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Jesus On The Last Days. . .Page 3

      While this is a direct quote from Jesus himself, indicating a seeming lack of his ability to know the exact time of his prophesied return; we would do well to recognize that Jesus, as the "Son of God" left his Eternal state of abode with the Father (outside of Earth-dimensional time) and became manifest in the flesh as a second Adam. (John 1:14) This confined Jesus to time-space limitations. He never had the omni-present capability while in the flesh; that he had back in Heaven. This is why he said in John 16:7, that it was expedient for us, that he go back to the Father, thereby once again regaining the capacity of omnipresence he had previously held. In his stead, he sent the Comforter (holy spirit) to perform that omnipresent function within all believers.

      Need more proof that Jesus does indeed know the Day of his own return?

      Taking a look back in Zechariah 14:1-7. Here the Lord is describing the future "Day of the Lord". Jesus is pictured as fighting against the nations that have gathered against Jerusalem. When his feet have touched down on the Mount of Olives east of the city of Jerusalem; it in turn causes a great earth quake. Notice though the line in verse 5, by the way, ( all the saints come with him ).

      But, look at verse seven. It says that it shall be a Day which shall be known to the LORD. "Read that again".

      It was a Day known unto the Lord. So, we see that in the Old Testament, Jesus knew all the minute details about his prophesied second coming long before he had ever even came the first time.

      So then, how is it that Jesus seemingly did not know these same details when He was here in the flesh as portrayed in Matthew 24:36; where Jesus states that, “No man knows the hour or the day, not even the angels of heaven, and that only his FATHER alone knew the day”?

      Looking at Acts 1:6-7, the disciples again are asking Jesus about prophecy. The question they ask this time comes after Jesus crucifixion and resurrection. Question: “Will you now at this time restore the Kingdom to Israel”? In verse seven, Jesus response here seems entirely different from his reaction back in Matthew 24:4. He says this time, "It is not for you to know the times, or the seasons which the Father has put in His power. The reason JESUS responds thusly is simply because he had not yet ascended back up to his Father in Heaven. With Jesus having already expounded on many prophetic themes in the Olivet mount message, you may ask why it is that he now seems to take an about face in answering their questions.

      Jesus knew that the disciples would die out before all these things were completed or even remotely approached their ultimate fulfillment. True, the answers Jesus gave to their question about the Temple were relevant to their life span; but the rest of the things to take place were beyond their capacity to comprehend, as it was 700 years earlier for Daniel.

      But, lets go forward about 60 years to the point in time after Jesus has ascended back to his Father. John wrote in Rev. 1:1-3, that the Father then revealed to Jesus all the detailed aspects about prophecy, and the imminent return of His Son. Jesus, in turn revealed all of this information to his Angel, who then brought that information to John. And John has written it down for revealing to Us!

      Can you imagine God and Jesus having secrets from one another, when they are one- and-the-same. That would be preposterous! Jesus was found Worthy to open up the book that had been sealed shut back in Daniel.

      Isn't it nice to know that the Father, and Jesus wanted us to know things about the future and revealed them in the Bible?

      When people say that even Jesus does not know the Day of HIS return; they show an ignorance about historical revelation, and also undermine the intention of God to warn as many people as possible about the coming time of his great wrath, which they need to avoid.

      Jesus said "I tell you all these things now, beforehand", so you can escape the consequence of his Wrath.

      The Devil would like to fool all the people all of the time, but he cannot do so. The True Word of Bible Prophecy guarantees that some of the people cannot be fooled all the time if they simply read it. So, when you hear speakers or writers indicate that even Jesus de-emphasized the prophetic word, that even Jesus himself does not even know when He is coming back...............Just do what the disciples did; ..."Just Ask Jesus" Utilize your enquiring mind and let the Holy Spirit guide you unto all prophetic truth!

      The subtle implication that even Jesus himself does not know when he is to come the second time carries with it the underlying theme, that the people of the first century could be excused for not being aware that he was supposed to appear when he came the first time. Nothing exempted first century people from the clearly proclaimed prophecy that the Messiah would come at the end of Daniel's 69th week.

      The Devil hates the prophetic word of the Lord, because it exposes him as a super fraud. He will distort the plain, clear, simple inspired words of prophecy, with the intention of changing its understanding.

      And, what better way to disengage people from studiously connecting themselves from a "beforehand" announcement about the imminent coming of Jesus; than to promote the idiotic notion that even JESUS don't know anymore about his great advent than you.

      Be forewarned, Jesus knows all, and it is he that is about to signal to his Angel to "Sound the Trumpet" to announce his arrival!

Darrell G. Young

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