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Terrorist Attacks Upon Israel. . .

Terrorist Attacks Upon Israel Since Arafat Renounced Terror

      God's chosen nation of Israel is in the position of having to put up with terrorist attacks on a routine basis simply because she refuses to negotiate herself out of existence. Why should Israel, one of the tiniest nations in the world be expected to sit at a negotiating table with any terrorist? *Following is a chronology of bomb blasts and some of the other attacks since 1993, when Yasser Arafat became a Nobel peace prize winner.


      April 23: Four people are lightly injured when a car bomb explodes in a busy open-air market in Or Yehuda, south of Tel Aviv. April 22: Two killed, some 40 wounded when suspected suicide bomber blows up explosive-packed belt at bus stop at Kfar Saba north of Tel Aviv, near the border with the West Bank. April 22: A policeman is lightly injured when a bomb explodes in the northern Israeli port city of Haifa. March 28: Two Israeli teenagers are killed along with a suicide bomber and four people injured in an attack at a service station near Kfar Saba. March 27: A bomber is killed and around 30 people are wounded when a bomb explodes near a bus in the residential neighborhood of French Hill on the edge of occupied east Jerusalem. The attack comes six hours after three people are lightly injured in a car-bomb explosion in the retail and industrial area of Talpiot in southwest Jerusalem during rush hour. March 4: Four people are killed, including the suspected bomber, two women and an 85-year-old man, when a powerful bomb explodes during rush hour in the centre of the Mediterranean resort of Netanya. More than 40 people are injured. March 1: A bomb explodes prematurely near the northern Israeli town of Umm el-Fahm, killing one person and wounding nine. Police say the bomber, who survived, had planted another device in Tel Aviv, which was discovered and defused. February 14: Eight Israelis, including seven soldiers, are killed south of Tel Aviv when an Israeli public bus driven by a Palestinian ploughs into them as they wait at a bus stop. February 8: A car bomb explodes in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood of west Jerusalem. One woman is injured. January 1: A car bomb explodes by a bus station in Netanya, leaving 20 people injured. The suspected bomber later died.


      December 28: Thirteen Israelis are injured, most of them lightly, when at least one bomb explodes in a bus in Tel Aviv. November 22: Two Israelis are killed and around 55 injured when a car bomb explodes near a bus during rush-hour in the northern Israeli town of Hadera. The attack is claimed by the armed wing of the Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas. November 20: Two Jewish settlers are killed and nine injured by a roadside bomb targetting a school bus near a settlement in the Gaza Strip. November 2: Two Israelis are killed when a powerful car bomb explodes near a busy market in the heart of west Jerusalem in an attack claimed by the hardline Islamic Jihad. October 26: An explosives-laden militant from the Islamic Jihad is blown up when he rams his bicycle into an army post on a road near a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip. An Israeli soldier is slightly injured.


      November 7: Three simultaneous bomb blasts injure 34 people in Netanya on the eve of the launch of final status peace talks with the Palestinians on the future of the occupied territories. September 5: Three Arab Israelis with suspected links to the Islamic Resistance Movement, also known as Hamas, are blown apart in twin car bomb explosions in the Galilee resort of Tiberias and the northern port of Haifa less than 24 hours after Israel and the Palestinians sign the Sharm el-Sheikh interim peace accord.


      November 6: Double suicide bombing in Jerusalem kills the two bombers -- two Palestinian members of Islamic Jihad -- and injures 24 Israelis.


      September 4: Triple suicide bombing in west Jerusalem kills eight, including the three bombers, and injures more than 170. July 30: A double suicide bombing in Jerusalem's Jewish market kills 15 Israelis and the two unidentified bombers, and also leaves scores of people injured. March 21: A suicide bombing at a sidewalk cafe in Tel Aviv kills the Palestinian bomber, three Israeli women and wounds 46 others. March 13: A Jordanian soldier shoots dead seven Israeli schoolgirls on a field trip in Bakura, Jordan. January 9: A double bombing in Tel Aviv wounds 13 people.


      March 4: A bomb attack in Tel Aviv kills 13 Israelis, including a soldier. March 3: A suicide bombing on a Jerusalem bus kills 19 people including 10 Israelis, seven Romanians, an Ethiopian and a Palestinian. February 25: A double suicide bombing in Jerusalem and Ashkelon, claimed by Hamas, kills 26 people. Twenty-five people die in the first attack against a bus: 22 Israelis, including eight soldiers; two Americans and a Palestinian. The second bombing, in Ashkelon, kills an Israeli soldier.


      August 21: An unidentified attacker sets off a bomb in a Jerusalem bus, killing five people, including an American, and wounding 89 others. July 24: An unidentified suicide bomber activates a bomb aboard a bus in Ramat Gan, near Tel Aviv, killing six passengers. April 9: An Islamic Jihad suicide bomber strikes in the middle of an Israeli military convoy near the Kfar Darom settlement in Gaza Strip, killing seven soldiers and a US tourist. January 22: Two Islamic Jihad militants blow themselves up amid a group of Israeli troops at the Beit Lid crossing near Netanya, killing 21 soldiers.


      November 11: An Islamic Jihad member detonates a bomb near an Israeli military position in Netzarim, site of a Jewish settlement in the autonomous Gaza Strip, killing three officers. October 19: A Hamas militant sets off a bomb on a Tel Aviv bus, killing 23 passengers. April 6 and 13: Hamas strike twice in a week. The first blast is a car bomb attack on a bus in Afula in the north that kills eight Israelis and injures 44 others. Hamas says the attack is revenge for the massacre of 29 Palestinians by an extremist Jewish settler in Hebron in February the same year. The second attack in Hadera, north of Tel Aviv, kills five Israelis and injures 30 more.

Darrell G. Young

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