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The Year of the Countdown
By Jack Kinsella of the Omega Letter

The Year of the Countdown

By Jack Kinsella of the Omega Letter

Focus on Jerusalem Note: (Darrell G. Young) I have never met Mr. Kinsella, but I strongly recommend to the regular readers of FOJ this article written by him. It is scripturally sound, and I agree 100% with the prophetic deduction that Mr. Kinsella highlights from the prophet Ezekiel made herein in the next to the last paragraph. I hope you will enjoy his article and examine the scriptures of Ezekiel chapter 5 and Leviticus chapter 26 carefully. Jesus is indeed coming soon, and the countdown to that wonderful day has begun. I urge everyone to keep Focusing on Jerusalem, for it will be the focal point of the world’s last stand against the King of King’s, as He comes to establish his throne in Jerusalem!

As discussed in previous letters, most of the major prophetic fulfillments of the last days can trace their genesis to the same point in history, on or near the year 1948. This is most significant since Jesus said that the generation who witnessed the restoration of Israel (the blossoming fig tree) 'would not pass until ALL was fulfilled' (Matthew 24:34) Jesus spoke, for example, of 'wars and rumors of wars', but cautioning, 'the end is not yet'. (Matthew 24:6)

The Cold War was the ultimate 'rumor of war'. It lasted more than forty years without either side ever directly confronting the other on the battlefield. Historians trace the beginning of the Cold War to the Berlin Airlift to break the Soviet blockade of Berlin, imposed on June 24, 1948. The most well-known of all Bible prophecies is the Mark of the Beast. According to Revelation 13:15-17, the antichrist will assume control of a global system of government unlike any the world had ever known. Under the antichrist, any person outside that system will be declared 'socially dead,' any who refuse to accept the Mark will be unable to buy or sell. Consider this for a minute, but I suggest you sit down before you do.

We are so close to that system today that the same method is already being used to rout out and destroy terrorist cells! Every economic transaction, every internet session, every email and every phone call, world-wide, is already being electronically monitored as part of the war on terror. To catch the terrorists in our midst, they must be isolated from mainstream society, their sources of funding targeted and destroyed, and their ability to engage in day-to-day social intercourse electronically interrupted. Such intimate control of society was impossible before the advent of the Computer Age. Although there were clunky working computers dating back to the 1930's, they relied on notoriously unreliable vacuum tubes, and firing one up consumed enough electricity to light a small city. Before the digital explosion, transistors were a vital part of improvements in existing analog systems, such as radios and stereos. When it was placed in computers, however, the transistor became an integral part of the technology boom. They are also capable of being mass-produced by the millions on a sliver of silicon; the semiconductor chip. It is this almost boundless ability to integrate transistors onto chips that has fueled the information age. Today these chips are not just a part of computers. They are also important in devices as diverse as video cameras, cellular phones, copy machines, jumbo jets, modern automobiles, manufacturing equipment, electronic scoreboards, and video games. Without the transistor there would be no Internet and no space travel. Bell Labs patented the transistor chip in 1948, launching the modern computer Age.

Revelation 13 also highlights the career of the False Prophet, who will lead a global religious system that John describes as 'having two horns like a lamb' but 'spake as a dragon'. The World Council of Churches, the UN-backed ecumenical movement, whose stated goal is to bring about a global religious system, was created in Amsterdam in August, of 1948. Ostensibly a 'Christian' council, the WCC doctrinal statement says, it passes "no judgment upon the sincerity with which member churches accept" the WCC's basic 'confession' of Jesus Christ. In other words, not believing in Jesus is no barrier to membership in the WCC, something Paul called, "having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof." (2nd Timothy 3)

The modern European Superstate traces its roots to the 1948 Benelux Treaty that inspired the modern revival of the old Roman Empire.

And finally, we return to Israel. In Leviticus 26:3, 7-8, the Bible says that the army of Israel would have a supernatural power to prevail during times of conflict. Leviticus says that 5 people would be able to chase away 100 people, and that 100 would be able to chase away 10,000. On May 15, 1948, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon invaded Israel. The combined populations of these countries was at least 20 million at the time, versus less than a million Israelis. When the war was over, not only had Israel driven off the invaders, but she had expanded her territory by over fifty percent. The 1967 war lasted only six days and left Israel in control of Jerusalem for the first time in 2000 years. The 1973 Yom Kippur War was over in a couple of weeks.

The Year 1948 marked the end of one Divine Countdown and the beginning of another. The first Divine Countdown dealt with the duration of Israel's Diaspora. In Ezekiel 4:5-6, the prophet records the period determined by God as punishment for Israel's disobedience: "For I have laid upon thee the years of their iniquity, according to the number of the days, three hundred and ninety days: so shalt thou bear the iniquity of the house of Israel. And when thou hast accomplished them, lie again on thy right side, and thou shalt bear the iniquity of the house of Judah forty days: I have appointed thee each day for a year." Babylon was later conquered by Cyrus in 539 BC. Cyrus allowed the Jews to leave Babylon and to return to their homeland. But, only a small number returned. The return had taken place sometime around 536 BC, 70 years after Judah lost independence to Babylon as Jeremiah predicted. Because most of the exiles chose to stay in pagan Babylon rather than return to the Holy Land, the remaining 360 years of their punishment was multiplied by 7. The reason is explained in Bible's book of Leviticus. (Leviticus 26:18, 26:21, 26:24 and 26:28). In Leviticus, it says that if the people did not repent while being punished, the punishment would be multiplied by 7. And, by staying in pagan Babylon, most exiles were refusing to repent. So, if you take the remaining 360 years of punishment and multiply by 7, you get 2,520 years. That is 2,520 Jewish lunar years. 2,520 years x the 360-day lunar calendar works out to 907,200 days. Divide that by 365 and you come up with 2485.479 years. 2,485.479 years from 536 BC brings us to the end of the first quarter of the year 1949, exactly one year after Israel's restoration in 1948. But 1 BC and 1 AD were the same year, so the actual date on our calendar that Ezekiel predicted the restoration of Israel corresponds to late spring, 1948! 1948, the Year of the Countdown, counts down in both directions. It counts down with staggering precision to the exact point in history when the fig tree would once again blossom.

That event triggered the Second Countdown, the one that signals the end of the Church Age. It is somewhat less precise, for obvious reasons. Jesus said no man would ever be able to calculate the exact day and time, but He did tell us we would know when 'it was near, even at the door', saying, "THIS generation shall not pass, until ALL be fulfilled." The current Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon, fought in the 1948 War of Independence. He is still around. And so are we. So the 'fig tree' generation has not yet passed from the scene. And it won't before the Return of Christ. Which could be any minute now. Keep looking up!

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