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      Notice all 3 of these conditions are portrayed as just the beginning of sorrows. But, it is stated that "The End is still not yet" (Right?) All of these signs are present in all ages of human civilization, including the first century as well as in the 20th century. They will however, be compounded of course when the last days White-horse riding Anti-Christ appears.

      Then in Matthew 24 and verse 9, Jesus indicates that "they will deliver you up to be afflicted ". Who is the "they' and the "you' that is referred to here? They is a reference to the nations of the world while the "you", specifically meant of course to be Israel directly, but is also inclusive of the saints that aspire to the Kingdom. Notice: it says "You will be hated of All nations". This is a precise condition that history has recorded. No other nation has been subjected to the degree of persecution as has been Israel during the Diaspora. This is the very scenario that is painted by John in Revelation chapter. twelve. There the Great Red Dragon is seen hastily in pursuit of Israel, seeking its total destruction during the Great era of the Tribulation, just as well as all throughout history. Israel is so hated and afflicted because "Jesus" name is inextricably connected to the nation of Israel.

      Then, iniquity and hate are seen as the prevailing environment of the earth during the great Jewish dispersion and especially during the Laodicean Church age. But, only after all these conditions have existed do we finally get near to the anticipated "time of the end", that was specifically enquired about by the disciples third question. Many equate the "Gospel of the Kingdom" to be the message of Grace that is presently being extended to all during the Church Age, but actually the Kingdom message is for Israel, and after a remnant of Israel has returned to its land.

      Israel is back in the land today in a condition of unbelief; but someday all Israel will be saved, but only after it recognizes its Covenant with Death has resulted in the horrible action of the "Abomination of Desolation" which occurs at the middle of their covenant relationship with the Anti-Christ.

      Then the gospel of the Kingdom really shall begin to permeate through to the Jewish mindset and they are advised to flee from Jerusalem, so as to survive, in the hope of populating the coming Kingdom.

      Death, ( the Pale Horse ) is the sad culmination of Mankind’s usurpation of Christ's rightful authority in this world. It is also the end-result of the rebellion of the forces of the Great Tribulation ( Matt. 24:21), an era in time of such vast terror and atrocity that it exceeds all previous historical devastation. But for the Elects sake, (Israel) the time of Tribulation is limited by the hand of God.

      In verse 25, Jesus says; I tell you these things "beforehand" ( that is prophecy). Why does he tell us beforehand? So everyone can escape this last epoch of historical turmoil. Notice too that this time of great Wrath is the Lords Wrath, not the wrath of the Devil. ( see Joel 2 : 1-2 ) ( also Amos 5:18-20 and Zephaniah 1:7, or Rev 14:19 and Rev 15:1)

      What bridegroom would so persecutes his Bride? For our Lord to take out his Wrath upon the Church would be a direct violation of his instructions to men to love their wives, even as he loves the church.

      In Matthew 24:9 ( Mark 13:24 and Luke 21:25 ) Jesus answers question number two from the disciples, about a sign of his return. The Sun, Moon, and Stars shall be affected Has this already occurred? Of course not. It is still yet future. Has Jesus already returned? If so, where is the eternal world-wide Peace today?

      Notice too from Matthew 24:31 that the trumpet is sounding, gathering all the elect ( saints, past, present and future ) in an instant. This is the trumpet that is mentioned in II Thessalonians 5:16 where all the saints shall be coming back with Him. Not only those who have died, but even all those who have remained unto the end will have assembled in the clouds previously; all in one great single grouping, in one gathering reunion. I Corinthians 15:52 says the time-lapse for this universal gathering is in an instant. In the twinkling of an eye all the saints will be immediately assembled. How can this be, you ask?

      This event is outside the scope of Earth's linear passage of time. All shall be gathered in the twinkle of an eye, and if all come back with the Lord when he expropriates his wrath, it is only logical that the event commonly known as the Rapture is an external event outside of Universal dynamics of time progression, which is pre-arranged to coincide with the beginning of the Great Day of the Lord, back on the Earth. John was supernaturally time-transported forward to that great event, or Day that is described in Revelation 4:12, when he heard the very same trumpet and was immediately transported "Up Hither" into the throne in Heaven. He foretold the scene that we all open our eyes to at death, or evacuation. (rapture)

      Now then, Matthew 24, verse 35 says, Heaven and Earth will pass away. When will this happen? This is the “end” that the disciples asked about with question number three. Revelation 21 says the that old earth and heavens will be replaced when it is time for the New city of Jerusalem to be positioned, which comes at the end of a 1000 year long reign of Christ on this Earth. (Rev 20:2-3). And ( Jeremiah 31:35-37 ) says that before the Sun, moon and stars cease to exist that the nation of Israel will enjoy the reality of their promised Kingdom. So, the world can not “end” until after God keeps his word about the Gospel of the Kingdom that he long ago promised to Israel through Abraham.

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