Volume 23, Issue 2 _________________________________Bible Prophecy Ministry

Israel At The Turn Of The Century

      Israel's population at the turn of the century has reached 6.2 million people. Estimates say that the population of Israel shall reach 7 million by the year 2007. In comparison, the population of Israel in the first century was about 3,000,000. After the great dispersion of 70AD the Jewish population in Israel dropped to about the 500,000 level or less. It was not until this century, and the founding of the Jewish state that the population of Israel began to dramatically rise.

      A recent Gallup Survey in Israel revealed the following:

      a.) 75% of Israeli's are unaware of the significance
           of the date observed as Christmas.

      b.) 66% of Israeli's do not have a single friend that is a
           Christian, while 62% are not even casually acquainted
           with some one they think is a Christian.

      c.) 83% of Israeli's welcomed the visit of the Pope to Israel,
           and identify him as the legitimate sole leader of the
           Christian religion.

      d.) 75% of Israeli's feel that the USA is more openly
           friendly to Israel than it is to the proposed new
           Palestinian state.

      e.) 87% of Israeli citizens indicate that they have never
           been witnessed to by Christians!

      f.) 90% of Israeli's do not know of a single Jew who has
           converted to Christianity!

      g.) 50% of Israeli's believe that if Jesus returns, that
           he would likely be some sort of a Christian preacher
           rather than a Jewish Rabbi.

      h.) 75% of Israeli's believe that American Christians have
           a favorable attitude toward Israel but do not hold any
           significance to Israel's existence!

      i.) Israeli school children never hear anything about Jesus
           during their 12 years of school.

      j.) Many Israeli's consider the Crusades as being typical
           of the Christian philosophy!

      k.) Most Israeli's simply do not understand the Christians
           interest in Holy sites in Israel.

      l.) Most Israeli's expect the Messiah to not be the son of

      m.) Jews are divided amongst Reform, Orthodox, and
           Conservative camps, but they all disdain the Christian
           attempts to convert or to witness to Jews!

      History gives Israel plenty of cause to be suspicious of those calling themselves Christian. After all, the Crusades were launched under the banner of the Papacy. Adolph Hitler was a member of the Catholic church. Many supposed Christians have come to Israel under the name of Christ and plundered and persecuted the Jewish people. Is it any wonder that Jesus is unpopular in modern Israel?

      While Israel seeks peace for itself in its modern Zionist state, it is continually necessary for them to look for guarantees of national security in the discussions with its so-called peace partners. Israel does not expect the Messiah to be the "son of God"; but they do expect him to guarantee their security. Israel is positioned politically right now to accept an offer from the Antichrist, to insure their security. Who will that peace partner be? Most religious Jews anticipate that the Messiah will in fact be whomever arranges for Israel to rebuild its temple.

      Israel is politically and religiously positioned under the exact sociological climate today that could result in the confirmation of the covenant arrangement with the last days Antichrist. The dilemma represented by the city of Jerusalem, and the lack of spiritual renewal in Israel make the Jewish people ripe for deception.

Darrell G. Young

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