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Queen of Heaven

      In the ongoing battle between the "City of God" and the "City of Satan"; Jerusalem and Rome are the logistical locales of the supernatural battle between the angels of Heaven, and the angels of Hell.

      Rome is known as the "Eternal City", and as the "Seven Hilled City". Rome was the reigning empire when Jesus was born into this world.

      Jerusalem is known as the "City of Peace", and as the "City of David", and as the “City of God”. Jerusalem was in subjection to the city of Rome when Jesus was born. Herod was the King of the Jews only because he was in allegiance to Rome.

      Herod prostituted himself and the Jews to Rome in his aspiring to acclaim the Kingdom of Israel.

      Vatican City, within the city of Rome covers about 109 acres and serves as the spiritual and governmental center of the largest Christian church in the world, " The Roman Catholic Church"; or the Universal Church.

      Vatican Hill was once the site of Roman Emperor Nero's public gardens and circus. Many of the early Christians suffered martyrdom on that very site. St. Peters Basilica actually occupies the location of the most blood-stained site for Christians during the era of the old Roman Empire.

      The palace that the Pope lives in contains over 1000 rooms, including museums, banks, art gallery's, chapels, library's, and government offices availing the Pope to have ambassadors to every nation on earth, as well as every religious council in the world.

      John, the Revelator identified Rome as being that great city which ruled over the kings of the earth way back in his day in about 95AD. Unquestionably, Rome ruled with absolute authority during the early period of church history. John's specific sleight of hand reference to Rome was intended to point out to future readers of the Bible that an institution would arise in that very city which would be easily identifiable as a whorish mimicker of the true Bride of Christ, and would become the imposter of true Christendom in later centuries.

      Jerusalem is the only city in this world that God has proclaimed that has his affection. It is to the city of Jerusalem that Jesus shall someday return to, and not to Rome, to an already established wealthy Church.

      Psalms 132:13 For the Lord hath chosen Zion; he hath desired it for his habitation.

      Psalms 135:21 Blessed be the Lord out of Zion, which dwelleth at Jerusalem. Praise ye the Lord.

      John makes a connection with the false so-called Christian church and ancient Babylon. In Revelation 17, verses 1-5, he labels this institution as 'Mystery, Babylon". Notice the comma after the word Mystery, and then afterwards comes the mention of a bygone empire based upon religious works.

      Jeremiah 51:7 indicates that religious Babylon hath been a golden cup in the Lords hand, and consequently all the earth and all the nations have became drunk of the wine which she has dispensed through false and subtly perverted doctrine.

      Babylon was destroyed by the Medes and Persians in the 5th century B.C. and as a result, the priests of the ancient Chaldean Mysteries moved from Babylon to the city of Pergamos. John identified this city as the city of Satan's Seat in Revelation 3:12-13. Now it is imperative to realize that Satan is not omnipresent, as God is, and can only be situated in one domicile at a time. Pergamos represents his locale for logistical satanic operations during the time that John wrote the book of Revelations.

      Rome acquired the city of Pergamos by decree of Attalus III when he died and bequeathed his kingdom to Rome's Caesar.

      Thus the foundation was laid for Rome to eventually evolve into the religious institution predominated by the ancient Babylon styled Mysteries religious system.

      The ancient Babylonian chief priest had carried the title of "Pontifex Maximus" , and that title had been transferred to Pergamos, and then on to Rome, when Julius Caesar acquired the title by acquiring the throne of Roman civil and religious offices.

      Caesar appeared in official functions dressed in a robe of scarlet and carrying the keys of Janus and Cybele. It is the very decor that the Popes would array themselves in, when Emperor Constantine combined the secular office of Caesar and the chair of the Bishop of Rome.

      When Emperor Theodosius decreed that membership in the church was state mandated in 398AD, it effected the worst calamity the true church has ever befallen. The church of Rome became convoluted with the Babylonian icons of Mystery and the Chaldean doctrinal pollutions.

      Much like the church, Jerusalem had earlier fell to cavorting with the Mysteries of Babylon. In Jeremiah's day, Israel had become steeped in the worship of an icon of Babylonish diety known as the "Queen of Heaven" and her mystical son Tammuz.

      Israel is depicted in Jeremiah chapter 44 worshiping a purported Queen of Heaven who had availed the world a saving son, and thus was known as the very Mother of God.

      Suspicious is it not, that the icons of Madonna and Child were esteemed hundreds of years before that little baby was born in Bethlehem, that was to be the founder of a new religion called Christianity.

      But then, God knew of this conspiratorial genius of Satan to logistically prepare an immitation birth of epic proportions which he would then utilize to fake, and pass on an unsuspecting world as the real deal.

      Satan's greatest masterpiece, is not to develope an easily discernible false position, but to take that which Christ has given and subtly change it into something that he can entice throngs into accepting as legitimate.

      The Roman Catholic Church is Satan's greatest masterpiece, and he utilizes it by kneading together Christian ideals with old Mysteries from the ancient Babylonian pagan mythological religious system that is predicated upon the idolizing of the seed of Satan himself.

      The seven-hilled city mentioned by John in the book of Revelation chapter 17:9; today commands the subjection of universal Christiandom, as well dominating the churches role in the discussion of Peace in Jerusalem.

      Rome is obviously working in leauge with the kings of this world to establish itself as the only representative of Christiandom on this planet, and consequently it is preoccupied with the eventual status of Jerusalem. Make no mistake about it, Satan also knows the significance of Jerusalem to end-time world events.

      The ages old attempt of Satan to establish a base for a world kingdom was transplanted from ancient Babel (which means "Gate to God"), to Rome via the Turkish city of Pergamos.

      Isaiah 14:13 Satan says; I will ascend into Heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God:

      This is Satan's scheme, to become the universally worshiped sovereign of mankind and the angels. You probably remember when Satan offered out the tantalizing temptation to Jesus of the Kingdoms of the whole Earth, if Jesus would only acknowledge Lucifer as Lord.

      So then, Satan is not interested in Atheism as an ideal to establish his domain, but simply uses it to divert worship away from God, but only for a time; until he can erect a system of worship with himself being the one enthroned and worshipped as God. This requires supplanting the real Church with an imposter, or an apostate Church, and supplanting the Holy Bible with a Gospel altered to suit his own designs.

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