Question # 11 What is meant by the West Bank?
The term of the West Bank is the commonly used reference for a portion of land formerly ( 1967 ) held by the state of Jordan on the West side of the Jordan River and now claimed by the Palestinians for their projected state. The West Bank comprises the Old Testament area known as Judah and Samaria.

Question # 12 What is the population of Jerusalem?

Answer……. The population of Jerusalem presently stands at about 675,000. About 450,000 are of various Jewish ethnic backgrounds while about 235,000 are of the various Arab, or Palestinian, or non-Jewish groups. The population of the city of Jerusalem is projected to reach the 1,000,000 level in a just few years.
Question # 13 Why does Israel feel compelled to participate in the Peace Process, since they routinely gain nothing from all their concessions?

Answer……. Israel is a tiny country, and has no, or very few regional or international alliances. Israel is the only democracy in the entire Middle East Region, and therefore regarded by her Arab neighbors as a colony of Western style government. Israel, having endured constant warfare since her birth in 1948, feels a keen desire to live in peace, and will walk the extra mile to obtain it. Israel also suffers from a heavily distorted media bias. Most nations belong to a regional voting block in the UN, but Israel does not. In fact the UN has historically been Israel’s worst nightmare. Since Israel came into existence in 1948, the UN has condemned Israel hundreds of times, and passed numerous resolutions against Israel. Israel has been subjected to immense political-diplomatic pressures from all corners of the world. Israel’s main ally in the world has historically been the USA,and yet, even the US pressures Israel to comply with the world’s opinion formulations manufactured in the UN. Israel has no alternative but to travel the world’s crafted pathway to peace, because she is too small, and too despised to not make every attempt to get along with the world.

Question # 14 Will the new President-elect of the United States continue to prioritize the Middle East Peace Process?

Answer…… President-elect George W. Bush has indicated in his brief responses concerning the Middle East that it will be his policy to not force this issue upon the involved parties. Given the added fact that he will assume office from a position of weakness tends to indicate that the new President will need to devote the majority of his attention to domestic agendas, at least for the foreseeable future. Added to this fact, is the new change of direction and leadership within Israel itself. Israel is disillusioned with the entire Peace Process and expects the new American President to be more preoccupied with oil interests in the Middle East that forging political solutions within the region. President Clinton expended much of his time and attention to solving the dilemma between Israel and her Arab neighbors as a result of the inherited mandate from the Persian Gulf War, thus he made it his personal agenda to resolve this ancient problem. In the aftermath of Clinton’s failure to secure a deal at Camp David, the US now will begin to gradually take a back seat to future Middle East Peace talks. We are already witnessing the insurgence of Russia, China, and most importantly, the European Union, and the UN as the primary brokers of a new Middle East Peace overture.

Question # 15 What is meant by the term “generation” in Jesus remarks in Matthew 24 about the generation that would not pass away till all these things be fulfilled? Does it mean 20 years, or 40 years as has been suggested by some writers and prophecy experts?

Answer…… The usage of the term “generation”, as used by Jesus in his Olivet Discourse was not intended for use as a mathematical factor for determining the last days, or the Rapture. His usage of the term generation was a prophetic paradigm. It had immediate ramifications for the generation of his contemporaries, and also established a pattern for a specific generation of Israel which witnessed the rebirth of their nation. It is intended to convey that the generation which witnessed the sudden rebirth ( budding of the fig tree ) would not die out until all the things were fulfilled pertaining to the Lord’s return after the “remnant” had returned to the Promised Land. The generation application would therefore be more appropriately connected to the life-span of Israel’s initial replanted generation. ( 1948 + life-span of 1948 newly-born- generation in Israel ) A generation is not meant as a defined amount of years, such as 20, 40, etc. The generation of Jesus contemporaries saw the fulfillment of the immediate prophecies of Jesus in 38 years, but of course Jesus was 33 years old when he gave them. It may be rightly assumed that the generation which came into being in conjunction with Israel’s rebirth shall be the terminal generation which shall see all these things come to pass.

Question # 16 Is there any Biblical evidence to suggest that there might be a world-wide revival within the church of the last days, just prior to the second coming of Jesus?

Answer…… I can find no particular Biblical evidence to suggest a great world-wide awakening in the church of the last days. On the contrary, I can find ample evidence that would suggest that the “last days” will find the church in a fallen state. In fact Jesus reaction to the spiritual condition of the church of the last days is exhibited in his stinging remark in Luke 18:8; “When the Son of Man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth”? The analysis of the Laodicean Church given in Revelation 3:14-22 seems intended to describe the general overall condition of the last days church. However, this lukewarm status of the general church should not be allowed to diminish the reality of legitimate regional revival in some localities. Persecution has always been a propagation for spiritual awakening. The persecuted church has always found it a necessity to remain close to its first love. But sadly, too much of today’s church world is identifiable with Laodicea, and shall find themselves incorporated into apostasy.

Question # 17 Can people be saved during the Great Tribulation?

Answer…….. I believe that the Holy Spirit is omnipresent, and therefore still existent upon our planet during the great tribulation. I also believe the true church will be caught away from the world during this time of distress. The Holy Spirit will operate in its primary function during this epic period with the nation of Israel. The two great witnesses together with the 144,000 of the tribes of Israel will carry the burden of spreading the Gospel during this terrible time. Revelation 7:14 portrays that many shall indeed find white robes ( salvation ) during the calamitous days of the Great Tribulation. But Revelation 20:4 reflects the fact that the Tribulation saints shall pay a hefty price in their choosing Jesus above the mark, or image, or number, that the Antichrist demands from all the worlds inhabitants in those days. But, even martyrdom for Jesus is better than eternity without salvation! Yes, people can be saved after the Rapture.

Question # 18 Are there prophets today, such as there were in ancient Israel?

Answer……. There are no prophets today. God has already divulged everything in the prophetic realm that he deems necessary for man-kinds knowledge. John the Revelator was the last man utilized as a voice for prophecy. In fact, Jesus himself was the Last Prophet, as it was Jesus who conveyed unto John the record of “The Revelation”! The “Unveiling” completed the total installment of all the remaining prophetic word of God when it was delivered to John in the first century. In fact, John was instructed to conclude the prophetic record granted unto him with a command that condemned anyone who added, or took away from the prophecy of the prophetic record from that point onward. Hebrews 1:1 also verifies this plan of God to conclude the prophetic record after the Revelation of Jesus Christ! Ever since the first century, God has spoken to men through the historical reality of the manifestation of his Son. There are no need of prophets today. God has already finished, and left open the complete analysis of the Divine prophetic review. Any analysis in the prophetic arena today is merely expository reviews of the Biblical record.

Question # 19 Should Christians, or churches be involved in the efforts by Zionists and Jews to rebuild their ancient temple, either by sending money, or by lending political support to that particular agenda?

Answer……. In my opinion it is not wise to actively participate in the Jewish attempts to rebuild their ancient Temple. Although I strongly support the rights of Israel to their promised land, and to the Temple Mount; I must point out the fact to Christians, that although Israel is being providentially used of God in these days in their return to their ancient homeland; and will one day be joined to the Lord, the miraculous occasion of their national recognition of Jesus Christ as their Messiah has not yet become a living reality. The present attempts to rebuild the Jewish Temple will only result in the abomination of desolation by the Antichrist. Therefore, it is actually the Antichrist who is the most interested in the rebuilding of a temple in Jerusalem at the present time. While it is true that conservative and orthodox Judaism is sincere in its attempt to return the faith of its people to its ancient roots, it will ultimately be the Antichrist that will enable the Jewish people to rebuild their traditional Temple.

Jesus Christ will actually build a “fourth temple” for Israel when he comes back; and it is that auspicious occasion which Christians and Jews should look forward to. Amos 9:11 instructs that Jesus will raise up the ruins of the tabernacle of David. Zechariah 6:12-13 also conveys that it shall be the righteous Branch that shall rebuild the Temple of the Lord!

Israel expects the Messiah to rebuild their temple, but they shall be deceived by an imposter before the real Messiah comes! So, any aid by Christians today to assist in the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple is not prophetically wise.

Question # 20 What is the United Nations record of voting concerning resolutions and condemnations of Israel in the 52 year long Middle East controversy?

Answer…… The United Nations has entertained diplomatic actions on the issue of the Israeli-Arab dispute more than any other international controversy. The UN, through General Assembly Resolutions and UN Security Council Condemnations has issued 856 resolutions in international territorial disputes, with 589 of those resolutions and condemnations being solely against Israel. Imagine that; 61% of all the United Nations resolutions have been issued against the tiny nation of Israel. There has never been a single UN resolution or condemnation against any of Israel’s adversaries.

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