Question # 51 Wasn’t the Abrahamic Covenant a “conditional contract”, solely between those two contracting parties?( God and the children of Israel ) Didn’t Israel lose their contractual rights because of their disobedience?

Answer…….. The Abrahamic Covenant was indeed a two-party contract, but unlike human contracts, one of the contracting parties involved in this covenant was God himself! God cannot lie, nor default on any commitment, even if the human co-signer does default. In reality, God knew that any human party that he entered into a covenant agreement with, would ultimately fail. This fact did not inhibit God from forging a commitment. Yes, Israel has suffered grievously as a result of their contractual shortcomings. But God is still a God of his word, not only to the nation of Israel, but to all of mankind. God’s credibility is not dependent upon man’s capabilities. The only incentive for God to enter into any agreement with anyone is merely to, “demonstrate his dependability”, in spite of our fallibility. It is true that the uninterrupted possession of the Promised Land by Israel depended upon Israel’s faithfulness to God’s covenant with her, but the mandates that God conveyed to Israel are still obligatory. God forewarned Israel over and over again throughout the Bible, that dispossession of the Land, would be her punishment if she did not conform to the covenant which they had entered into with him. But the very same God who made these warnings, is also the God who promised that he would bring her back into the land, and put within her a new heart, plus a desire for the Lord, and his statutes. Leviticus 26:44 states also: “And yet for all that, when they are in the land of their enemies, I ( God ) will not reject them, neither will I abhor them, to destroy them utterly, and to break “My Covenant” with them; for I am Jehovah their God. God is still working his wondrous miracle of fulfilling his covenant with the nation of Israel. God will keep his word! That eventuality is certain! In spite of all Israel’s misdeeds and disobedience, God is still going to work a miracle in Israel that will be a Divine testament of God’s faithfulness to Bless all the nations of the world. For Israel to accomplish her divinely called mission, she must be repatriated to her God. In the interim, God is calling out a people for his name from among the Gentile nations, then he will return his mind to his Covenant with Israel, by granting to them the same type of covenant that he has forged with the Church. ( Jeremiah 31:31 and Hebrews 8:8 )

Question # 52 When will God’s covenant with Israel be fulfilled, if it is to be fulfilled?

Answer…….. The full realization of the providential objectives of God, in dealing with the select nation of Israel will only become a reality when her Messiah returns to reign. The Millennial Kingdom of Jesus Christ upon this earth will be the setting for the completion of God’s covenant to Israel. Zechariah 12:10 reveals that Israel will finally, at the prelude of that age of history, recognize Jesus as their long anticipated Messiah, and accept him, the one whom they pierced, as their promised King! Then and only then will Israel ever know peace.

Question # 53 Won’t Israel be protected by God in the next great war in the Middle East?

Answer…….. Nobody knows for sure how many wars shall yet be fought in the Middle East, over the issue of the Zionist presence in the region. There have already been four wars fought between the Arab nations and Israel, just since the 1948 rebirth, and reconstitution of the nation of Israel into the Promised Land. While the Bible does not convey precisely how many more wars might yet be fought, it does reveal that God will providentially rescue Israel in the final cataclysmic war, when all of the nations shall be gathered together around Israel. Daniel 12:1 indicates that Michael, the great Prince, who defends Israel, shall be closely associated in the endeavor to save Israel in the final battle. But, in the end analysis, it shall be Jesus Christ himself that defeats all the enemies that shall come against Israel. ( Joel 3:2 Zechariah 14:2 Joel 3:14 II Thessalonians 2:8 Revelation 19:11-16 ) A remnant of Israel has always been preserved by God, for the Divine purpose of establishing the Kingdom of God. The existance of Israel today in the Promised Land ominously portends that the epic struggle of “Jacob’s time of trouble” shall be forthcoming. ( Jeremiah 30:7-11 Alas! For that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of “Jacob’s trouble”; but he ( Israel ) shall be saved out of it!

Question # 54 What is meant by the term “imminency”, when it is used in relation to prophetic end-time events?

Answer……. The doctrine of “Imminency is a Biblically sound doctrinal concept which specifies that the epic return of Jesus Christ to this world is an event that hangs, kind of suspended, just slightly ahead on the horizon of the Church Age. It is a sure and certain event on the prophetic calendar. For the Christian in this age, the coming of Jesus is a Blessed Hope, a comforting factor, that compels him to occupy in this world, until Jesus indeed does come. The prevailing factor in these days that provides the greatest sense of urgency for the doctrine of Imminency, is the re-emergence of Israel. The reality of Israel’s restoration to the Promised Land is the greatest single indicator signifying that the Church Age is about to finish its race, and shall soon meet the Lord in the air. It is an imminent event! The signs of Jesus return revolves around the nation of Israel. Therefore, the imminency of the Rapture event looms more and more likely with each passing day!

Question # 55 Revelation 12:7 portrays that a war taking place in Heaven. Was that war fought when Lucifer originally rebelled, or is it a continual ongoing war, or is it war which shall yet be fought in Heaven?

Answer……. The Luiferian insurrection began of course shortly after the creation. That insurrection, or rebellion, led by the chief rebel, Satan, continues even at the present time. Although the insurrection is a failed effort, ( many of the fallen angels are already imprisoned ) God still is permitting mankind to express his freedom of choice to remain complicit in the Luciferian rebellion, or to repent. One-third of the host of Heaven joined Lucifer in attempting his coup de-tat against God. Satan; just as was demonstrated with Job, continually accuses the repentant saints before the throne of God. Satan has been defeated, but he will not accept his defeat without a fight to the death. Upon that auspicious occasion when God decides to end the testament of humanity, he will direct his Son, Jesus Christ to descend back to the earth. Satan will recognize this directive as his chance for a last stand. ( He will know his time is short at this point; Rev 12:12 ) He will confront the angels of Heaven to oppose Christ’s return to the earth, but he will be thrown out of Heaven, and he will then come down unto a rebellious mankind, inciting an all out last ditch offensive to oppose the returning rightful Sovereign King, Jesus Christ!

Question # 56 What will happen to Lucifer after he and the armies of the Antichrist lose that final battle against Jesus Christ?

Answer……. Revelation 20:2 gives us the answer to this question. “And I saw an angel come down from Heaven, ( to the earth ) having a great chain in his hand. And he laid hold on the Dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years, And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled; and after that he must be loosed a little season.”

Question # 57 I find the idea of the Rapture to be completely unbelievable. How could anyone in their right mind possibly believe that millions of people around the world will suddenly disappear, and be spirited away in the clouds?

Answer……. Well, I can commiserate with you when I am in my natural mind also. The mere idea of an actual event like the Rapture does indeed seem unrealistic in the humanly logical sense. But, this supernatural event is conveyed in the Bible, therefore I believe it. The Bible also indicates that Enoch, Elijah, John the Revelator, and an unknown man in II Corinthians 12:2 experienced a similar experience. Jesus also was caught up into Heaven after his resurrection. So, it isn’t altogether unique. Ironically, many people today believe that alien spacecraft are abducting people off the face of the earth, so, I guess people only require a spaceship to make it a believable phenomenon. Apparently the Bible isn’t convincing enough!

Question # 58 If an unbeliever knew the scriptures, and finding themselves left behind after the Rapture, why couldn’t they realize the accurate descriptions of the prophetic events in the Bible, and get saved then?

Answer……. Very good question! While people will still be afforded the opportunity to obtain salvation, after the Rapture, it will be much more of a difficult prospect then than it currently is. Just possessing a knowledge of prophetic events pertaining to the Tribulational era, and being able to discern those events while they are transpiring, won’t be enough to convince a person to get saved. That same prospect exists even today. There are plenty of prophetic signs being enacted out on the stage of prophetic history right now! Compounding the situation after the rapture is the fact that a “grand delusion” will be perpetrated upon the world of that era. ( II Thessalonians 2:9-11 ) To reject the Truth in this era of grace, will only place one in greater subjectivity to the likelihood of believing the great Lies of Satan! Satan will have a greater capacity of deceptive power in the era after the rapture, because the restraining power of the Holy Spirit ( truth ) will cease any longer in acting to withstand, or restrain the mystery of iniquity. Historically speaking, people have rarely responded with anything other than skepticism to the signs of prophecy. Signs were abundant for the people of the first century to anticipate the first coming of Jesus, just as they are today, but sad to say, people missed them then also. Even the informed nation of Israel failed to discern the signs of the times!

Question # 59 Where will the Antichrist come from? Will he be from Europe, or be from one of the Western sphere of nations?

Answer……. I cannot say for certain where the Antichrist will be from. In today’s global community, he might very well come from anyplace. However, I believe that the Bible points to the fact that he will eventually emerge, or rise to his world-wide prominence through the logistical infrastructure of the last great Gentile empire in a certain place. Daniel 9:26 seems to indicate, that the future Antichrist will spring forth from amongst the geo-politcal theatre of the ancient Roman domain. ( Dan. 9:26 “the people of the Prince that shall come” ) Most of the Western sphere of nations are derived from the influence of the Roman Empire, so the Western socio-political-religious arena is the most likely regional theatre for the grandstand emergence of the Antichrist.

Question # 60 What would be the prophetic ramifications today, if the Abrahamic Covenant has indeed become invalid, especially with respect to its present application for the status of the modern nation of Israel?

Answer…….. If the Abrahamic Covenant had become null and void as a result of Israel’s past sins, and its rejection of Jesus Christ as their Messiah, then the following prophetic themes would be invalid for today:

a) The Woman being pursued by the Great Red Dragon in Revelation 12 could not possibly be interpreted as being identified as the nation of Israel. ( It could only be the Church, and therefore no Rapture )

b) If there weren’t any legitimacy to the prophesied restoration of Israel, then there wouldn’t be any reason for Jesus to return, and rescue the nation of Israel from the encircling armies of the Antichrist.

c) The Messianic prophecies concerning a kingdom for Israel, and an unending reign by her king would be rendered irrelevant and meaningless.

d) The existence today of a state called Israel would by prophetic definition constitute that God has been caught completely unaware of a Luciferian scheme to reestablish the chosen people into the Promised Land for his own designs.

e) The judgement of the nations would have no historical setting.

f) God’s promise to gather a remnant of Israel could only apply to the Church, and not to national Israel, therefore the size of the Church would be inferred to be a rather small group of people.

g) The invalidation of the Abrahamic Covenant would mean that God is not a God of his word.

h) The invalidation of the Abrahamic Covenant would mean that Israel has no further purpose within God’s providential plans, and therefore the rebirth of Israel in 1948 was a mere coincidence.

i) If the Abrahamic Covenant is invalid, then Israel shall most likely indeed be destroyed by the many Arab nations that surround her.

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