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Seeing The Day As It Approaches

      In Hebrews 10:25 there is an exhortation for the followers of Jesus to hold steadfastly to the promise of our faith. Having accepted the gracious sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our sins, we are to hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; and recall always that he which ascended to the right hand of the Father has also promised to return.

      Hebrews 10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another; "as ye see the day approaching".

      Christians are encouraged to love one another and embolden each other in the faith and witness ever stronger, keeping the fellowship of assemblage for strength as we watch for the second coming of our Lord who shall then put all enemies under his foot.

      II Peter chapter three continues along this same vein by describing the day when the Lord shall come to destroy all his enemies. In verses 11-18 Christians are again encouraged to remain faithful, never despairing; but to put on the whole armor of God; and avoid being led astray by perverse teachings, or be found consorting with the wicked.

      Jesus utilized the Olivet Discourse to convey to the Last Days Christian generation the impending signs of His return. The purpose of these signs was to encourage his followers to take heart as we begin seeing those signs begin to come to pass. Thus the exhortation is to hold fast! Behold, I come quickly!

      These exhortations in and of themselves actually verify that watching for the return of Jesus is a part of the Christian endeavor. It is an exhibit to all the world of the hope that we place in our Saviour. He said that he would return, and the advent of all the various signs of his return causes an anxiousness deep within the soul of those Christians who are watching and are able to see that day out on the horizon of time as it approaches. It also compels Christians to urgently witness with a zest, because they can readily attest to the fact that time is indeed short.

      Only one generation throughout all of the history of the church could ever see that day as it began to approach. Many have longed to see it. Undoubtedly many Christians of the early church anticipated that day and died not realizing that it would be so long before the last days would actually arrive. Without a doubt the early church followers were much more zealous and watchful than the church is today. And that fact is very disturbing to me. Afterall, no other period of church history has been in a position to be a witness to so many of the signs of the last day.

      Today's church has more reason to be enthused and excited than any other era in church history. Why is it that today's church; much like Israel, 2000 years ago; simply cannot discern the signs of the times?

      In todays modern fast paced culture with all of its materialistic and humanistic philosophy, it is often difficult to find any sensitivity to the concept that man was created in the image of God; or that man is a spiritual creature that requires the love of God.

      It seems that the whole world is given more and more over to following the foolishness of increasing devilishness. For a Christian, far too often the ways of this world leave him feeling more and more like a social outcast, while the devil parades around in the main arenas of life clothed in a suit of popularity.

      This world just doesn't seem like home to me! Once more, it never has and it really never will.

      I just cannot enjoy watching the foolishness that is so prevalent in our society. I cannot accommodate the assaults of modern culture against my Lord. I cannot participate in in the wickedness of this wicked world. The abiding Holy Spirit which lives deep down inside of me coils in utter distaste at decadent lifestyles parading around in front of me, labeling me as old fashioned, and a old fashioned relic leftover has been from a bygone ignorant era of Christian discipline!

      However; I see a day approaching. And it isn't too far out there in the future. I have seen the signs of the coming of the Lord. Soon and very soon; he will be trampling out the vintage of the winepress of his wrath upon an unrepentant world.

      I can see the day approaching when Jesus shall return to take me home to be with him. That view within my spiritual eye is a constant companion. It exhorts me to hang on, to occupy, to struggle ever stronger in the promises of my Lord. That day being in my view consoles me while I fight on against the onslaught of the evil one. Can you see that day? It is approaching, ever nearer and nearer!

Darrell G. Young

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