Volume 39, Issue 3 ________________________________Bible Prophecy Ministry

A Quick Review of Jewish History
  • God promised a Land of clearly defined boundaries (Genesis 15:18-21)to Abraham. (Genesis 12:1-3, 13:15, 15:17 etc.)
  • He renewed that promise to Abraham's son Issac... (Genesis 26:3-5)
  • Then again to Abraham's grandson Jacob... (Genesis 28:13)
  • Then to their descendants after them & forevermore... (Leviticus 25:46, Joshua 14:9 etc.)
  • It is a 'Historical Fact' that God brought these 'Chosen People' into the PROMISED LAND, an amazing story of miracles...(Exodus 6:7& 8, Deuteronomy 7:6,14:2)
  • When the Jewish People entered into the 'Promised land' God warns them that if they practiced the idolatry and immorality of the lands previous inhabitants, for which He had destroyed them, He would cast them out as well... (Deuteronomy 28:63, 1 Kings 9:7, 2 Chronicles 7:20)
  • Then, because of their disobedience... God declares that His people would be scattered "among all the people, from one end of the earth even unto the other"...(Deuteronomy 28:64, 1 Kings 9:7, Nehemiah 1:8, Amos 9:9, Zechariah 7:14 etc)
  • God said that wherever they wandered the Jews would be an "astonishment, a proverb, a byword, a curse and a reproach" (Deuteronomy 28:37, 2 Chronicles 7:20, Jeremiah 29:18, 44:8 )
  • The Jewish race has suffered greater persecution & tragedy then any other nation or group in history from the times of the Bible until present. And let's not forget the Holocaust which happened in our century. A terrible event, which ironically enough ended. up causing this Nation to be re-established shortly thereafter ...just as prophesied! God conveyed Daniel through the angel Gabriel in Daniel 9:24 - 27 that 70 weeks were decreed for his people, ( Israel ) and for the Holy City ( Jerusalem )...
  • to finish transgression
  • to make an end to sin
  • to make atonement for iniquity
  • to bring in everlasting righteousness
  • to seal up vision and prophecy
  • to anoint the most holy! ( Jesus )

These six wonderful things” would have become a worldly reality if Israel had recognized Jesus Christ as their promised King. Unfortunately, Israel failed to recognize him, and cut him off. ( just as prophesied in Daniel 9:26 ) But Jesus has promised to return to Israel, and to fulfill these six wonderful things. For these reasons, we are taught to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!

Psalms 122:6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.”

Darrell G. Young

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