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Islam And Allah vs. Israel

      In this last decade of the 20th century, as we close out the 2nd millennium, and move toward the dawn of the 3rd millennium, we are likewise rapidly advancing toward the Last Days of the that era known as the Times of the Gentile Nations. Two things in today’s world stand out amongst all the misconceptions that plague our society. One, the Western nations possess an astonishing ignorance of the ages old Arab-Israeli conflict, and even more astounding is the absurdly naive thinking that the church has towards the religion of Islam, and its relationship to the nation of Israel.

      Islam is the third great monotheistic religion to arise out of the common stock of Hebrew scripture. Islam, though is the exact antithesis of Biblical Christianity. Each of the three great monotheistic religions views itself as the great redemptive epicenter of universal history.

      Christianity advocates love and compassion toward one's neighbor, even if he is an enemy, while Islam dictates that its pagan neighbor is an infidel who must submit to Allah, or be killed.

      The Koran depicts the Jews as not having received the divine covenant from God, or even as having lost it through their many backslidings. The Jewish scriptures of the Torah are likewise viewed as being corrupted and not representative of the original revelations of Moses and the prophets, which were supposedly corrected and restored by Mohammed.

      Mohammed, not only wrote the Koran, but is viewed by Muslims as being the last prophet from God, setting a seal upon prophecy, and completing the line of prophets of the Jewish and Christian tradition. He is viewed as being the one who renewed the simple monotheistic faith of Abraham, which Israel corrupted.

      Imagine; Mohammed as the last true prophet? The Koran, in Muslim territories, is esteemed as being the inerrant and the precise word of God, as given through his last prophet, "Mohammed", in order to correct the Jewish errors.

      Ironically, the Holy Bible is the only religious book worldwide under that is under an assault because of the errors supposedly contained within it. The Devil hates the Truth, and he continually calls the real truth into question. There is only one true word of God, and the Koran and the Bible are not in agreement.

      The term "Islam" means submission. Adherents to the religion of Islam are commanded to submit to the teachings of Allah, and the unwillingness to do so; is an open invitation to subject oneself to involuntary submission by the means of military conquest.

      Most Christians probably think that "Allah" is merely an Arabic term for the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. Conversely such is not the case. Allah was the name of an ancient Chaldean God which was known as the Moon God. Allah was in fact the male counterpart to the female Goddess worshipped in Babylon. She was represented by the Sun. Her name was Ishtar, from which, we get our english word "Easter".

      As the Moon God, Allah was symbolized by the crescent shaped moon. Today, the Arabic-Islamic nations portray this very symbol on their national flags, usually in conjunction with a sword. The intent of the flag symbolism is that all nations should submit to Allah or face the sword of Allah.

      Islamic devotees, of course bow down in the direction of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, where the famous "Kaaba Stone" is situated. The Kaaba Stone is reputed to be a holy stone brought down to earth by a God. Muslims in Jerusalem actually turn their backs away from the ancient Temple of Jehovah, the God of Israel, and pray to this God known as Allah. This practice is religiously intended to be an insult to the God of Israel.

      Islam is the only post-christian religion to acquire world influence. Today, there are over 1,000,000,000 followers of Allah and his last prophet, Mohammed. Islam is in fact the fastest growing religion in the entire world. When you stop to consider that there are also 1,000,000,000 adherents of Roman Catholicism in the world; the sum totals of those two religious systems amount to 1/3 of all the peoples on the earth, and neither religion is even remotely reflective of Biblical Truth.

      It may surprise Christians to know that the Koran is the most studied, most memorized, and the most respected religious book in the world today, far surpassing the public interest in the Holy Bible.

      The religion of Islam commands that the nation of Israel be destroyed because of its stubborn refusal of Allah, and also because of its distorting the message of Allah. When the Muslims conquered Jerusalem in 638 AD, the old temple site of Israel was cleared away to make way for a structure to be constructed to commemorate the mythical ascension of Mohammed into Heaven. The Dome of the Rock, which presently occupies the top of Mt. Moriah was to be the crowning achievement, commemorating the reality of Allah supplanting the God of Israel. It was also to symbolize the fulfillment of a rebuilt temple, to the true and only God; Allah, even surpassing the magnificence of the Holy Sepulchre built by the Roman Catholic Church in Jerusalem.

      Islam, of course remembers a previous attempt by a western religion to claim Jerusalem as its own. The Crusades, and the cross that its soldiers fought under represent an A front to the religion of Islam.

      So then, from an Islamic point of view, the rebirth of the modern state of Israel is seen as a new effort by the Pagan west to use the Christian Bible, or the Torah of Judaism, to lay claim to Palestine and to the city of Jerusalem, in a new type of Crusade.

      It is Allah that commands Muslims to despise the Nation of Israel. Since Islam was born in the region of the Middle East, and also claims the promises of Abraham though Ishmael, the Koran instructs its disciples to dispossess all the land of infidel rejectors of Islam. Dar el-Islam is the concept within Islam that teaches that all territory once conquered in Allah's name must be ultimately restored to the House of Islam. The rest of the pagan world yet to be exposed, or to submit to Islam is called Dar el-Harb; or lands outside the conquered House of Islam.

      Muslim warriors of Allah are assured immediate entry into Paradise when they perform heroic acts of martyrdom to help restore lost lands to the Dar el-Islam.

      Much like Catholicism, Islam only assures its followers entry into Heaven, after extraordinary deeds. When Muslim suicide bombers and terrorists squads commit an act of terror in Israel, they shout out the phrase "Allahu Akbar" prior to their acts of violence. This statement of "Allahu Akbar" means "Allah is greater than Jehovah. This bragadoccio scream is in reality a demonic shriek claiming superiority on behalf of the real maniacal entity behind the scene, "Lucifer".

      The religion of fanatical Islamic fundamentalism is driven by hordes of demon-angels commanded by none other than the old dragon himself. There are regular and persistent chants laced with inciteful rhetoric daily from the Muslim mosques and minarets calling for the extermination of Israel, and recruiting more and more fanatical warriors for the purpose of killing innocent women, children, and babies inside Israel.

      The Mosque of Omar, or the Dome of the Rock which occupies the prominent position atop Mount Moriah in the old city of Jerusalem is a constant reminder to all Muslims that Islam is superior to the religion of Judaism, because it is literally built over the remains of the old Jewish Temples; thereby reflecting that the God that once dwelt there is displeased with the infidel race of Jews.

      Many Muslims are only too quick to point out the fact that Jesus himself announced that the Jewish Temple was slated for destruction. Often they relate that this fact personifies that even the author of Christianity was a despiser of Israel.

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