

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