Volume 29, Issue 5 _________________________________Bible Prophecy Ministry

No Weapon Shall Prosper Against Thee

      Weekly as I review internet news concerning Bible Prophecy and current events; I constantly run across numerous articles detailing the proliferation of new and more sophisticated military systems that nearly every Middle East nation is gaining access to, and employing into their own individual arsenals.

      Syria has constantly developed newer and longer range missiles with help from Russia. Also Egypt has purchased many new aircraft and missiles from the USA. Saudi Arabia has purchased the American AWACS plane. Interestingly enough; the United States continues to be the biggest profiteer and supplier of sophisticated military hardware throughout the Middle East.

      During the Camp David Peace Summit; ironically enough; Iran test fired a new Shihab 3 missile, which can be equipped with nuclear warheads. Also, Iran has deployed Fajer rockets into South Lebanon since the Israeli withdrawal. These rockets have been handed over to Hezbullah terrorists for the express purpose of continuing warfare against Israel, even after the Israeli withdrawal from South Lebanon.

      UNSCOM inspector Richard Butler on July 31st further verified that Iraq is successfully still building a biological mass destruction capability. He quoted Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz in a special report to the UN commission on Iraq after the Camp David talks thusly: ( "We have the necessary biological weapons right now to deal with the Zionist entity, and the great Zionist friend"! ) And during the Labor Day weekend American Patriot missiles were kept at the ready in fear of an Iraqi scud missile attack upon Israel.

      I read these news statements about military buildups by the various Arab nations regularly, and they always end with a rather typical, but interestingly crude remark which goes something like this:

      "This new missile, or plane, or weapon acquisition gives our nation the capable range of reaching the nation of Israel". It is always included! Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, all conduct these test of missiles; and then seem to be proud of the fact that they now can threaten Israel from afar! It seems the whole point of acquiring new sophisticated military hardware is simply to annihilate the nation of Israel. Each of these nations, with its vast reserves of oil bringing huge profits for their economies, squander all of that income by purchasing the ultimate in modern weaponry simply because of the hatred for Israel.

      Well, I have one comment I would like to interject about all of this military arsenal being stockpiled to threaten Israel with: It comes from Isaiah chapter 54:17


      Weapons of annihilation can also come packaged as diplomatic peace processes, with subtle inducements as a selling power. Israel, being so small, and truly desiring peaceful acceptance by the nations of this world, and needing security guarantees because of the vast military buildup constantly going on around them is very susceptible to international diplomatic pressures. Israel is searching for military security in the rough and tumble neighborhood that she is so conspicuously cornered in. One day Israel will enter into a covenant arrangement with the Antichrist who will guarantee their security. But alas, Israel will find that to be just another weapon utilized for their destruction.

      The military might of all the nations of the world will never prosper against the providential plan of God to send his Son, JESUS; to Jerusalem to save his people Israel and grant to them his promised Kingdom! Though all the cunning devises of tongue and mind be utilized to deceive Israel into counterfeit agreements with the world’s phony peace promoters; none of these devices shall limit the hand of God from successfully accomplishing the Peace of Jerusalem!

      Isaiah 54:17 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgement thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord!

      The cunning craftiness of the Antichrist will not prevail over Jerusalem.

      Neither shall all the military might of the Antichrist prevail against the coming King of Kings; when he shall return unto Jerusalem!

Darrell G. Young


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