Question # 31 How does one make sure that they are included in the Rapture?

Answer…….. The only way to be certain of being included in the rapture is to be assured of your salvation. Salvation can only be obtained by accepting Jesus Christ as your atonement for sin. Jesus said “I am the way, and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me” ( John 14:6 ) and in Acts 15:11 we are told that if we believe in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ; we can find salvation. Jesus has promised in Revelation 3:10 to “catch away” ( rapture ) all those who have accepted his grace that also remain alive unto the coming of the Lord. All those who find salvation shall escape the wrath that is to come, via the rapture event! ( I Thessalonians 5:9 )

Question # 32 Are there any specific signs pertaining to the time for the Rapture?

Answer……. There are no direct signs to indicate the timing for the rapture. Jesus himself stated in Matthew 24:36 that no man could know the day of the appearing of the Lord. While there are numerous signs relative to the Last Days, and for the second coming of Jesus at the end of the tribulational era, the only Biblical references regarding the sudden catching away of Christians are secondarily related to the rebirth of the nation of Israel, and to the general conditions of the church during the last days. Jesus referred to his coming for the Church as being comparable to the sudden appearance of a thief. ( Matt. 24:43, Luke 12:39, I Thess. 5:2, II Peter 3:10, and Revelation 3:3 )

Question # 33 How do you justify the Pre-tribulational Rapture doctrine as it pertains to the passage in II Thessalonians 2:3 concerning the revealing of the “man of sin”, prior to the coming “Day of Christ”?

Answer……… Paul tells the church at Thessalonica that the “Day of Christ” cannot commence, or begin to take place, because two things must take place first.

1) The great falling away of the church precedes the Day of the Lord.
2) The revelation of the “man of sin” is set to occur before the onslaught of the Day of the Lord, but also after the removal of the great Restrainer. These two phenomena must take place for the “Day of the Lord” to commence. The “Day of the Lord”, is that terrible, dark era of the Great Tribulation. Therefore, the revealing of the Antichrist must come at the forefront of that seven-year period. But in verses six and seven of this chapter, we are also informed that there is a power presently withstanding the unmasking, or unveiling of the “man of sin. It further informs us that the revealing of the “man of sin” cannot occur until this restraining power is taken out of the way. God has providentially mandated that the Antichrist cannot attain his supra-status while his Church remains in this world. Revelation 3:10 also stipulates that the faithful Bride will be kept from the hour of darkness, not merely sheltered in it. The Restrainer is the Holy Spirit-restraining-power embodied within the Bride of Christ. “Christ’s day”, or the “Day of the Lord” will not come until he first removes his Bride from his wrath, therefore the event known as the rapture must be prior to, but also in “close time-proximity” to the revealing of the “man of sin”. Amos 5:18 tells us that we should not desire to see, or expect to endure the “Day of the Lord”. It is a day of darkness and gloominess, and not a day of Light.

Question # 34 Will Jesus return, and rapture his Church before the actual construction begins on the third Jewish Temple? Will the infamous cornerstone of the Jewish Temple be laid before the Rapture happens?

Answer……. The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful, headed by Rabbi Gershon Salomon have attempted on numerous occasions to gain access to the Temple Mount and lay the cornerstone for a new Jewish Temple. Each time, the group has been turned back by the Muslim, and Israeli police. The Israeli government has relegated the status-quo of the Temple Mount to the Muslim authorities ever since gaining control of the Old City in 1967. The Temple Mount Institute is purportedly already prepared for the utilization of a reconstructed temple. The only hindrance to the launching of plans to build a new Temple is, “an internationally geopolitical- religious granted right-of-access,” to the temple site for Jews. This privilidge, as the Bible foretells will be accorded by the ultimate man of sin, known as the Antichrist. Daniel 9:27 reflects the fact that the Antichrist will empower Israel with a special endowment to rebuild the Third Temple. That grant will come at the forefront of the era of “Jacobs Trouble”. II Thessalonians 2:4 indicates that the man of sin will utilize the rebuilt Temple for his own designs. ( the infamous act of Abomination of Desolation ) ( Jesus alluded to this act in Matthew 24:15 ) We know for certain that the third temple must be in existence for this event to occur 3.5 years into the Tribulation. However, I can find no scripture to support, nor refute the notion that the initial construction phase for the third Temple might begin prior to the Rapture. It is my opinion that the building of new Temple can be accomplished in a very short period of time ( tent, modest structure, or even a grand structure ). I also suggest that the “confirmation of the Covenant”, by the Antichrist with Israel, (Dan. 9:27) will be the legal arrangement for Israel to begin rebuilding the Temple. In any event, all the discussion about the Temple Mount, and the laying of a cornerstone exposes the fact that Israel is anticipating the coming of their Messiah; and they expect him to coordinate the building of their Temple. Alas, Israel will be deceived (Isaiah 28:15,18)

Question # 35 Where did the Muslim religion originate? Who started the Islamic religion? Did it begin with either Esau or Ishmael?

Answer…… The Islamic religion originated under Mohammed in 630 AD. It did not originate with Esau or with Ishmael. Mohammed founded the Muslim fundamentals of faith, after returning to Mecca, Saudi Arabia in 630 after having been renounced in Medina for his preaching. Mohammed claimed to have received angelic revelations from al-Ilah, or Allah, who conveyed detailed teachings, interpretations, and prophecies to Mohammed. Mohammed was known as the “Last Prophet” amongst the Muslim followers. Contrastingly, Revelation 22:18 reveals that the prophetic word was finished when John the Revelator concluded the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ in 95 AD. Mohammed’s full name was; Abu al-Quasim Muhammed ibn Abd Allah ibn Abd al-Muttalib ibn Hasim. Mohammed died in 632.

Islamic teaching makes no provision for the certainty of the salvation for any individual, since of course Islam teaches that Jesus was not the “son of God”! Islam also claims that Ishmael, and not Isaac is the legitimate heir of the Abrahamic Covenant! Islam’s Allah is not the same entity identified as God in Judaism, nor is it the same as the God of Christianity. Islam is perpetuated by the sword ( al-Harb ) of submission and conquest, whereas the God of the Bible seeks to introduce himself with the sword of truth. ( Holy Bible )

Question # 36 What is Yasser Arafat’s background? Is he just a political terrorist, or is he perhaps a religious zealot, or a nationalist patriot?

Answer…….. Yasser Arafat was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1929. ( 71 years old ) His given name was Rahman Abdul Rauf al-Qudwa al-Husseini. His father was Abdul Rauf al-Qudwa, and his mother Hamida. The al-Husseini family has been instrumental in Palestinian affairs, political and religious since the 1920’s. The al-Husseini’s and the Nashishibi family of Jordan have feuded for decades over the city of Jerusalem and the Al Aqsa mosque. King Abdullah ( Nashashibi ) was assasinated in 1952. King Hussein of Jordan ( Abdullah’s son ) expelled Arafat out of Jordan after the infamous Black September uprising ignited by Arafat and his clan. Yasser Arafat’s cousin is Faisal al-Husseini, who is currently the Grand Mufti over the Jerusalem Temple Mount. Faisal al-Husseini is the grandson of Haj Amin al-Husseinin; who was appointed as the Grand Muslim Mufti in 1921. Haj al-Husseinin was known as the “Arab Fuhrer” because of his notorious affiliation with Adolph Hitler; and his support for Hitler’s “Final Solution” of the Jews. Yasser Arafat became the leader of the terrorist infrastructure known as the PLO in 1964. He has been connected to numerous terrorist events, in many countries, such as the Munich Olympic massacre of Israeli athletes. Yasser Arafat is a hater of Israel, and seeks the total extermination of Jews in the Middle East. ( a tenet of the Islamic Jihad concept of Dar el-Islam )

Question # 37 Where do “you” find all this “garbage” about Israel and Jerusalem?

Answer……. If you are referring to the prophecies concerning the rebirth of Israel and the climactic events of the Last Days surrounding the city of Jerusalem; then I find them in the Holy Bible.

Question # 38 How do you reconcile the two scriptures of I Thessalonians 4:16 and II Thessalonians 2:2 as being compatible with the pre-Tribulational Rapture point of view? Do you see this as being a continuation of the same subject? If so, then how can the Rapture take place if the “Son of Perdition” has not yet been revealed?

Answer……. The verse in II Thessaloninas 2:2 is a reply by Paul to the members at the church at Thessalonica concerning their fears that the Lord has returned, and they have been left behind. Paul instructs them to not be troubled, or shaken in their faith by teaching to the contrary. Paul continues to say that the “Day of Christ” ( Day of the Lord ) will not commence until certain other things take place first. Namely, 1.) The Falling Away of the church, 2.) the exposure of the man of sin. The verse from II Thessalonians 4:16 relates that the Lord shall descend from Heaven and the dead in Christ ( deceased Christians ) shall arise first, ahead of those who “remain alive” when Jesus descends from Heaven ( second coming ) with the whole assemblage meeting together in the air. In both chapters, the Thessalonians were encouraged not to be troubled, and even to comfort one another with these words. Jesus had promised to return and get them, and beyond that to bring with him all their departed loved ones who had died in the Lord. He would do this prior to the Day of the Lord. However, the Falling Away would begin to permeate the world church previously, and then after the Lords return, would be left exposed as an “apostate church”. Actually the fallen condition of the church should indicate the nearness of the Lord’s return. ( the falling away was a distant reality to 1st century Christians ) The withdrawing of the faithful church by means of the Rapture is necessary for the revealing of the “man of sin” to occur, because God has promised to keep his bride from the hour of temptation.

( I Thessalonians 5:9 ) The Rapture must happen prior to the revealing of the Antichrist. It could not be timed to occur at any other point and still be synonymous with all these scriptures. The coming of the Lord, and the Rapture, are each depicted in I Thessalonians 5:2 as being comparable to the sudden intrusion of a thief into ones household. It comes as a total surprise to anyone not watching! An understanding of the term, The “Day of the Lord” is vital to understanding the synchronization of the events of the pre-trib Rapture and the revealing of the Son of Perdition. The verses of I Thessalonians 4 are a clarification of the rapture event. The Day of the Lord, and the Son of Perdition comes after the thief has already appeared!

Question # 39 How can a Rapture take place if the Son of Perdition is not yet revealed?

Answer…….. This question concerns II Thessalonians 2:2-3. The “Day of Christ” is synonymous with the Old Testament phrase, “Day of the Lord”. II Thessalonians conveys to us the information that the “Day of the Lord” shall not come until the Son of Perdition is revealed. The Day of the Lord is a day when God will exact his wrath upon a Christ rejecting world, and which also has accepted the Antichrist. Thus the reason for permitting the Son of Perdition to be revealed at this time. Accordingly, God has promised his bride that he would “catch them up”, and “keep them from” this time of the Lord’s Wrath. The restraining function of the Holy Spirit within the body of Christ shall be removed to permit the complete unveiling of the mystery of iniquity which shall be embodied in the Son of Perdition Too often we associate the Tribulation era only with the wrath of Satan against Israel. But it is in fact a day of the Lord’s Great Wrath against all the ungodly. ( Zephaniah 1: 7, 14, 15 and 3:8) ( Zechariah 14:1-4 ) ( Revelation 6:17, 19:17-20 )

Question # 40 Why would the “Day of the Lord” commence with the reign of the Antichrist?

Answer……. This is a very good question. I think it is a very logical question to ask when considering, or anticipating the coming of the Lord. The Lord God is a just God. His judgments are sure and right. Why does he permit the brief reign of the Antichrist to commence at the outset of his Kingdom? Well, it is in part because we live presently in the “Day of Man”. Mankind is being granted the opportunity of the freedom of expression. We can choose to follow after God and his law, or we can defer to resist the gracious pardon that God has bestowed upon an evil world. God has providentially chosen to allow mankind all of the span of time known as the “Age of Grace” to avail oneself to the Grace of God offered through his son Jesus Christ. God has utilized the Great Restrainer to inhibit the reign of Satan in this present age. However, when the set time arrives for Christ to reign, God will permit the Antichrist to unite his band of Christ haters to oppose him in a final world-wide force to oppose the sovereign right of Jesus Christ to reign on this earth. This battle could only take place after God has quit striving with a rebellious mankind. Therefore, it is altogether proper for God to dethrone the “Prince of this present Age” upon that auspicious occasion when mankind has finished choosing sides, and God sends his son to establish his throne at the early outset of the “Day of the Lord”. ( The Day of the Lord is a one-thousand year long reign ) The Devil and his cohorts will only have a “short time” (Revelation 12:13) before Jesus sets up his throne in Jerusalem!

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