Focus on Jerusalem is a prophetic ministry that places a Biblical emphasis on the ongoing Middle East Peace Process. The involvement of the United States in enforcing the partitioning of the promised land conveys serious implications for our beloved country. Zechariah 12:2-3 indicates that all nations that become preoccupied with enforcing a world solution upon a reborn Israel, shall be cut to pieces. Joel 3:2 also indicates that the partitioning of Israel in the days when the God of Israel has restored her back into the land that he gave to the forefathers of Israel will cause destruction of all those nations who oppose the repossesion of the land by Israel. The ancient Babylonian Captivity of national Israel marked the first uprooting of national Israel from its prized homeland. After returning to the land under decree of Cyrus the Persian king, Israel once more dwelt in the beautiful land. However, in 70AD, Israel was once more uprooted from the promised land by the empire of Rome. This dispersion marked the great worldwide diaspora. Isaiah 11:11 however sets the focus upon the "second" regathering of Israel to the glorious land of Israel, which the world now refers to as Palestine. Focus on Jerusalem is a monthly newsletter written by Darrell Young. Newsletter subscriptions, or speaking appointments may be accommodated by forwarding requests to:


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Darrell Young is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with B.S. degree in Technical Engineering and an associate degree in History and Political Science. Darrell is a retired design engineer from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and is now engaged full-time as an author and speaker on Bible prophecy. Darrell taught an indepth Bible prophecy class at Gethsemane Baptist Church in Danville, Kentucky for several years before starting the FOJ Ministry. The Focus on Jerusalem Prophecy Ministries was launched in 1995, with the newsletter becoming the principle outreach. Since then, the FOJ Ministry has focused on prophecy conferences and powerpoint presentations in local churches dealing with Bible prophecy and its relevance to the events occurring in our times. Darrell also regularly speaks to local churches principally on prophetic themes. Having been a Christian since the age of 5, Darrell has been a life long student and observer of Historical Bible Prophecy.


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Br. Kenneth Meredith (Preacher & Deacon, Fellowship Baptist Church, Harrodsburg,KY)

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