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Islam And Allah vs. Israel. . .Page 3

      The Middle East is by far the world's deadliest neighborhood, it is a region which has spent over one trillion dollars of its oil income on an ever increasing storehouse of mass destructive type weaponry, since the Persian Gulf War of 1991.

      The market for weapons in the Middle East, oddly enough belongs primarily to the United States. Today, over 90% of the military systems sold in the region were sold by the USA. The dramatic success of the video-war in the gulf resulted in the negation of Russian abilities to compete for the enormous market demand of the Arab thirst for weapons with which to destroy Israel.

      At the same time, it is the United States that is leading the cause of Peace in the Middle East. Yes, that’s right, while America talks peace on behalf of some new world order think tanks, our military industry along with government input, labors to constantly re-supply the lucrative business of Middle East weapons customers. In effect the United States and the West are insuring that there will be future warfare in the Middle East.

      Israel, which is supposed to be our lone ally in the region is often backed into fighting defensive wars by our own greed.

      There is arguably no other people or ethnic group in the world quite so pitiless as the Arab peoples. I often am asked, “does God hate the Palestinian people and love only the Jews”. And just what is it that fuels this flame of barbarism and hatred for Israel? The simple answer is their religion of Islam.

      The propensity for Muslim fanatic cruelty and its objectives is as old as the Arab heritage itself. In the book of Genesis chapter 16:11-12 we find some words of insight:

      And the angel of the Lord said unto her, Behold, thou art with child, and shalt bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmael; because the Lord hath heard thy affliction. And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him, and he shall dwell in the spot of his brethren.

      His brethren of course is the nation of Israel, and Ishmael's sons now encircle his brother, but Ishmael is still a wild man.

      Christians who believe that the Muslim wants to make real peace with Israel, and not instigate war simply are naive to the lessons of Biblical history. The motivation to destroy Israel has dramatically increased among Muslim nations in relation with Arabic submission to Allah. Allah's honor is at stake in the confrontation with Israel, and the only means to have that honor restored, and for the religion of Islam to be exonerated is by the total extinction of the Zionist state of Israel which lies within the geographic bounds of an Islamic empire.

      For this reason, Muslim Caliph's and Mufti's send out the command from Allah, calling upon all Islamic adherents to carry out Holy Jihad against Israel. The great powerful rallying cry for fundamental Moslems is "Al Quds"; Al Quds; or Jerusalem, Jerusalem; until Jerusalem has become Allah's.

      Yasser Arafat has succeeded in convincing, or so it seems, the entire world that peace is possible only if Israel will concede back land to the displaced refugees of Palestine. Yet, he makes absolutely clear that the city of Jerusalem must be also be conceded to be the capitol of the new state of Palestine. Allah dictates through the Koran that Muslims must struggle every ten year period to liberate lost lands. This makes the city of Jerusalem appear to be a ticking time bomb, since it is the objective of both east and west.

      Jerusalem is a an unmovable stone. Satan has enlisted a multitude of powers and religions to effectively remove that stone from Jehovah!

      As the so called Final Status talks plunge ahead in an attempt by the forces of this world to determine its desire for the city of Jerusalem, the whole world waits for a coming clash over the Holy City. Some see it as the end of time, while some see it as a decisive battle between the forces of Islam and the West. In reality, it is a battle, a supernatural spiritual battle; an attempt by the forces of Satan to unseat God ( Jehovah ) from the city where that He chose to establish his upon earth. It is "Jesus", who is coming to reign in the city of Jerusalem; ..not Mohammed or Allah!

      The sooner that the United States and the Church recognizes that fact, the more likely it would become that the United States would find itself under blessing through the course of that cosmic conflict; but while failing to be reconciled to the fact that Jesus is the Lord of Jerusalem will only result in the demise of the United States.

      God covenanted to give the land of Canaan to Abraham, and through Abraham's son Isaac, and then to his descendants forever ( Gen: 13:15; 12:1-7; 13:14-17 and 15:7, 18-21 ). The Muslim religion combined with the Gentile nations, are seeking to deprive Israel of its God-ordained inheritance. God is still the rightful owner of this land today, as he is all lands; but the land under scrutiny in Palestine today has been granted to Israel for possession by the owner.

      Ishmael, was also a son of Abraham, but Gods covenant with Ishmael is mentioned in Genesis 17 verses 19-21; and he was granted princedom over other lands.

      In the area of the Middle East, the descendants of Ishmael have inherited far more land, and far more natural resources than Israel, but it has been largely monopolized by special interests. (oil) Is it not odd that the average Arab native lives in absolute poverty, yet his land holds the gold of modern technology, oil?

      The nations of Islam hold sway over 99% of the land of the Middle East, and still yet they desire to have the tiny speck God left to Israel, and for what reason?

      Does it hold the key to their economic success?

      No, far from it, the only reason the Arabs want it is because the God of Islam demands it, and incites their religious passions to acquire it for his own throne, or better yet to specifically deny it to the God of Israel, just as the great religion of the west demands it for the God of Catholicism, the Prince of Rome.

      Allah will not reign in Jerusalem. Allah is a false God!

Darrell G. Young

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