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Beyond Space And Time

     Writing about Bible prophecy as I do, I have been amazed at the extraordinary amount of misperception that exists in the public mindset about the end times.

     Many Christians associate the end of time with the anticipated second coming of Jesus. Some even believe that the world is soon to end at Armagadeon.

     But the Biblical concept and teaching regarding the end of time, and the times of the end are two distinct and somewhat different subjects entirely.

     In matter of prophetical fact, the world is not soon to come to an end. The world and the dimension we know as linear time will continue for a thousand years after the return of Jesus Christ to this world.

     God created the dimension of time when he began the constructive method of building the universe. Time was invented by God to accord mankind a method of measuring his travel, his history, his future, and his space within his makers lower domains.

     Genesis 1:14 says:

      And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for years;

     Here we discover that God created the light holders of the firmament, not simply and only to dispense out light by day and by night; but also to rule the universe dimensionality of time progression; and also to convey signs to mankind concerning the seasons of time.

     This universe is simply a house, or a vast tent which God designed and prepared to sustain the sanctity of life. Astronomers calculate that the size of our universe, or tent, is necessary for life to exist on just one planet.

     Our universe is built on such a scale that even the average distance between stars in an average galaxy is about 20 million miles. Had those distances been any smaller, the gravitational effect from their orbits would cause life to be impossible on planet earth. Despite all the tremendous odds against our finely tuned universe, it is obvious that it had just one single solitary chance at becoming the natural support system for life on the earth. Amazing coincidence!

     Isaiah 45:18 would seem to verify that purpose. For thus saith the Lord, that made the Heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; He hath established it, He created it not in vain, He formed it to be inhabited!

      God not only designed and formed in a fashionable manner our planet and the heavenly oceans it floats in, he did so with the idea of someone being able to live specifically upon the earth!

     Given the fact that an almighty creator beyond our dimension of space and time has prepared this special place for us; some obvious questions then arises in the back of my mind. How long will he sustain or permit time to progress? What season of time is it? Has God intimated anything to humanity about his own idea of time-sign-season progression?

     Afterall, since God created time, and created space and the host of the heavens for signs, surely he would have much to convey about how much time is left to that creation if he so carefully planted life within it.

     In actuality, the Holy Bible is an integrated message that has been infused into our finite dimensional world, and does indeed convey a review of time; past, present and future! It also conveys that earths pattern of time is directly connected to Gods earthly timepiece! Indeed God has built an actual clock into mankinds house!

     The Bible is a love-letter written in blood, given to mankind from a being from beyond space and time, and foretelling accurately the impending signs of the midnight hour!

     God introduced himself to mankind by referring to himself as "I AM". That introduction came back during the Exodus of Jews from Egypt of course. But did you ever wonder why God would refer to himself with such a strange sounding name? "I AM" is a name that infers an eternal existance! God says "I exist, and furthermore I have no begining; nor any ending! This same concept of God is presented to John the Revelator where God identifies himself as Alpha and Omega; the begining of all things, and the end of all things. God is beyond all concepts of time. Time is merely something that cannot contain God for the simple reason that he made it.

     Time is a physical property and dimension. We know readily about the dimension of height, length, and width but time also is a dimension. Time is measured just like the other dimensions. Time is correlative to velocity and distance traveled. Just as Genesis one explained: the time in which our planet travels its appointed circuit in the ocean of space; we know that time as one full year.

     If we were to travel to another planet, our sense of time would change. Our concept of days, months, and years would be altered by the distance and velocity at which that planet traveled in its heavenly orbit. So, in reality, time is not a linear non-ending progression. We human beings think of time as a time-line, with events occuring in an ongoing pattern. Actually, time is not a linear dimension. Time dilates throughout the universe.

     When Christians think about time, we think about eternity, a dimension completely beyond our capacity to fully comprehend; but we find complete contented rest in the assurance that Jesus will translate us to his eternal heavenly abode!

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