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      So then. Israel is today caught between the grips of the Western powers and its religion of Catholicism, or (type of Christianity); and the religious nationalistic fervor of Islam in the East; each demanding that the city of Jerusalem be disallowed to Israel, and be incorporated into an arrangement more suited for international religious-political designs.

      Both powers of the East and the West are each driven by anti-Semitism. The west is consumed with its materialistic Humanism, while the Middle East is driven by the demonic religion of Islam. These conditions coupled with the Catholic doctrine of Dominion Theology exhibit the religious symptoms necessary for events that typify the scenario for Armageddon.

      In regions where Islam holds the reigns of power, Christians endure constant heavy persecution without mercy, and can never expect the attitude of tolerance extended to the religion of Islam in western nations. Islam is growing at an astounding rate in western countries, 1.2 times faster than the evangelical rate for Christianity.

      Whether the United States recognizes it or not; ever since Israel's rebirth in 1948, it has been acting as a great buffer, or restraining influence against fanatical Islamic exportation of terror. By coercing Israel to relinquish more and more territory to Arab nations, the United States is helping to dig the grave which Islam plans to bury Israel; but at the same time it is also laying the bridge to the Islamic hopes of burying Christianity in the western world as well.

      The United States, ever pre-occupied with an all consuming passion for wealth and an ever expanding economy is literally arming those very nations that aspire and pray to Allah for Israelís destruction foremost, and then subsequently the submission of the great Satan itself; Christianity, and mainly its constituency in America.

      The Muslim nations utilize the vast reserves of oil revenues that it receives and invests it in the very best militaristic hardware that the USA can supply. America, the nation referred to in Satanic terms by these countries, actually sells its most sophisticated weaponry to these hate-filled customers. Only upon the nation of Israel is more virulent Arab Islam verbal venom vented than on the United States. Why?

      It is because of the Devils hatred of the faithful Christians within the shores of providential blessing, inside of the United States. If Satan could eliminate the empathy that is emplanted within the Judeo-Christian heritage; he could more easily destroy that tiny speck of a nation called Israel. Remember, Revelation chapter 12 portrays Satan, the great red dragon, as pursuing the woman (Israel) to accomplish her total destruction.

      Why did Jehovah choose Israel in the first place? Why not some other people?

      Deuteronomy 7:7 sates: The Lord did not set his love upon you, nor choose you because ye were more in number than any other people; for ye were the fewest of all people.

      Jehovah, the God of Israel has preserved a small remnant of Israel to be his special miracle in the world simply because they were the least, the smallest. God often takes the teeniest things to work his wonders, which absolutely exasperates, or confounds the world and the schemes of Lucifer!

      The USA exports pornography into Arab cultures, along with our rock music, drugs, perverse entertainment, and non ethical and immoral lifestyles.

      Islamic countries are extremely faithful to their religious fundamentals. Muslim countries are based on the teachings of the Koran, and the reason for the rapid rise in Islamic fundamentalism is because of the perceived decadence in the western countries. Todayís western societies have little moralistic underpinning remaining, and this fact is an a front to the religiously strict Muslim nations, and sadly gives the Muslim mindset sufficient cause to refer to Christianity as a dead religion.

      And they would be right because of the dissolution of Biblical Christianity as the basis of Western law and western culture.

      When I stop to consider the daily routine of the Islamic faithful halting all other activities twice daily to bow down on their knees and pray to the Moon God Allah, it dawns on me that the Muslim is commonly much more devoted to his God than todayís lazy Christians are to the one and only true God of the BIBLE. Why arenít Christians as disciplined as the Muslims?

      The Arabs tell the American leaders: if it were not for you Americans, and your decadent culture, and your ungrounded help to Israel, we all could find peace and harmony in the Middle East.

      American Christians need to comprehend this fact, The only thing that stands between fanatical Islam, and the wild random terrorism that it exports, from the likelihood of that kind of activity being unleashed upon America is the minute little state of Israel, and the staying hand of judgement by God almighty! And too, that Israel only presently exists because Jehovah, the God of Israel, and with American Christian support has enabled Israel to be brought back from the Gentile nations of the world, and planted firmly in the exact spot that God said he would plant them in the last days; right smack on the front doorstep of 25 of the most demonic Islamic nations on the face of the earth!

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