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      Genesis 12:3 should have served notice as a guideline for a Christian nation in conducting a foreign relations policy with the tiny nation of Israel; even if every other nation is confederated against Israel!

      Genesis 12:3 And I ( God ) will bless them that bless thee ( Israel ), and I will curse them that curseth thee:

      What should America expect? A Blessing or cursing?

      As the Camp David talks wore on, it became all too apparent that Yasser Arafat would not budge the least bit from demanding possession of all the Old City of Jerusalem, and its Temple Mount. Arafat was quoted in Arab media as saying; "The Arab leader has not been born who will give up Jerusalem"! He further informed President Clinton that he would likely be assasinated if he compromised Palestinian rights to East Jerusalem.

      Back in Gaza, Palestinian youths fired machine guns into the air as a symbolic defiant act against ceding the city of Jerusalem. Shabiba, an organization of Youthful Fatah terrorists being trained to carry out plans of war on Jerusalem, marched promising to take the Old City by force someday.

      Meanwhile, Jewish protestors marched in Tel Aviv to exhibit their concerns about Jerusalem even being openly put forth on the negotiating table. After all, the Camp David Summit talks marked the first time ever in 3000 years of history that any Israeli leader actually chanced ownership of the city on a bargaining table.

      And to think; that it took the United States, and President Clinton to compel Israel into this situation!

      I have before me an article written by Ha' Aretz writer Nitzan Horowitz. The title states: "President Clinton gets an "A" for effort". He continues in his column to say: Clinton used all his tactful skill, all of his immense charm and personal magnetism to get a deal from Arafat; but that Arafat had disappointed the President by being so intransigent on the subject of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

      Yes, our President was willing to labor hard and late into the night in an attempt to come out of the Summit with a feather in his own political cap, at the expense of Israel, and in complete ignorance of Bible prophecy concerning the very topic of Jerusalem. Our Presidents actions at Camp David were pathetic and sickening. All true Christians should be disgusted by Mr. Clinton's persistency in coercing Israel to bargain away the city God chose for his own name.

      One Clinton negotiating team member stated that Mr. Clinton was bitter and angry that the talks ended in failure; quoting Clinton as saying, " We didn't even get a ceremony after all my work on this".

      Sadly, American opinion polls continue to portray President Clinton with very commendable ratings for his extraordinary efforts to achieve a resolution to the Jerusalem Syndrome.

      The camping out party at Camp David has focused world wide attention on the exasperating, perplexing burdensome stone problem regarding the Sovereignty of Jerusalem. The whole world is engaged in resolving this controversy. How will it be resolved?

      Well, keep Focusing on Jerusalem to find out. The entire world is now preoccupied with the burdensome problem represented by the city of God.

Darrell G. Young


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