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Osama’s Revenge”

By Gary Stearman
 “Prophecy in the News”


Focus on Jerusalem, in its continuing endeavor to make available interesting and doctrinally sound articles associated with Bible Prophecy is pleased to present this provocative article entitled, “Osama’s Revenge,” by Gary Stearman of the Prophecy in the News Ministry. FOJ hopes that this article by Mr. Stearman, based upon a book by the same title by Paul Williams, a former security consultant for the FBI will inspire your further interest in the study of the things of our Lord, even as we witness the approaching clouds of the Day of the Lord. FOJ has regularly carried news in its Newsroom Section about the sadistic plot of Islamic terrorists to destroy the United States, and this article highlights the urgency of that unfolding possibility. Bible prophecy may in fact portend a cataclysmic assault on America, as the USA comes more closely to fitting the power that dwells in the “coastlands” and is located “beyond the sea”, that is alluded to in the prophecies of Jeremiah chapter 25. Christians really need to be praying hard for America to experience a real return to God, or else the Lord may indeed leave the Divine hedges of protection for America abandoned.
(10-11-05…..Darrell G. Young)

The Hiroshima Plan
According to a new and widely-read book, Osama’s Revenge … The Next 911, the truth about terrorism is worse than we have imagined. Its author, Paul L. Williams, is a professor and prolific writer. His past research brought him into service as a consultant for the FBI. He documents many of the communiqués, activities and public statements of international terrorists. Their recent history demonstrates a frightening, monomaniacal dedication to the cause of jihad. And now, he says they have nuclear weapons hidden in the United States! Current assessments by US intelligence groups have confirmed his findings. In fact, the truth of his contention was starkly corroborated in a recent speech by a highly-placed official in the Bush administration. On August 1, 2005, WorldNetDaily posted the following report: “Issuing yet the latest warning of the threat of nuclear terrorism in the US, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said there are far worse security problems facing the country than bombings of mass-transit systems. “In comments during a visit to Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in California this week, Chertoff said the foremost concern for the nation’s security now is the threat of a larger chemical, biological or nuclear attack.” Chertoff’s statement constitutes an admission that widespread reports of so-called “suitcase nukes” are true. These are portable nuclear devices that have been smuggled into America and hidden until the time arrives to set them off, simultaneously, in our population centers. Christians everywhere should now be in constant prayer for our country. Nuclear terror has become a present reality. Can this nightmare vision really be true? Let’s look at a few quotes from Mr. Williams’ book. His history of Osama’s dark enterprise is a blood-curdling recitation of a fanatical criminal plague.

Heroin Buys the Bombs
The tentacles of Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda [Arabic for “The Base”] reach around the world. Their complex plans require secrecy, sophisticated communications and high-tech equipment. Most of all, their operations need vast supplies of money. Thanks to the drug trade, al Qaeda has a virtually unlimited budget. Osama’s home territory lies in the heart of the Golden Crescent that runs across Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Here, the vast poppy fields produce opium gum. Even under the primitive local conditions, it can be processed into what is called “number three” heroin. Osama took over the fields and built sophisticated laboratories near Kabul. “Number three” heroin was processed into the highly marketable “number four,” a fluffy white powder that can be dissolved and injected. Williams writes: “Within months the facilities were up and running as the civil war continued to rage throughout the country. The laboratories soon became capable of producing five thousand metric tons of heroin a year, making bin Laden the world’s largest supplier of the new international drug of choice. By 1997, the poppy harvest in Afghanistan soared to 3,276 tons of raw opium, and revenues began to pour into the coffers of al Qaeda at a rate estimated between $5 billion and $16 billion a year” (p. 33). In the US and Europe, new addicts have sprung up by the hundreds of thousands. Europeans consume twice the amount used in America. al Qaeda sees the West as the victim of its own moral collapse. Williams notes, “Thanks to Western decadence, bin Laden began to earn an amount estimated anywhere from $500 million to $1 billion a year. He could now purchase through his Russian connections the objects of his heart’s desire: several nuclear suitcases and the requisite nuclear technology that would bring about the triumphant ‘Day of Islam,’ when all of creation would fall in submission before the judgment seat of Allah” (p. 35).

Forty-Eight Suitcases!
In his book, Williams gives lengthy accounts, detailing the ways in which members of the Chechan mafia, work in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He tells the story of two Russians, members of a mafia called “Little Odessa,” who brought heroin into the US from Poland, where it had arrived from Turkey, after originating in Afghanistan. He tells of a certain “David Z, the boss of the Chechen clan in Coney Island.” “In 1996, David Z and his Mafia associates in Chechnya allegedly purchased a shipment of Special Atomic Demolition Munitions (SADMs), or “nuclear suitcases,” from former KGB officials who preferred perestreika (the Russian word for “shootout”) to perestroika (Mikhail Gorbachev’s word for “reform”). The compact nukes represented the most desirable weapons for customers from such countries as Iran, North Korea and Libya, and representatives of the World Islamic Front who wanted a big bang for their buck. The Chechen Mafia purportedly sold twenty nuclear suitcases in Grozny to representatives of Osama bin Laden and the mujahadeen. For the weapons, bin Laden paid $30 million in cash and two tons of heroin that had been refined in his laboratories in Afghanistan. The street value of the heroin was in excess of $700 million” (p. 41). Williams writes, US authorities were told of the sale. Among others, they were informed by Russia’s Federal Security Service, the London Times, the Jerusalem Report, Al-Watan Al-Arabi, Muslim Magazine and Al-Majallah (a Saudi weekly published in London). He continues, “In 2002, Al-Majallah published an update, claiming that bin Laden had succeeded in obtaining a total of forty-eight nuclear suitcases from the Russian Mafia over the course of several years” (p. 41).
What are these “suitcases?” Actually they are small nuclear bombs of a size that can be carried in a suitcase, but are really tactical nuclear weapons. They have been progressively refined to a smaller and lighter form. They could be fired from a variety of launchers into public places, skyscrapers, arenas or military bases. One such weapon, hidden in the center of a major metropolitan area would instantly kill several hundred thousand people, at the same time exposing millions of others to lethal gamma rays. Days later, nuclear fallout would take untold thousands of additional lives. Williams tells of an interesting meeting among US representatives: “In 1998, Alexander Lebed, the former Russian security secretary under Boris Yeltsin, met in a closed-door session with members of the US House of Representatives and admitted that forty nuclear suitcases had disappeared from the Russian arsenal and could be in the hands of Muslim extremists. Lebed said that he was able to confirm the production of 132 suitcases and could account for only 48. When asked the whereabouts of the other 84 suitcases, Lebed replied: ‘I have no idea’” (p. 46). Keep in mind that Lebed was talking about weapons capable of producing a ten kiloton explosion, quite sufficient to wipe out most of New York City. It is said that now, their design has been refined to the point that they would fit into the average attaché case.

Al Qaeda’s Hallmark: Patience
Al Qaeda is almost casual about the use of nuclear terror. Williams mentions a remark made by Osama: “In November 2001, bin Laden told Hamid Mir, the editor of Dawn, the Pakistani daily newspaper: ‘We have chemical and nuclear weapons. It is not difficult [to obtain such weapons], not if you have contacts in Russia with other militant Islamic groups. They are available for $10 million and $20 million” (p. 161). Given that al Qaeda has as many as 48 nuclear weapons in place here, why have they not yet detonated them? Williams points out that a major credo among Islamic terrorists is patience, incredible patience. Planning for the 1998 Kenya bombing of the US Embassy was begun in 1993. The USS Cole attack was the result of two years of planning. Ten years passed between the first and second bombing of the World Trade Center. In his 1996, “Declaration of War against the Americans Occupying the Land of the Two Holy Places [Israel],” Osama concluded with a prayer for patience. New recruits recite the following: “I will be patient until patience is worn out from patience” (p. 157). “On November 25, 2001, Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar assured BBC reporters that the nuclear destruction of the United States was well underway: ‘The plan is going ahead and, God willing, it is being implemented. But it is a huge task, which is beyond the will and comprehension of human beings. If God’s help is with us, this will happen within a short period of time; keep in mind this prediction’” (p. 158). They await the right time and the right date. Doubtless, it will be a symbolic reprisal, perhaps on the date of a historical battle, or the date of an imagined insult. Meanwhile, they plot, and plan, and hide.

US Security Knows All This … And More
Williams notes, “On October 11, 2001, George Tenet, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, met with President Bush to present news that at least two nuclear suitcases have reached al Qaeda operatives in the United States” (p. 162). It is well known that many Arab terrorists have penetrated our infamously-porous borders. But that may not be the worst aspect of our vulnerability. According to Williams, Osama bin Laden owns twenty-three ships and has a great many connections in the international shipping trade, including the Sicilian Mafia. With some sixteen thousand ships entering our ports each day, there is no way that all the shipping containers can be examined. Williams quotes a source who says that our seaport security is “zip,” that is, nonexistent. With open borders and open interstate transportation, no human agency can stop these stealthy assassins. So far as we know, the hundreds of sophisticated radiation detectors deployed around the country have discovered nothing.

The Mahdi
Actually, al Qaeda believes that it is bringing Judgment Day to the world. From the Koran, Williams quotes, “The Shock – When the earth convulses in her shock, and the earth disgorges her burdens, and the people say, ‘What is wrong with her?’ that day she will tell her news that your Lord has inspired her. On that day, humankind will go forth divided to be shown their works. Thus whoever has done an atom of good will see it. And whoever has done an atom of evil will see it” (1-8). And he quotes, “The Calamity! – What is the Calamity, and what will convey to you what the Calamity is? A day when humankind will be scattered like moths, and the mountains like carded wood. And for those whose balance is heavy, they will be in a contented life; and as for those whose balance is light, their place will be an abyss. And what will convey to you what it is? A raging fire” (1-11). These two quotes remind us of what the Bible calls the Day of the Lord. And yes, it will be a day of judgment. Islamic extremists are deeply motivated to bring about this judgment day, for they believe that their nuclear fire will purge the earth of all but the righteous of Islam. Williams writes that Osama is regarded as a kind of messiah figure: “His attendants bow before him and greet him as the ‘awaited enlightened one.’ This title has been bestowed upon him by believers throughout the Muslim world, both Sunnis and Shiites. He is more than a mighty warrior or a religious leader. To his followers, he is the rightly guided caliph – the Mahdi – who will appear during the last days of human history. “After restoring justice to the world by imposing shariah [Islamic law] on all nations, he will lead the people in prayer at Mecca – an occasion at which Jesus will be present. Following the ceremony, he will rule over the Muslim people for seven years” (p. 174).
“The man in the village in Pakistan [bin Laden] speaks of the president of the United States as Dabbah, the beast that he must slay, and of the American people as the Yajuj wa-Majuj [God of Magog], the nation of Gog that he must destroy” (p. 175). Islam is motivated. Indeed, it believes that its divinely-appointed time has at long last, arrived. We all need to Pray for America.


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