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Jerusalem The Fateful City. . .Page 2

      Indeed, already the United Nations has decreed through its Resolutions 181 and 242 that Israel must relinquish all areas that it has acquired as a result of repulsing invading Arab armies, highly intent on their extinction, in 1948, 1956, 1967, and in 1973. That is where the term "occupied territories" resonates from. It is no coincidence that the "West Bank" and "Jerusalem" are the geographical areas called into dispute. These are the precise spots the Bible indicates would be at the forefront of conflict. Judea and Samaria are the modern area of the West Bank. So then, we see the nations of the world are already casting their lots against Israel, and the God of Israel.

      The United Nations reserved the city of Jerusalem for designation as an "International City" in 1947 when it recognized Israel as an independent nation. However, it partitioned the "promised land" through its Resolution 181, in an attempt to disconnect Jews from its Holy city and to simultaneously appease Palestinian interests, as well as Big Oil interests. It was at the insistence of the Vatican under Pope Pius XXII, that the UN reserved Jerusalem for an as yet undetermined fate.

      It is just this scenario that the Anti-Christ is no doubt anxiously endeavoring to navigate and resolve diplomatically or otherwise. The prophet Daniel referred to a Prince who would enter into Covenant with Israel, and permit resumption of Jewish religious activity on the Temple Mount. (Remember, in order to get something from this Prince, you have to give up something). Israel will likely trust this Super- power for their Security. "Security" is the prime buzzword in Israel today as it seeks to live in Peace with its neighbors.

      The prophet Joel foretold that not only would the city of Jerusalem be a worldwide political issue in the Last Days, but also that the nations of this world will have conspired and consented among themselves to "Partition" the promised land. Joel chapter 3:1-3 informs us that in the end-time, Israel would be re-gathered out of All nations (not only Babylon) back into the land of the Covenant; and upon arriving Israel would be subjected to a complex partitioning of their own land.

      This is precisely the situation that is unfolding even now via the Middle East Peace Process. Israel is being coerced into relinquishing land (a tangible commodity) for a supposed Peace, a peace that is simply trusting your adversary ( a non-tangible thing..just a piece of paper). It is expedient to remember from history that the surrounding Arab nations in the Middle East region have instigated four (4) wars of aggression against Israel in the past 4 decades, when the "land" in question was already in their possession.

      The prevailing factor was then, as it really still is; not just the land, but the Jewish people them- selves. As Joel put it in his prophecy, they have cast lots for His (God's) people as well as for His land. The Devil knows that if he can dis- possess the people from the promised land; that Jesus can have no people or land to come back to for the purpose of fulfilling his Covenant with Abraham and David; an everlasting Kingdom!

      Jesus is coming back; and he is coming back to set up his throne in the city of Jerusalem. All the powers of this world cannot stop him, though all the armies of the Antichrist shall be arrayed against him on that great day.

Darrell G. Young


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