Question #1. Does the selection of Jewish Sen. Joseph Lieberman
                       have anything to do with current Biblical prophecy events?

Answer…..     I don’t think the selection of Sen. Lieberman has anything to do with the current situation in the ongoing Middle East Peace Process, nor the anticipated events surrounding Bible Prophecy. I believe that the choice of Mr. Lieberman as a Vice-Presidential candidate is a purely political maneuver by Al Gore, aimed at positioning himself in the best possible political light. The fact that Mr. Lieberman is the first Jewish candidate for the Vice-Presidency is probably just coincidence. There have been numerous other Jewish people involved in working in high levels of our government; such as Secretary of State Madeline Albright.

Question # 2. What is the “Abomination of Desolation”?

Answer..... The Abomination of Desolation is an event, or action perpetrated by the future Antichrist. Jesus referred to this occasion in his Olivet Discourse which is recorded in Matthew 24:15. Old Testament prophet Daniel originally prophesied about this event in chapters 11:31 and in 12:11. II Thessalonians 2:4 most adequately describes it as being that occasion when the Antichrist shall walk into the newly built last days Temple of Jerusalem and takes a seat upon the Mercy Seat inside the Holy of Holies, and proclaims to the world that he is God almighty. This event is probably perpetrated by the future Antichrist at the midpoint of the seven-year covenant which he arranges with Israel, granting Israel permission to rebuild their Temple on the Temple Mount.

Question # 3. What is meant by “The Times of the Gentiles”?

Answer.....The “Times of the Gentiles” is a phrase which denotes the long span of time in linear history in which Israel, and the city of Jerusalem in particular, would be under political subjection to foreign domination. Jesus referred to this very long era of time in Luke 21:24. He stated that Jerusalem would continue to be trodden down by Gentile powers until that historic span of time was stopped in the last days. The “Times of the Gentiles” commenced with the first Israeli subjection to a foreign power in the days of Babylon. The “Times of the Gentiles” continues even today because Israel is afraid to exercise sovereignty on Old Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. The future Antichrist will be the last power to tread on Jerusalem!

Question #4 What is the Abrahamic Covenant?

Answer………The Abrahamic Covenant is a contract. Specifically it was a Contract made between God and Abraham. God issued a call to Abraham to leave his native land of Ur of the Chaldees, and to journey to a place that God would give unto him. That place became known as the Promised Land! God defined the boundaries of the Promised Land in Genesis 15:18, as all the land between the Tigris-Euphrates Rivers and the Nile River. God’s promise was an unconditional promise, meaning that he would keep his side of the Covenant irregardless of whether or not Abraham’s descendents kept their end of the Covenant. God foretold the blessings and curses that would befall Israel should they abandon the Covenant relationship with God, in the book of Deuteronomy. Because of Israel’s disobedience; Israel has never enjoyed the Promise of the Promised Land; but someday when Israel mourns for their Deliverer, ( Jesus-Messiah ) Israel will realize a fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham.

Question #5 Are the Palestinians in Bible Prophecy?

Answer……... Yes, the Palestinians are indeed in Bible Prophecy. The Palestinian people

of today occupy the territory of the descendents of Esau. They are a blend of people that have been labeled with the term, “Palestinian”, because of the renaming of the land of Israel by Rome as Palestine, when Rome removed the Jewish people from the Promised Land in 70AD. Palestine is merely a Latin phrasing of the term, “Philistine”. The changing of the name of Israel to Palestine was intended by Rome as an insult to the Jews, and to the God of the Jews.

History’s occupiers of Palestine since the first century have been referred to as Palestinians, regardless of ancestry. Ezekiel chapter 35 portrays the “House of Esau” in Bible Prophecy. They are the ancient occupiers of the land of Mt. Seir. Mt. Seir was settled by the descendants of Esau. Esau, of course was Jacob’s brother. In Old Testament times, the occupiers of Mt. Seir contended with Israel for possession of the lands of Edom and Judea. Ezekiel portrayed them as “Bloodletters” of the children of Israel.

Today, the Palestinians continue this “Perpetual Hatred” against the House of Jacob! They seek to occupy, not only the state of Jordan, but also the land of Israel, which God granted to the House of Jacob! The terrorist character of the extremist Palestinian is evident in Ezekiel’s description as a “Bloodletter! The fanatical bloodletters of Israel shall find themselves spilling their own blood in the lunatical madness of their perpetual hatred for Israel!

Question # 6 Does Babylon need to be rebuilt in Iraq for the fulfillment of                          Bible Prophecy, and as a capitol of the Antichrist?

Answer…….. Babylon does not need to be rebuilt. Babylon the great; which is portrayed in end-times Bible prophecy in Revelation chapter 18 essentially already exists. Babylon the Great is in essence, the ever-building utopian society- culture global community of mankind. Like Babel of old, it is man’s attempt to build a city-name-religion-united world without any recognition or acknowledgement of the Creator God!

In the economic sphere, Babylon is represented in today’s market centers such as Wall Street, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, etc. In the religious sphere, Babylon the Great is symbolized in the Ecumenical movement, Rome-Vatican; and the inter-faith and inter-religious unions. Babylon the Great is best personified as the exact antithesis of the city of God, the New Jerusalem; which is being prepared by Jesus for his bride! Babylon the Great is the city of man…a city with no need of the true God! Babel and Babylon in prophecy, have become terms of symbolism; depicting the Babel-one-world building endeavors of man. It is true, as many prophecy expositors relate that Babylon has not met the final judgement of God. But old Babylon on the Euphrates is not the city slated for this end-time judgement. Babylon the Great, and Mystery Babylon; shall meet God’s wrath during Armageddon; but they are a world-wide supra-entity, not a localized desert city in Iraq.

Question # 7 Is the Antichrist alive right now?
Answer……The man who will eventually embody the personage of the Antichrist is quite definitely alive, and amidst the population of our world right now. Considering the quickening pace of end-time prophetic events presently transpiring in many prophetic theatre’s of operation; unquestionably the future Antichrist must already be strategically positioned to present himself upon the world stage. The Antichrist will be logistically elevated through the coordinated efforts of the ten Kings of the last world power. The Antichrist will in fact come from among these ten kings. Much speculation centers around the emerging European Union, and the United Nations Security Council as the formative power-base of the Super-Power for the “ten kings”; which shall submit their authority to the Antichrist. The mere fact that Israel, and Jerusalem, are already the burdensome problem obstructing the world’s concept of Global Order and Peace; suggests that the Antichrist must be alive. Coupled with those on-the-ground facts, is the reality that Russia, China, and the Middle East countries are already playing the parts described for them within Bible prophecy; the Antichrist most certainly is alive and getting prepared for his dramatic role.

Question # 8 Will Israel ever agree to give away the city of Jerusalem?

Answer….…. Yes, Israel will one day agree to a compromise solution over the city of Jerusalem. During the recent Camp David Summit talks ( July 2000 ), Prime Minister Ehud Barak actually did the heretofore unthinkable. He placed the city of Jerusalem on the negotiating table. Someday the Antichrist will grant Israel the right to rebuild their ancient temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City. The Antichrist must first gain authority in Jerusalem to be able to enter into this agreement with Israel. Jesus instructed us that the city of Jerusalem would be trodden down under the rule of Gentile rulers until the “Times of the Gentiles” were completed. ( See sub-article # 3; “Will Israel give away Jerusalem”; of the Camping out at Camp David, article for further details )

Question # 9 Has Jerusalem ever been the capitol of another country, such as Palestine?

Answer…….. Never! Jerusalem has never been the capitol of any nation except Israel. There has never even existed a state of Palestine. Jerusalem was never the capitol city of any Arab nation. Rome renamed the city of Jerusalem, “Aelia Capitolina”, in an effort to eradicate the name of Jerusalem from memory while it served as a provincial capitol under the Roman Empire.

Question # 10 Does the unusual circumstances surrounding the US Presidential election ( Gore vs. Bush ) have anything to do with the end-time scenario of events in Bible Prophecy?

Answer……. The role of the United States in Bible Prophecy is a much discussed subject, and especially so now that America is caught up in such an unprecedented and ambiguous election. America’s election quagmire, coming at a time that is simultaneous to the uprising in Israel, and the failure of the Middle East Peace Process indeed warrants such intense speculation. Many within the American Church have long warned that God’s judgement on America is imminent, because of its national sins. I honestly anticipate that America will undergo some catastrophic event at some point in the future because of its abandonment of God. That judgement may be connected to its involvement in the burdensome dilemma over the city of Jerusalem. Presently, there are warnings and shock-waves echoing out of Syria-Lebanon-Iraq which potentially could explode into a regional war in the Middle East. Should any potential aggressor against Israel within the Middle East region perceive a weakness in the US leadership, a large scale war could ensue, and perhaps find the US with some vulnerability. I personally believe that the Rapture is a soon happening event which could leave the US facing unspeakable events. ( See the article, “Is the USA in Prophecy for more details )

While the Bible does not give any insight into the US election situation, it certainly does portend judgement on all those nations which defy God’s promises to Israel. Ameica’s election mess may be just the catapult towards the next outbreak of war in the Middle East. We will have to continue to watch to find out that answer.

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