Volume 33, Issue 2 _________________________________Bible Prophecy Ministry

First Sunday After the Rapture

      On the first Sunday after the Rapture, I imagine that the church houses of the land will be filled to capacity. In far too many instances the crowd will undoubtedly consist of many of the same faces that have routinely gathered each Sunday.

      There will be some noticeable absentees, and the pre-service crowd will be all abuzz about the recent and ongoing turmoil which has transpired all during the last few days. Their anxiousness on this day will only be tempered by the gradual and incessant news that a world catastrophe has been averted, and that the worlds foremost respected and eloquent religious leaders are calling upon people to assemble in their usual places of worship to join together in prayer, or meditation for the victims of the recent world-wide phenomena of disasters. The calls from each leader will plead for world unity and harmony. Into each pulpit on this first Sunday after the Rapture will be delivered a sermon, either by the residing pastor, or by a replacement minister; an eloquent spellbinding message urging all people to come together in unison and celebrate together in worship the uniqueness of the new revelation of God!

      "Lets come together! Let us overcome! Let us work together for a better world! The time for a new age has come. Let all men unite in one brotherhood for the cause of peace. Peace is at at hand!"

      Gone from all pulpits will be any mentioning of the blood of Jesus Christ. Gone will be any mention of any subject relevant to Bible prophecy. Gone will be any Biblically knowledgeable saint to expose false teaching. Gone also will be the Bible itself. But alas there will be a mysterious spirit of unity guiding all listeners into accepting the gospel of enlightenment which seems to bring with it a feeling of contented euphoria.

      The people assembled in church the first Sunday after the Rapture will be primed for a great delusion and for the most part be completely unsuspecting of the fact that they remain on this earth because they don't know the reality of salvation. They will eagerly find accommodation with the subtle nuance of a new Christ, a man of peace that has charm and charisma beyond any mortal man; and suddenly has appeared on the world stage offering Peace to all!

      For most of the people gathered in church that first Sunday after the Rapture, the message that they hear will bring reinforcement that all is well and the tragic disappearance of many thousands of people around the world only enhances their opportunities and desires to enjoy a world renaissance of rebirth into a new order promising success, wealth, peace, and security.

      There will be a new spirit in the church service too. Instead of the edifying spirit that once worked in harmony with the true Gospel message, a unique spirit of emotionalism will abound and enthrall the crowd with a miraculous sense of the supernatural. This spirit will enable all the receptive and focused partakers in the praise worship to enjoy a soothing feeling of oneness with the Christly nuances of the man of peace.

      On the first Sunday after the Rapture many of the very same preachers that preached the previous week will still be on the job preaching. Some will privately wonder to themselves what the meaning is to the sudden disappearance of people around the world, but since they were never Christians to begin with, they will conclude that the new man of peace is truly sent by God. Contrastingly, there will be a few preachers missing from their local churches on the Sunday after the Rapture. But, they will be the ones that had been typecast during the falling away period before the Rapture as men of ignorance and intolerance. Their disappearance will be a relief for all those that attend church after the Rapture, and especially for the clerical elitists who have been so embarrassed by their stubborn fundamentalism.

      The first Sunday after the Rapture also will find some churches empty. Some of them will not even have opened their doors. People that had only on special occasions attended those churches will hurry to church on that Sunday looking for their pastor but cannot locate him. Some of them will wonder if all that Pre-tribulational Rapture talk they heard all their lives has suddenly took place. Then it will dawn on them; "I have been left behind"!

      Undoubtedly, many will knock on church doors the first Sunday after the Rapture, but only apostate churches will be open for business, and an apostate message will be grandly delivered deceiving all that tune in for it.

      The first Sunday after the Rapture will be a day instrumental in bringing people together in religious settings all over the world and perhaps be places of comfort where humanity can participate in the special adoration of an image,

Darrell G. Young

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