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Jerusalem The Fateful City

      Jerusalem, Jerusalem; Jesus wept over the city of Jerusalem because it would not recognize its day of visitation from the Lord. Luke chapter 19 and verses 41-44 indicate that the citizenry of the city would reject their promised King. But aside from this immediate rejection, Jesus looked down the corridor of time and envisioned the day when Jerusalem would indeed accept the King of Kings.

      Jerusalem, the city of God, the city of Peace has seen more violence and desolation than any other locality on the face of the earth; yet it is, as it has always been, the apple of God's eye. It is to Jerusalem that the King of King's and Lord of Lord's will return to establish his anticipated earthly Kingdom that was promised to Abraham and King David. Zechariah chapter 14 verse 4 indicates that the touchdown destination of our Lord will be the very same location of his ascent, the Mount of Olives, to the east of the Temple Mount area of Jerusalem. Upon his arrival he will then descend down the mountain, walking across the Kidron Valley through the old Garden of Gethsemane and up to the Golden Gate and then straightforward onto Mount Moriah and establish his Earthly throne. His royal reign will continue for one thousand years and will culminate with his delivering his kingdom unto his Father as the "New Jerusalem" becomes the Heavenly capitol of a kingdom which shall never end.(I Cor 15:24)

      Jesus wept over Jerusalem because he knew the long struggle the city would endure before it ever would come to acknowledge that he was indeed the Messiah. He knew that Jerusalem would play a whorish game with an impersonator claiming that he was the long awaited Prince. Also he saw the desolation of the city and its domination by the nations and powers of the world. The powers of this world have as their ruler, the powerful Prince of this present world ( Satan ). The evil prince of this present age also has plans for the city of Jerusalem. He will one day enter into a Covenant with Israel establishing his world capitol in the Holy City. Jesus predicted that a prince would come unto Israel ( see John 5:43 ) in his own name and that Israel would accept him as its Messiah.

      Seven hundred years earlier, Zechariah in chapter 14 verses 1-3 prophesied that in the last days when Israel has returned to its ancestral homeland ( a second time : Isaiah 11:10 ) that the city of Jerusalem would become a burden - stone to the nations of the world. Because of the Supernatural conflict concerning rulership in the city of Jerusalem, the nations will find it an urgent matter to resolve the ages old fight and controversy about who the city belongs to and who is its rightful ruler. The Resolutions of the Nations will culminate in Jerusalem being in the position of having entered into a Covenant agreement with the Anti-Christ; the Prince of the recently emerged new world Superpower.(aka European Union )

      There should be a word of caution injected here for the citizens of the United States. Our nation presently stands in direct violation of the prophet Zechariah's prediction that all nations that coerce Israel into compromising the status of Jerusalem shall be cut in pieces. (Zech. 12:3) Therefore, every American Christian should be praying for Jerusalem and working to encourage our government to pay heed to the warnings of the Bible, when it is subjecting Israel to land for peace initiatives demanded by the United Nations General Assembly Resolutions.

      Currently in the on-going Middle East Peace Process, a stalemate exists over the issue of so called Final Status negotiations concerning the sovereignty of the city of Jerusalem. The Oslo Accords of 1993 signed by Israeli president Yitshak Rabin and Palestinian Authority chairman Yasser Arafat were designed to promote stability and harmony in the region, and hopefully, the political climate to reach conclusive agreements on Jerusalem.

      However the initiation of planned construction of residential settlements by Israel around the outskirts of Jerusalem, and the proclamation of PA chairman Yasser Arafat that Jerusalem will be the capitol of the projected new state of Palestine by 2000, has resulted in making "Jerusalem" the "Burdensome Stone", worldwide as Zechariah predicted 2,700 years ago. Eventually, all nations will involve themselves in the great controversy concerning the heir of sovereignty for Jerusalem.

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