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Prophecy Ministry Articles

An Expose on Ezekiel 38/39 (The great Russian invasion against Israel)

Zeroing in on Zechariah (The Apocalypse of Zechariah)

The Distress of Nations (Perplexity & Signs of the times)

The Whole World’s in His Hands

A City Set Upon A Hill (Matthew 5:14)

The Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24)

A Famine in the Land (Amos 8:11)

Hunters And Fishers: An analogy of Jewish Aliya
(Jeremiah 16:16)

Iron Mixed With Miry Clay
(Daniel 2)

The Rock Of Offense
(I Peter 2:8 Romans 9:33)

The Winds of Armageddon

Hasting Unto The Day
(II Peter 3:12)

The Weight of the World
( Jesus in the garden)

The Great Day of the Lord
( Joel 2,3)

The Judgment of the Nations
( Matt 25)

Where is the Promise of his Coming?
(II Peter 3:3-4)

The Times of the Gentiles
( Luke 21:24)

Like A Thief in the Night
( Matt. 24:43 )

Looking For A City (Babylon/New Jerusalem)

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