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      This action was an affront to God and to the ages foreordained mystery of Salvation!

      Nimrod's great city was constructed in Babylon, and we find that the last days "man of sin" is connected to the mystery of Babylon; and the unifying religious name constituted in the woman riding the great Beast which John the Revelator caught a view of in Revelation 17.

      The description of Nimrod given in Genesis 10 of a man who began to be mighty, is suggestive of the idea that Nimrod struggled for preeminence and domination over the world, through miltary and religious means, and inniated the one-world concept to exalt his own name.

      The Hebrew word for "mighty" used in describing Nimrod's great campaign for attaining world supremacy is "Gibbor", which means, "Chief" or" Chieftain". So in reality Nimrod was the "Chief Rebel" of the conspiracy of Satanic designs to position a seed of idolatry upon earth's throne of universal preeminence.

      The Fallen Angels of Genesis chapter six which are described as mingling with the daughters of men in a biological attempt to corrupt the seed line of mankind was a scheme to block and negate God's promise of a seed. ( Messiah ) Satan plotted to establish a religion upon the earth to incorporate the worship of all men in the adoration of his seed. ( Antichrist )

      This ancient perverted and degraded religion raised its head immediately after the Great Flood, ( beast out of the sea ) and was based upon the Babylonian cult worship of Nimrod and his wife, "Semiramus"; and the supposed virgin-born son of their union. After Nimrod suffered a mortal head wound, he supposedly imparted his seed to Semiramus via a Fallen Angel visitation, as had previously been attempted in the pre-flood era.

      "Let me emphasize one more time here before I go any further into this tower building episode: This epic Babel story along with its seed - worship was a subtle but very clever scheme of Satan to anticipate the true genuine birth of Christ; and to cast disrepute on Jesus authentic birth, and to point the whole world toward universal worship of a seed of his very own making"!

      So then, for all of human history God has associated the mystery of Antichrist with the word Babylon, simply because Babel and Nimrod gave birth to the religious concept of Mother-Child ( seed ) iconography, and the perpetuation of that idolatrous and blasphemous system of worship through the auspices of the great whore we are introduced to by John in Revelation 17. The whore is a church seated on seven hills with a universal and Mighty Hunter who is a last days Chief Rebel!

      There has been much speculation about whether or not Babylon will be rebuilt in Iraq, and in particular if Saddam Hussein may figure into the last days equation since Babylon is so prevalently mentioned in prophecy. In my opinion, I don't believe that Babylon needs to be reconstructed in Iraq because I think Babylon already exists in philosophy, religion, and ideology; and prevails in the world today from numerous cities; of which the city of Rome is Chief.

      The Roman Church maintains that it was not really the seed of the woman, rather the Woman herself that should bruise the head of the serpent and his seed. In fact Rome interprets herself to be the Woman clothed with the Sun in Revelation chapter 12, instead of the nation of Israel.

      Rome teaches Replacement Theology because she is contending to build her Tower of Dominion Theology. The Babel priests set themselves wickedly to inculcate the Babylonian seed of Semiramus into the object for supreme deity and bestowed upon her the title of the Queen of Heaven, and Mother of God. The Romanish ecclessiastical hierarchy is today building the very same tower to Heaven by exalting Mary of Christian fame, to the position of Queen of Heaven!

      When we realize that Babel and the city of Babylon was the first city constructed in a world just emerging from the great flood (sea), and that the trinity of that effort was one claiming Godhood, with his wife raised to the mythical status of Queen of Heaven, and giving birth to a son who became universally worshipped as the seed of the Woman; we must come to realize that Satan compelled all the world to come together as one to worship at the Temple on the Tower!

      While Nimrod established cities at Erech, Accad, and Ninevah, it was Babylon that Semiramus built walls and a Tower to Nimrod's deity. She forever became known as the "Goddess of Fortifications", or the God of Forces which Daniel 11:38 alludes to. This Babylonian Goddess is today being personified in those mystical apparitions of her modern namesake (Mary) by Demons working in complicity with Satan to again compel the entire world to come together once again and worship at the Image of his son ( the Antichrist )!

      Pope John Paul II has issued a bull during his reign of pontifical supremacy proclaiming Mary as the Temple of God, since she was the body that graciously consented to give birth to the promised Seed.

      The blasphemous names bestowed upon Mary by the Popes of Romanology have not one single shred of even a hint of a foundation in the Holy Bible, but they have an endless array of foundational basis in the Babylonian mystery religion of idolatry. Yes, Rome's Madonna and Babel's Queen are one and the same!

      Through the Vatican's elevation of Mary to Queen of Heaven via its doctrines of The Annuciation, and the Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception, followed along by the doctrine of the Assumption, and concluding with the Marialus Cultus and Redemptoris Mater encyclicals of Pope John Paul II; the Christian familiarization with the name of Mary has been made synonymous with the Babylonian name and concept of Semiramus, the Mother of God!

      The ancient ziggurats of Babylon, which typified the tower building of Babel, commemorated the goddess of those temples of knowledge of the zodiac. Archaeologist Koldeway found steles in Babylonian ruins referring to the Babel tower as the Vatican.

      In essence the tower of Babel, or the Vatican simply was erected to point the way to Heaven! Only through the means explained by the Temple Chief was an entry into heaven possible. The "Gate of God", thus became a manmade checkpoint for passage into heaven!

      So while the building of a city symbolizes mankinds consolidarity attempts at a single world secular system; and the Tower represents an ecclesiastical motive for a unifying religion; the temple on top of the tower with its height reaching symbolically up into the heavens is symbolic of man's depraved instincts to accomodate any pathway to Heaven other than that which God has so graciously offerred.

      God along with his Word, and the Holy Spirit came down to earth and reviewed man's construction exploit to erect his own sociological and theological ladders of self-determination; and witnessed the solidarity of their efforts and concluded that ideological unity among men was a theme manipulated by Satan to gain a universal position of exaltation for his Antichrist!

      God permitted the people to exhibit their desires to glorify themselves and any false Gods. He stated in verse six, "now nothing will be restrained from them, which they imagine"; even worshipping Fallen Angels which had infiltrated the human race.

      Everywhere one may look in antiquity, or through the annals of mythology, one can find many traditions of an anticipated conqueror of the ages-old serpent, a seed who would be the promised Divine Godman.

      Whether Babylonian, Chaldean, Egyptian, Greek, or Roman mythology, a paganized legend has been built up around a zodiacal message from the stars. Perhaps God actually communicated a gospel of heavenly detail to Adam, but whatever that message was originally, it is now confounded by the perversion of Babel.

      Galations 3:8 indicates that God did indeed preach the gospel unto Adam without benefit of the written record of the Holy Bible. What might have been that resource? We know that God allowed Adam to give names to all the animals; but Psalms 147:4 indicates it was God himself who declared the names for each of the stars.

      In the Psalms there are references to the notion of the heavens conveying a gospel message by a means of imparted speech, a speech of universal language. Psalms 19:1-3 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth forth his handiwork.

      Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.

      There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard. Undoubtedly God imparted a gospel to Adam, Noah, and finally to Abraham through his design of the vast host of the firmament; else the warning of Deuteronomy 4:19 would be rendered pointless. God specifically said not to lift up your heads unto the heavens and commit to worshipping the actual stars, nor the fallen angels of the heavenly realm.

      The Babel endeavor to build a tower with its top reaching into Heaven is evidence that Nimrod began a system of worship which in essence corrupted the original speech imparted through the handiwork of God's creation. We live today far removed from the profound realites of the pre-Biblical world, and have become ignorant of the wisdom of the wise men. No doubt can exist that the perverted messages of spirits and astrologers, soothsayers, diviners, wizards, and all the powerful demonic apparitions speak of the idea that Satan has sought to confound the true Gospel throughout the ages, written and unwritten!

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