Volume 39, Issue 3 ________________________________Bible Prophecy Ministry

By: Darrell G. Young

Approved by the Trusteeship Council at the eighty-first
Meeting on 4 April 1950.

WHEREAS the General Assembly of the United Nations in its Resolution 181(II) of 29 November 1947, laid down that the City of Jerusalem, as delimited in that Resolution, should be established as a "corpus separatum" under a "Special International Regime" and should be administered by the United Nations:

WHEREAS the General Assembly designated the Trusteeship Council to discharge the responsibilities of the Administering Authority on behalf of the United Nations:

WHEREAS the special objectives to be pursued by the United Nations in discharging its administrative obligations were set forth in the aforesaid Resolution as follows:

  1. To protect and to preserve the unique spiritual and religious interests located in the City of the three great monetheistic faiths throughout the world, Christian, Jewish and Moslem; to this end to ensure that order and peace, and especially religious peace, reign in Jerusalem;
  2. To foster cooperation among all the inhabitants of the City in their own interests as well as in order to encourage and support the peaceful development of the mutual relations between the two Palestinian peoples throughout the Holy Land; to promote the security, well-being and any constructive measures of development of the residents, having regard to the special circumstances and customs of the various peoples and communities":

WHEREAS the General Assembly in the aforesaid Resolution directed the Trusteeship Council to elaborate and approve a detailed Statute for the City and prescribed certain provisions, the substance of which should be contained therein:

WHEREAS the Trusteeship Council prepared on 21 April 1948 the Draft Statute for the City of Jerusalem (Document T/118/Rev.2):

WHEREAS the General Assembly of the United Nations, in its Resolution 194(III) of 11 December 1948 resolved that a special treatment separate from that accorded to the rest of Palestine should be accorded to the Jerusalem area and that it should be placed under effective United Nations control:

WHEREAS the General Assembly of the United Nations, in its Resolution 303 (IV) of 9 December 1949 restated "its intention that Jerusalem should be placed under a permanent international regime, which should envisage appropriate guarantees for the protection of the Holy Places, both within and outside Jerusalem", and requested the Trusteeship Council to "complete the preparation of the Statute of Jerusalem (T/118/Rev.2), omitting the now inapplicable provisions" and, "without prejudice to the fundamental principles of the international regime for Jerusalem set forth in the Resolution of 29 November 1947 introducing therein amendments in the direction of its greater democratization, approve the Statute, and proceed immediately with its implementation":

In pursuance of the aforesaid Resolutions,
approves the present Statute for the City of Jerusalem.

Article 1
Special International Regime
The present Statute defines the Special International Regime for the City of Jerusalem and
constitutes it as a corpus separatum under the administration of the United Nations.


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