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      Psalms 19:7 indicates that all nations will be fated for hell, should they forget God. It is only a nation which has known God, and been introduced to him; that can actually be guilty of Forgetting Him. The implication is that those nations which have not been so blessed as to have the wonderful heritage of knowing God, and having historically been exposed to his law, will have much less accountability to God, than a nation which has been raised up in the blessed state of the knowledge of God, only to abandon it. Indeed when judgement is required, it will be better to have never known God. Unto whom much is given, much shall be required! The United States stands today as having been the inheritant benefactor of more blessing than any civilization in all of human history. How can the United States ever explain to a righteous and just God the reasons for abandoning the great Biblical ideals handed down to us by our forefathers?

      God says that he will first take away the blessings that he has showered on his people, before enacting out judgement. God cannot condone the unrighteousness of his own people, and once those blessings begin to cease, warnings, or birth-pangs of judgement always commence. This is a fact of history! There are always signs of a decay within a declining society.

      The question should forthrightly be asked of American culture today. “Is America a recipient of God’s continuous overflowing blessing today? Why not?” In Jeremiah chapter 18 and verse 11 God says;

      I will frame evil against you ( a rebellious nation ) and also devise a device ( trap ) against you.

      Why does America seem to have so many culturally complex and unsolvable problems today, especially with all the available technology and sophistication our society has at its disposal?

      Is America following a national course today that is leading our nation into eventual entrapment, a trap in which, God will permit his judgement to be executed upon us by our enemies? The only recourse from that eventuality is a national turn toward God through national repentance. Is this happening?

      The recent disgrace of an American President, lying, cheating, and committing adultery, and then to continue to lie and blame others for his own actions is merely reflective of a deeper national moral disease. Public empathy and justification for such despicable and deplorable conduct within our highest national leadership only mirrors the depths of depravity to which our society as a whole has sunk. And remember too, this kind of conduct from a supposed Christian Southern Baptist.

      In Daniel chapter 4:17, God reveals that it is He, "The Most High" that ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and that when a nation is so deserving; he sets up over it the most basest of men. Could it be that God has given us Bill Clinton to be our President at this point in our history, because we deserve a man that is just like the country that he now leads?

      If America is not receiving abundant blessing from God, and if it does not repent of its existent national sins, then judgement from God is an absolute certainty!

      In Jeremiah 19:15, God said to the nation of Israel; “Behold, I will bring upon this city, ( Jerusalem ) all the evil I have pronounced against it, because they have hardened their necks, that they might not hear my words.”

      Jerusalem was the apple of God’s eye. If God would deal so sternly with Jerusalem for being a stiff-necked and rebellious people, you can readily imagine the great taskmaster taking a hard line with the United States. For instance, does the United States today regard the words of God with any more esteem than did ancient Israel?

      The old enemies of Israel could never have destroyed Israel, unless God almighty had permitted it. Likewise, today, the enemies of the United States cannot prevail unless, the United States infuriates God to the moment, or instant that demands Judgement.

      The historical connection between Israel and the United States is so interwoven and inter-linked in the present geopolitical world events, especially in the Middle East Region, that our very fate rests upon how we deal with Israel, since, afterall, God providentially brought them back to their precious promised land under a sort of umbrella of protection via the superpower status of the United States, when our nation was at the zenith of its world power following the days of World War II.

      Is it not ironic that God brought his people back to the promised land in the very same historical instant in which he had so richly Blessed the United States?

      In light of the absence of any actual specific mention of the United States within the context of Israel's battle against the Antichrist conspiracy, during its 70thweek, ( The Great Tribulation ) I would suggest that it is most likely that the Republic of the United States will either have undergone the judgement of God and been therefore been greatly reduced in strength and influence, or perhaps even conceded much of its national sovereignty to the UN, or one of the ultimate ten Kings of the last great empire; which ultimately will submit all their regions of domain over to the Antichrist. Also, it may be that the United States at this point in time will have been greatly decimated by the sudden disappearance of many of its best citizens. ( Christian people )

      From the Old testament prophet Daniel, we know that the last world empire will be made up of ten Kings, and that their Kingdom will be destroyed by King Jesus when he returns to set up his own Kingdom, which shall never end.

      Revelation chapter 17:12-16 indicates that those 10 Kings will receive their power for one hour, with the Antichrist, and that those ten rulers will give the reins of that one- world empire to the Antichrist, who will have resolved the Middle East dilemma, and seemingly orchestrated the opportunity for Israel to live in peace with security, and grant to them permission to rebuild their ancient house of God on Mount Moriah in the city of Jerusalem.

      If the United States persists in its present diplomatic endeavor to enforce the United Nations Resolutions upon Israel, it will find itself in an eventual subservient status to the empire of the Antichrist, or in outright subjection to Divine judgement from God, by falling into an entrapment situation in the current Middle East Peace Process entanglement. Of course it is within God's providential plans for the nation of Israel to be completely surrounded in the last days by the forces of Antichrist, so that Israel will be left totally alone and absolutely without any ally. Not even the United States!

      The whole purpose of the Great Red Dragon, who along with his demonic hordes, who already are in the process of laying the logistical foundation for the events of Revelation is to finally destroy Israel.

      Thats right!...the United States of America will not be around supporting Israel in their time of great distress. One of two scenarios lay in store for America. Either our nation will have joined the league of the One-World Leader or it will have been devastated by judgement.

      Make no mistake about it, there are demonic forces at work in the international arena right now, that are intent upon removing the United States as an effective protector of Israel; either diplomatically, militarily, or through world politics. Not to be disassociated from this sort of possibility is the fact that the Rapture could leave the United States in subjection to unspeakable events.

      Zechariah 14:2 informs us that all the nations of the last world empire will be gathered together to oppose God and to preempt his plan to send his son Jesus to reign in the city of Jerusalem.

      Zechariah 14:2 For Behold, I ( God ) will gather “all” nations against Jerusalem to battle, and the city shall be taken,

      Focus on that word “ALL NATIONS” again. No nation that exists at this particular instant in time will be left outside the universal attack upon Israel and the city of Jerusalem!

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