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Will Israel Give Jerusalem Away?

      One of the most frequent questions that I have ever been asked about the ongoing Middle East Peace Process is whether or not Israel would ever submit to agree to give away the city of Jerusalem.

      On July 30th, 1980 the Isareli Knesset passed, and Prime Minister Menachem Begin signed into Israeli law the basic Jewish law concerning Jerusalem. It states that Jerusalem shall be forever the united, complete and eternal capitol of Israel. It stipulated that the Holy Places of Jerusalem should be protected from desecration by anyone, and that absolute free access shall be accorded to members of all religions. The Ministry of Religious Affairs was established and charged with guaranteeing this eventuality. But, the reality has been that Jews have never had free access to the Temple Mount.

      All throughout the seven year long drama of the Israel-Palesinian peace process; every Israeli Prime Minister has reiterated that Jerusalem was a non-negotiable item. Conversely, Yasser Arafat has staunchly demanded that East Jerusalem must become his capitol. Consequently, the entire topic of Jerusalem was post-poned to the very final stage of the peace process. Now; it has finally become the consuming overwhelming political-religious-diplomatic burdensome stone which could become the straw that breaks the peace-camels back.

      Israel lost sovereign control of the city of Jerusalem to Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, way back in 586 BC. Even during Jesus lifetime, Israel only enjoyed a subservient status in Jerusalem under Roman rule. Finally on June 7th, 1967 Israel defeated the forces of Jordan which at that time maintained and exercised sovereign control of the Old City. ( Jordan was the sole executor of Muslim Authority of Old Jerusalem from 1946 to 1967 )

      Israel exulted with great joy at reacquiring the Old City of Jerusalem after the six-day war of 1967. At long last, after 2500 years Israel stood on the threshold of exercising sovereign control of its ancient Holy City.

      "Next Year in Jerusalem"; had been the battle cry of Jews the world over for those 2500 years; but under heavy pressure from religious interests and political pressure from the world's nations, and fearing an Arab onslaught; Israel deferred from exercising sovereign authority in the Old City or on the ancient Temple Mount, relinquishing control of the temple mount to the Muslim Waqf. Had Israel opted to exercise sovereign control of the Old City; the “Times of the Gentiles” would have come to an end. Alas, because of Israel’s reluctance to incite any opposition, the 'TIMES of the GENTILES" were not yet over.

      Jesus himself prophesied that Israel would never enjoy sovereign lordship over Jerusalem until the times of the Gentiles were completed. In Luke 21:24 Jesus stipulated to Israel that they would fall by the sword, and the city of Jerusalem would be trodden down by the Gentile nations until the days of the Gentiles had run their full course. And so that era continues even today. Israel’s blindness to the reality of Jesus being their true Messiah has caused Israel, and specifically Jerusalem; to continue to be under the foot of Gentile intimidation and dominance.

      Yes, Israel does indeed exercise control of West Jerusalem, and brags about Jerusalem being its eternal indivisible capitol; but it exercises virtually no control over East Jerusalem; and cowers in fear and trepidation at exercising sovereignty on the Temple Mount. Thus, because of its lack of faith in God; and because of its refusal of Jesus as their Messiah, it seeks a compromise with the powers of the world, for sovereignty in Jerusalem, and for permission to rebuild its temple on its own land.

      Yes, Israel will give away Jerusalem: That Old City which includes Mt. Zion and Mt. Moriah. Israel someday will accept a compromise solution in return for permission to rebuild its Temple on top of the mountain of God. Israel is even today anticipating their Messiah coming and concluding the necessary means for them to build the Temple.

      The Antichrist is the one who will arrange for Israel to rebuild their Temple on Mount Moriah. Perhaps Israel will agree to grant sovereignty of the Old City's Mount Moriah to a special status entity exclusively for the “Sovereignty of God.” It is worth remembering, the Antichrist will claim Godhood at the midterm of the arranged covenant with Israel.

      Will Israel give away Jerusalem? In reality, they don't presently possess it to give it away. Only King Jesus can gain Jerusalem for Israel; and it will be Jesus himself who will end the long trodden down status of the Holy City by Gentile rulers.

      Who owns Jerusalem? Who will receive it? What solution will the world’s rulers effectuate concerning Jerusalem? Will Israel concede by giving it away? The very subject of the sovereignty of Jerusalem being discussed today is reflective of the fact that we are treading ever closer to final battle over Jerusalem!


“Keep Focusing on Jerusalem”

Darrell G. Young


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