Question # 21 Why is Jerusalem so important in end times Bible Prophecy?

Answer……Jerusalem is the place that God chose to place his name upon, and to forever stamp his reputation among men with his promises concerning its destiny. ( I Kings 11:36 And unto his son will I give one tribe, that David my servant may have a light always before me in Jerusalem, the city which I have chosen me to put my name there. ) ( II Kings 2:7 reiterates this same idea and includes the comment that his name is connected to Jerusalem ) II Chronicles 6:6 But I ( God ) have chosen Jerusalem, that my name might be there; and have chosen David to be over my people Israel. Jerusalem was the city chosen by God for Israel to build his tabernacle. Israel lost its precious Temple, and the Holy City of Jerusalem because of its disobedience to God. Lamentations 1:8 expresses the fact that the city was removed from the possession of Israel because of her grievous sins. But Zechariah 1:14 reveals that God is jealous for Jerusalem, and in chapter 2:12 indicates that when God brings his people back and plants them in their own land; that he ( God ) will yet choose Jerusalem again. Jerusalem is important in end times Bible Prophecy because God is in the process of choosing to return unto his Holy City! It is the city of Jerusalem that his son Jesus shall soon return! For this reason, Jerusalem has become the focal point of the conflict between God and Satan. Satan is engaged in an attempt to doslodge Jesus from his right to reign in Jerusalem!

Question # 22 Will Christians witness the arrival of the Antichrist?

Answer…….. No! Christians ( church ) will not be on the earth to witness the appearance of the individual that will personify the Antichrist. In fact, the continued status of the Holy Spirit functioning within the body of the Christian assemblage ( church ) inhibits the revelation of, the Antichrist, and the climactic implementation of Satan’s ages old scheme usurp the place of Christ. ( II Thessalonians 2:3,6-7 )

Question # 23 What is Zionism?

Answer…….. Zionism is the zeal of the Jewish people to find redemption for its people through reestablishing its national roots in their ancestral homeland. The term, “Zionism” is derived from the word “Zion”, which is often the word utilized in the Bible to denote the place where God resided in Israel, and is synonymous with the city of Jerusalem, and “Eretz Israel”, ( the land of Israel ). Jews held a deep heart-felt longing and attachment for the promised land throughout the 2000 year long Diaspora.

Political Zionism emerged in the late 19th century in response to the historic oppression of Jews in Europe. It gained prominence as a world-wide movement with the founding of the “Zionist Congress” in 1897. The subsequent two world wars, coupled with the tragedy of the Holocaust enabled Zionism to realize the establishment of a homeland for world Jewry in 1948.

Spiritual Zionism is the religious movement within Judaism to reconnect the Jewish people to its ancient religious traditions. However, spiritual Zionism may also be defined as the providential plan of God to restore his chosen people to their land, and turn their hearts back toward Jehovah. Zionism was proclaimed to be equated to racism by the United Nations in 1975. The UN repealed that proclamation at the outset of the Oslo Peace Process in 1993.

In Biblical reality, Zionism is the God infused yearning within the psyche of world Jewry seeking the fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant, and the arrival of the Messiah.

Question # 24 Why is the issue of the “right of return” for Palestinian refugees such a problematic concern for Israel in the peace talks?

Answer……. The “right-of-return” issue is a major concern for Israel because the influx of 2-3 million Palestinian refugees into Israeli society would result in making the Jews a minority in their own country. There are presently about 4.5 million Jews in Israel and about 1.75 million Palestinians. The Palestinian refugee problem only persists because the Arab nations have never consented to incorporating the “displaced of war” into their own countries. Israel, on the other hand has granted full citizenship to all the Jewish refugees from those Arab countries which initiated the wars. Nearly 1,000,000 Jewish refugees were run out of the Arab countries in the 1948 war. The right-of-return issue involves resettlement, relocation assistance, compensation, and property rights. These same details were never afforded the Jewish refugees. Also, Israel has reason to suspect that Yasser Arafat argues for the right-of-return for the Palestinian refugees only because it is a method ( refugee trojan horse ) to politically destroy Israel from within.

Question # 25 Should Israel seriously consider the various peace negotiating options being presented to her concerning Jerusalem and the Temple Mount? ( dividing the city; giving sovereignty to UN, Divine sanctioning )

Answer……. From a Biblical standpoint, Israel should not consider any of the various options for peaceful co-existence with the Palestinians being promoted by the peace power brokers. Israel needs to rely on God. It was God that providentially restored Israel into the promised land; and if only Israel would recognize Jesus as their Messiah; they would not find themselves in subjection to international powers to appease their many adversaries. Jerusalem belongs to Israel. God gave it to them, and forever stamped his name upon that city. It is only because Israel is not trusting in God; and fails to recognize Jesus as their Messiah; that they presently find themselves pursuing the World’s practical resolutions concerning Jerusalem. Eventually, as the Bible foretells, Israel will accept a False Christ as their Messiah, and enter into a “Peace Solution for Jerusalem”, with him. So; Israel should not pursue negotiations on Jerusalem……it will only lead to a deception by the Antichrist! Unfortunately; Israel feels led of practicality to pursue this worldly peace.

Question # 26 Has the Middle East Peace Process, although experiencing a setback, at least provided the basis for a future peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians?

Answer……. The Oslo pathway to peaceful resolution between Israel and Palestinians has been a total fiasco. It has not moved the region any closer to peace. To the contrary, it has resulted in moving the region closer to war! The mandate for accomplishing a regional peace was won during the Persian Gulf War. The decade of the 90’s has been an interim period wherewith the American Presidency was presented an opportunity from its position of strength to facilitate a Middle East pax-United Nations. Unfortunately, the US foreign policy negotiating scheme in the Middle East maze has resulted in the discrediting of American integrity; and furthermore has greatly resulted in devastating Israel’s security. The more antagonistic Arab nations ( Syria, Iraq, Iran, PA ) now perceive weakness in Israel and in the USA. The haste to make peace at any cost, and to concede so much, are acts of desperation, and lend themselves to be perceived as weakness. Thus, Israel today stands in its most vulnerable position since its 1948 War for Survival. Therefore, the prospects for war or peace rests solely with Israel’s enemies, and the Bible portends that they will opt for war rather than accept peace.

Question #27 What is amillennialism?

Answer……. Amillennialism is the theory of prophetic interpretation which stipulates that there shall not be a literal 1000 year long kingdom accorded to Israel upon this earth. This theory proposes that the many promises made by God to national Israel are now irrelevant, because of Israel’s rejection of Jesus as their Messiah. This theory also is correlative to the idea that the church has subsequently replaced national Israel in the covenant which God made with Abraham, and his descendants. Therefore, under this theory of prophetic analysis, the church tends to “spiritualize” all the historic, and Biblically prophetic connections to Israel, and its rebirth as a nation.

Question # 28 Why should Christians feel any empathy for the nation of Israel, after-all it was Israel that crucified the one Christians recognize as their Savior?

Answer…… The only reason that Christians should feel any affinity with Israel is simply because God has chosen that nation to be a peculiar people unto himself. ( Deut. 14:2 ) When God chose Abraham, he chose to repudiate the sinful state of mankind, and replace it with redemption. Israel became the ancestral-lineage vehicle to propagate the sacrificial lamb for that redemption, through Jesus Christ. God stipulates in his word that he will also restore Israel, and establish the city of Jerusalem as the capitol of the Messiah’s kingdom; when Jesus Christ returns to this world prior to the great “Day of the Lord”. It is the tiny nation of Israel through which God will yet work his wondrous miracle to bring universal peace and love to all nations, and all peoples. Israel is a sign to all nations that God is indeed moving in the annals of history to facilitate his love toward all mankind. ( See article, “Why God chose Israel? )

Question # 29 How can you promote the pre-tribulational rapture doctrine when the word “Rapture” isn’t even mentioned in the Bible?

Answer……. While the specific word “rapture” is indeed never mentioned in the Holy Bible; the concept of the rapture is most definitely related to us in the Bible. The commonly used term “rapture” is the English word used to relate the action described by Paul in I Thessalonians 4:17 where he specifically indicates that those who remain alive unto the coming of the Lord shall be “caught up” in the air to meet him. The usage of the phrase, “caught up” denotes precisely what the Greek terminology for the same concept teaches. The Greek term “harpazo” means “to be caught up; thus the reason for the usage of the term “rapture”. John the Revelator was also “caught up” in Revelation 4:1 as a prefiguring of the church event known as the rapture. The second coming of Jesus is described in the Bible in adjective terms which describe two separate phases of his return. His appearing in clouds to “catch away” ( shepherd ) his church is synonymous with the Greek term “parasouia”; which is related to in many New testament verses.( I Peter 1:7; Titus 2:13; II Timothy 4:8 ) His coming in majesty and glory, ( King of Kings ) is revealed in many scriptures by the Greek term “epiphaneia”. ( Zech. 14:4; Rev. 19:11; Rev 1:7 )

Question # 30 Why would the forces of Satan even be concerned with the subject of the city of Jerusalem? Why would he contend for the city?

Answer……. Psalms 132:13 reveals that God chose Jerusalem to be the place of his habitation among mankind. Solomon built the ancient Jewish Temple to be a house for God, that he might dwell among the nation of Israel. In fact, God actually did dwell in the Temple ( Shekinah glory ) ( Exodus 25:22 ) Satan seeks the possession of the city because he knows that the time of God’s re-choosing the Holy City is nigh; and he ( Satan ), desiring to be worshipped as God needs to preempt the plan of God to habitat in the city once again. God proclaimed in Psalms 137:5 that he would never forget the city, and many Old testament scriptures refer to the day when God would return unto Jerusalem. Satan wishes to deny the Holy City to the people of Israel until he can arrange a false covenant with the Nation of Israel. In short; Satan desires the city of Jerusalem because he doesn’t want to see God habitating with mankind. In fact, Satan, and the forces of Hell knows that the successful return of Jesus to Jerusalem will mean confinement in the bottomless pit for them! ( Revelation 20:1-3 )

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