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Is The United States In Prophecy

      Is the United States of America to be found anywhere within the scope of end times Bible Prophecy? Every red-blooded American Christian should be concerned about that very question.

      The United States has long been searched for in the holy scriptures, by theologians and inquisitors alike, trying to uncover some indication as to what role America, if any, might play in end-time events. Prophecy writers have done an exhaustive research on explaining all the numerous theories about the various possibilities for the United States being in prophecy. Most of these efforts go into great detail to explain all the things that are not definable as being the United States, but few ever find something in the Bible to relate to the United States in the current playing out of last days events unfolding today.

      Most nations that are directly mentioned in the Bible, are mentioned because of their direct relationship to the nation of Israel. When one considers the subject of prophecy, one must also remember that any mention of nations involved in the events of the last days will again only be mentioned, or referred to out of the context of their relationship to the last days re-gathering of Jews, and the rebirth of the nation of Israel. Also, the prophets which conveyed the written record of last days Bible prophecy could only write in relative terms contemporary to their own individual era of history. The visions granted to prophets about the last days were conveyed in a type of historical pictograph form. An ancient prophet could not possibly specify the names of nations that would come into existence thousands of years into the future. Therefore, their descriptions of world powers often were transcribed in symbolism. ( bear, lion, leopard, sea-beast, earth-beast, dragon, woman, iron, silver, bronze, miry clay, etc. ) There is however information conveyed by each prophet about the ďactions of nations in their relations with IsraelĒ, which can be very helpful in identifying a nation in its Last Days position in prophecy.

      In light of the current Middle East Peace Process, the implication of America's involvement in coercing the nation of Israel to comply with the demands of Resolutions by the world body of nations (UN) is most significant, in light of Bible prophecy.

      Genesis 12:3 states that all nations are viewed with favor or impending judgement with regard to how each individual nation treats the small select nation of Israel. Israel was eternally tied into an international testimony of God's providence and omnipotence when Abraham entered into an eternal covenant with God.

      All nations that remember that special Covenant relationship that Israel has with the Creator, and conducts it foreign policy in accordance with it, can expect to be blessed by the God of Israel.

      On the other hand, those nations that disregard God's covenant promise to Israel, and subsequently conduct their diplomatic relations with Israel, in a manner which is not conducive to Godís word concerning his chosen nation; can expect at some point to find themselves in disfavor with the God of Israel.

      For a nation with a Judeo-Christian heritage, it is advisable for that nation to study the historical ramifications of civilizations in light of their societal relationships with national Israel down through history; and to glean from that analysis, the methods to determine its own appropriate Foreign Relations with the modern state of Israel.

      For instance, if Adolph Hitler of the former Nazi Germany could emerge from out of his present estate of torment and speak to the world once again today; he would doubtless warn every nation against the mistreatment of the Jews. He could explain all about the implications of antisemitism.

      United States Foreign Policy makers today need to be advised of history's lessonís regarding international relations with God's covenant nation, and His chosen people.

      The State Department of the United States has traditionally and historically been opposed to aiding Israeli interests in the Middle East ever since Israel was reborn among the community of nations in 1948.

      U.S. Secretary of State George C. Marshall and his successors, Dean Acheson, and John Foster Dulles, all were antagonistic to granting full recognition of statehood, or even conveying the appearance of friendship with the new state of Israel when it became an independent state on May 14, 1948. However, then President Harry Truman overruled his diplomatic advisers and granted immediate recognition to the new state of Israel, thereby enabling our government to assist the new nation with Foreign Aid, in its time of great need, and in essence guaranteeing its survival in its war of independence.

      The United States traditionally has supported Israel in the international arena of diplomacy and foreign relations ever since, primarily because of the overwhelming Christian support for Israel in grass roots America in the 40ís and 50ís.

      However. that support has waned since the days of the Arab Oil Embargo of 1975. After the Yom Kippur War of 1973, the Arab nations focused on utilizing its vast reserves of oil as a weapon of diplomatic blackmail and intimidation, to compel the world to enforce UN Resolutions against Israel. The USA has ever since embarked upon a subtle diplomatic mission to appease or manipulate the Middle East region in order to guarantee its citizens a cheap supply of oil.

      The United States has long been held in cultural contempt by the Muslim nations of the region because of its historical philosophical, ideological and theological similarity with Israel. It should be recalled that in the year 1979, at the blossoming of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Iranís Ayatollah Khomeini labeled the United States as being the great Satan, simply because of its historical alliance with Israel.

      It is as if the abhorrent demonic hordes of deception and delusion that John pictured as being released from the great river Euphrates, that is mentioned in Revelation 9:14 and also Revelation 16:12-14; during the Great Tribulation, have even now already had the foundational climate laid for their release, to go out and seek the recruitment of that vast army of hate-filled killers of Israel.

      Islamic terrorism is ever becoming more and more a cataclysmic threat to the United States. Indeed, the Muslim fundamentalists view the USA as the greatest obstacle preventing the destruction of Israel. But, albeit, the USA has already acquiesced to Islamic Terrorism, and international pressure by opting to coerce Israel into complying with UN resolutions demanding the relinquishing of occupied territory won from aggressor Arab foes.

      As the United States continues to compel Israel to follow down the Oslo peace path, and compels the leadership of Israel to accommodate the worlds resolution to dismantle Israel from the acquired promised land, it should be pointed out to all Christians within our nation that the reason for the seeming absence of any mention of our beloved United States in Biblical Prophecy is suggestive of the possibility that the Judgement of God may already have taken its due- course on our country prior to the era of the Great Tribulation.

      Our beloved country and its leaders need to heed the historical lessons of national Israelís sin, and disobedience to God; in its first occupation of the so-called promised land.

      God's conveyance of the promise of blessing or curses upon Israel, quoted in Genesis 12:2-3; is also a direct statement to our nation today, in particular because the United States was founded upon the precepts that our rights and our happiness, and our very liberties were granted by the Creator, as documented by our founding fathers when they acknowledged the God of Israel, our nationís Declaration of Independence. Just as the Creator can bestow rights and liberties upon any culture, so likewise he can remove those very same blessings!

      Israel, God's chosen nation, his own elect; was judged harshly by God for its national sin and disobedience; by being uprooted from the LAND that God gave them. Jeremiah, who became known as the weeping prophet of Israel, because of his intense realization of Israelís sins, wept and lamented over the societal sins of his beloved country over 2,700 years ago.

      Jeremiah's words of warning for his nation, should ring loudly as an alarm of impending judgement to America even now. America owes a great deal of its political, civil, and religious heritage to national Israel, and to the God of Israel; since our basis for civil law and order stems from the commandments handed down from God through Moses. Ironically in todayís America, those very same Ten Commandments are held in utter disdain.

      So, why wouldnít America be held to the same plateau of cultural righteousness as was national Israel before. Afterall, if God, would go so far as to punish even the nation of Israel, his own people, a people carrying his very own name; and permit them to be driven out of their promised land, and leave them at the absolute mercy of the worlds devilish hatred; why would he not hold America just as accountable for its similar path of rebellion and sin?

      In Jeremiah 18:7-8, God is speaking concerning his determination about when he judges or punishes a particular nation. Listen to what God says here:

      At what instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to pluck up, and to pull down, and to destroy it; If that nation, against whom I have pronounced, turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do to them.

      Here in these verses, God intimates that there is a precise moment set against any nation wherewith that nation must choose its course, either to follow God, or choose not to follow him, and that particular instant in linear time establishes his course of action either for or against that nation.

      Notice in verse 10 of Jeremiah 18, God says that if that nation do evil in his sight and simply obeys not his voice, then God would repent of the good, or the Blessing, which he would have benefited them. God has untold blessings to bestow upon nations, and it is his desire to bless the nations and peoples of the whole world; but each nation, or people must choose to follow in the paths of righteousness. God wants to plant and bless nations in this world and will indeed do so, if only those nations would simply acknowledge him and keep his ways.

      America has long enjoyed the bountiful blessings of God because of its historic heritage of following in the laws of God. That blessed status can end at any instant, when in its course of rebellion against God; it steadfastly refuses to repent of its evil ways.

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