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      Revelation chapter 17 informs believers of a Last Days Universal Church disguised as a Christian institution, and being located in the city of Rome. This last days religious Babel would also be rooted in the ancient mysteries of the bygone Babylonian styled mystic religious systems.

      The earthly city of Jerusalem has historically prostituted itself to the Babylonish system of this world, and thus was lamented over by Jesus 2000 years ago because it did not recognize the time of their special visitation from God. Rome has effectively overtaken the mantle of the leadership of that institution called the Bride of Christ, but it has comformed its teachings to that of the paganistic religious dogmas of the ancient Chaldean Mysteries.

      Rome, as an empire has always been conscious of the enormous value that religion plays as a unifying element among mankind. Rome historically used the religions of Mythology for the express purpose of solidifying a secular empire. Emperor Constantine formulated the political method of uniting a monotheistic religion with secular politics to form the base of an all-encompassing world empire.

      The most astute leaders of government recognize that the most efficient means of governing the vast and diverse masses of people is through the means of religion. This is of course exactly what the future Anti-Christ and his False Prophet will fully accomplish on the earth during the Tribulation Period.

      The Satanic conspiracy which will culminate with the Antichrist at the head of a world empire must by necessity be based upon a world-wide system of religion that is in reality a counterfeit Christianity with a counterfeit Christ to be adored.

      Roman bishops carry the title of "Vicarius Christi" which means instead of Christ, or Antichrist. This is exactly the very definition promoted by the early church and the writers of the Gospel to identify the seed of the serpent, the usurper of Christ.

      Little wonder then, that we should be seeing the Vatican involved with the political discussions pertaining to possession of the city of Jerusalem in the ongoing final status negotiations in the Mid-East Peace talks.

      Alas, Rome is ill-fated to become a ruinous heap without inhabitant, superceding the infamous carnage of her religious sister, "Babylon". Indeed, it is the Roman system that is in view in the last days destruction of “Babylon the Great”. The New Jerusalem however will one day fulfill its destiny as Gods City.

      Mystery Babylon is mentioned in Revelation chapter 17:5. This mysterious woman riding a great beast is portrayed as being a Harlot. Not only is this woman a harlot, but she has daughters that are likewise involved in harlotry.

      The essence of this entity being pictured as a woman is of course synonymous with the New Testament review of the true Church as being portrayed as the Bride of Christ. In the same manner that the bride of Christ is resplendent and faithful to her bridegroom; the harlot woman is so pictured because she takes the name of her bridegroom, but is most unfaithful to him.

      It should be evident for interpretational purposes that this harlot woman is in fact an institutional church that revels in the name of Christ, but has committed spiritual fornication by compromising the teaching of her first love. (Jesus)

      This scriptural scenario leaves us with no option but to identify the Mystery Lady as anything other than a so-called Christian Church. Now, does the Bible give us any more clues to what institutional entity this might be? The answer is yes!

      This false Christian bride has been historically guilty of persecuting the loyal children of the bride- groom. Revelation 17:6 identifies her as having killed many of the true saints during the course of the "Church Age", which culminated when Jesus returned home to build a place for the Faithful Bride!

      Also in Revelation 17:3 this Christian self-styled bride is condemned for the religious offense of blasphemy. Blasphemy would not be a charge of validity against a religion other than Christianity because all other religions do not pretend to be the Bride of Christ.

      Further, Revelation 17:10 indicates that this whore of a bride only came into existence after 5 previous world kingdoms had come and gone. This harlot institution only came into prominence then in the early stage of the common Church era in conjunction with the Roman Emperors which presided over the world political scene during the stage of Christ's arranged Betrothal.

      Revelation 17:4 accuses this woman of excessive worldly lifestyles going so far as to enrich and infatuate herself with wealth obtained by her paganistic methods. She has exalted herself in the beauty pageant of worldly doctrine and actually succumbed to the point of involving herself in adultery, with the suitor who has contended for her love against the one and only Christ for Lordship over the human family on earth and Heaven itself. He is none other than "Lucifer".

      Still more evidence is given in Revelation 17:2,9. The Mystery woman has worked in league with the Kings of the Nations to entice people into illicit religious institutions and religious practices for the express purpose of manipulating the masses into submitting to the Prince of this World, ( Antichrist / Satan ).

      Finally the false christian Woman is shown to be logistically residing upon seven mountains and would eventually be geographically located in the same city that ruled over the world in John's day ( ROME ), and from there, eventually reigning over the Kings of the earth.

      The seven mountains represent the seven world kingdoms that have existed down through the epic drama of human civilization since the days of Nimrod at Babel, and mans world wide endeavor to develope a utopian world without God. This fact also indicates that the religious system of the end times has been in existence from ancient time!

      Revelation 18:2-10 further conveys that this Woman of Harlotry actually originated long ago in ancient Babylon and has historically been guilty of exacting great wealth, devotion, and power from the sea of humanity, by selling passages into Heaven.

      She claims to be a "Queen", an actual mate of the Heavenly King! She also claims that she is specifically not a widow, which indicates she has a Bridegroom that is conspicuously absent, yet he is still with her, and feeds her sensual lust!

      Jeremiah chapter 44 goes into explicit detail about this woman who claims to be a QUEEN; and there God makes it quite clear that this self-styled Queen of Heaven, is no Lady.

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