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      So then, the harlot woman is situated in the city of Rome, it has killed and persecuted the Saints, it has perverted the Gospel, and co-ruled with earthly Kings, she claims to be Christ's Queen, she has spawned other harlot religions, and as indicated in Jeremiah 44:19 she uses little wafers to represent her devotion in her worship rituals.

      Now, Do you have any earthly idea as to who this Harlot Mystery Woman might be?

      One last thought for you, Revelation 18:4 is a plea to all the Saints to "come out of her"! If God calls for "his people" to come out of this Church, would it not then seem logical that many people would feel that this Church is Genuine?

      It is universally known as the Mother Church! Hence the usage of the terminology, “Mother of Harlots”, utilized in Revelation 17:5

      This Mother Church is also known as the "Universal Church", or the "Catholic Church". This church is presently striving to return to its bosom all the children of faith under the banner of the religion of Christianity. Her aim is to unite all Christiandom under her umbrella.

      The Papacy under Pope the John Paul II has dedicated itself to the movement called "Ecumenicalism" with a vast variety of world-wide efforts in an urgent mission to unite all of Christiandom and thereby establish a world-wide Christian Kingdom on earth for the new millennium.

      This kingdom, once established and solidified by the ecclesiastical hierarchy of religious universalism may then be turned over to the Universal Bishop for service.

      Recently, the Vatican Congregation of the Faith issued a Papal decree condemning all the Protestants, and other Christian Church afilliations as improper churches because of their refusal to submit to the Universal authority of the Pope!

      Does this sound familiar? Revelation chapters 12 and 13 exposes the scheme of Satan to use the Anti-Christ and the religious False Prophet to unite the entire world under his Leadership.

      One error in this type of "Dominion Theology" is that the Church is not responsible for establishing the foundation for the establishment of a world kingdom for the King to come back to. The King (Jesus) himself shall establish the throne for his Kingdom when he returns!

      The Church, the true and faithful Bride is to make herself beautiful for him before he returns by telling all people everywhere about the wedding and sending out as many invitations R.S.V.P. as possible.

      What bride goes and builds a place for her Groom to come and live? That is the bridegroom's duty and responsibility!

      Also, the place that Jesus is now preparing for his bride is in Heaven, not here on Earth. This earth is going to pass away; so Jesus does not need it to house his Bride in. Neither does he need it for a Kingdom! We are his subjects and we shall be with him wherever he is.

      Any church that plans on establishing a Kingdom here on this earth has a different suitor. There is only one Prince who plans on forming a kingdom on the earth as an everlasting Earthly Kingdom. That is Satan himself!

      Let there be no confusion on this matter however, there is going to be an earthly 1000 year long Kingdom of Jesus Christ on the earth, but it is for Israel, and after the failed attempt at a Kingdom of Anti-Christ!

      The Church of Mystery Babylon will find itself being ultimately being ravaged by her various lovers during the era known as the Tribulation period. Revelation 18:5-8 indicates that she shall be devoured by a double- portion by the ten Kings of the world confederation that will submit all their power unto the Antichrist.

      Revelation 17:16-17 plainly show that the rulers of the world will have conspired together out of their envy to rape and pillage the universal adulterous woman in a scheme to pass to the World King the complete homage and adoration of all people worldwide.

      The long ago initiated scheme of Lucifer to exalt himself above God and sit himself in the place of God, showing the world that he is indeed "GOD" will reach its climax, having for a brief time united all mankind under the name of Tolerance, Unity, World peace through Craft, (Peace Processes) and for a short while the World Shall Be One.

      Tolerance of all peoples, Unity of all Religions, Love and World Peace are great ideologies for mankind to pursue, but not with the Wrong Man as the WORLD KING.

      Just as Israel went whoring after other Gods in the Old Testament, the New Testament Bride of Christ is being continually wooed by the God of this world. And that is why John is shown this great "Mystery". It stunned John when it was shown to him because he could not believe that the Church, the Blood bought Bride could become so enamored with other flattering lovers.

      The letters to the Church in the opening chapters of the Revelation exhort the members of the Bride to remain faithful, to endure this present world system until he returns, to continue to be true to his Word, and not to be seduced (Rev 2:20) into Spiritual Fornication.

      To the faithful and true church, Jesus says he will keep them from the Hour of Temptation that shall come upon the world to try them who have not heeded his invitation to participate in the Marriage Feast.

      The world system of Babylon, brought into fruition by the evil suitor with the help of the Mystery Woman shall go through that Hour of Temptation.

      "Come out of Her My People", this loving plea by the Bridegroom indicates that even true, loving Christians are enticed into seductive feelings of satisfaction within the universal Worlds Church.

Darrell G. Young

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